addition, they were able to add a fire escape to the building, to convert the coal stoker furnace to gas, and to stucco both the Shul and the new addition. A Yahrzeit Tablet, a memorial plaque, was donated to the Shul by Louie Dumes.

In 1948, attention was again turned to the care of the cemetery, and the members voted to fence:,it and plant 36 trees; the Yahrzeit plaque was dedicated in special ceremonies presided over by Rabbi Douglas, and the money received from the selling

of name plates for the memorial plaque was pledged toward the

installation costs of 11 steel windows. 26

Throughout the year, new members from surrounding com­munities in Illinois and Indiana joined the Shul. The congrega­tion frequently contributed to needy families, to the care of transits, and to the United Fund, the Church's Children's Home in Cleveland, and many other causes. What little they had, they shared.

In February of 1949 and 1950 during Brotherhood Week, the congregation invited the North Methodist Congregation to worship with them, and they in turn visited North Methodist. The exchange was reported in the minutes as being very successful.

In 1950, special services were held during the High Holidays for the growing number of children in the congregation, and in October a Simchath Torah celebration was held. This is a festival observed on the ninth and final day of the Festival of Tabernacles, which starts the fifth day after Yom Kippur, and honors the

Five Books of Moses, the Torah. It is a gay occasion with

feasting and dancing. 27