their sacred artifacts to the Maria Creek Chapel, the Jewish

~ community attempted to hold their High Holiday services there,

but the high costs of securing a rabbi forced them to discontinue this practice.

Today the Jewish citizens of Vincennes worship primarily in Evansville, Terre Haute or Bloomingtqn. Five families of the community took their children every Saturday to Evansville for Sunday School, and the Dumeses and Rosenbergs were among those families. The Rosenbergs and Dumeses have been members of the congregation at Evansville for the past 25 years. Even in the metropolitan area of Evansville, there have been changes. The Orthodox and Reformed congregations have joined into one.

Another change was evident this year at the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services. The cantor was female, and the Rosenbergs informed me they were very impressed with both her and the young rabbi who conducted the services. Both services were well attended and the female cantor very well received.

Mr. Rosenberg, while educated as an attorney, chose to return home and help with the family business when his father became ill, and he is a very successful in the men's clothing business; he is chairman of the Vincennes University Board of Trustees, and he has given unstintingly of his time in the United Fund, the Jaycees, and in the areas of education and mental health. He and Edith are the parents of four sons, but one son died at birth and a second son at died at age 18.

The Dumes family is quite successful as buyers and pro­cessors of ferrous and nonferrous scrap; Stan has been active in