parents came to America in the early 1900's and settled in Alton, Illinois. His mother was six years of age. His father arrived in

America in 1916 and settled in St. Louis because he had cousins

12 living there.

Sam Rosenberg met his wife in St. Louis, and following their marriage in 1917 they settled in Vincenries, where a cousin had a shoe business on Second Street. Second Street was the site of the Jewish community—both their businesses and their homes, which were above their stores. Albert Rosenberg was born in 1918.

It can be concluded that with the exception of Adam Gimbel, the primary reason for choosing Vincennes and the surrounding area as a home wa based on the following reasons: other family members had settled in this area; it was economically feasible; the Jews were free from persecution here.

Edith Rosenberg's family came to American from Poland when she was three, but they settled in Youngstown, Ohio. She and

Albert met later in Indianapolis where she was working and he

13 was attending law school.

Phyllis Abels Dumes explained to me that her parents were Orthodox Jews, and they were very strict. The laws of Judaism were striclty adhered to, and they maintained a kosher home. In order to help the reader understand exactly what is meant by a kosher home, a brief explanation follows.

Meat and milk may not be eaten simul­taneously. (Orthodox Jews allow six hours to pass between a meat and a dairy meal, but less if vice-versa.) Separate cooking utensils and