JewishGen Danzig/Gdańsk SIG Project:
Danzig vital records at the Archiwum Państwowe w Gdańsku

The Archiwum Państwowe w Gdańsku (State Archives in Gdańsk) has a variety of genealogical records of interest to researchers of Danzig's former Jewish community. This project focuses on the vital records — birth, marriage, and death — of which there are two main groups: civil and Jewish. The civil records in Fonds 1609 (Danzig registry office) and 4400 (Langfuhr registry office) include all religious groups mixed together and begin with Fond 1609 in 1874. Prior to civil registration, records were kept separately for each religious group, with Jewish records in Fond 1497 beginning in 1846 and continuing in part until 1879.

It is very important to note that these are not the only vital records for Danzig Jews, not even for the indicated years. There are vital records for other years, separately-maintained records for some of the same years (which can have additional genealogical information), and duplicates of the above records kept in several other archives around the world. We have prepared a detailed chart showing the archival locations of vital records and our progress indexing them:

Thanks to and the State Archives in Gdańsk, scans of the Jewish records and many of the civil records are available on With permission from GenPol, we have been working to index the Jewish records and the civil records in which at least one person is identified as being Jewish (e.g., we include mixed Jewish-Christian marriages). For both groups, we first prepared finding aids that can help researchers locate relevant records even before indexing is complete: Fond 1497 finding aid (Jewish records), Fond 1609 finding aid (civil), supplementary Fond 4400 finding aid for Langfuhr (civil). We are now in the process of transcribing the records themselves. For more details, see the finding aids and the table below.

Indexing status is shown in the table below. We need additional help transcribing and proofreading records, which are written in old German handwriting (Kurrent). If you might like to help, please contact us to learn more about volunteering.

Fond 1497Danzigbirths1847-1848indexed and online
Fond 1497Danzigbirths1848-1854transcription and proofreading in progress
Fond 1497Danzigbirths1847-1877finding aid by surname, given name, and date
Fond 1497Danzigmarriages1847-1874finding aid by surnames of bride and groom and date
Fond 1497Danzigdeaths1852-1879finding aid by surname, maiden name, given name, and date
Fond 1609Danzigbirths (civil)1874-1914finding aid by date and registration number
Fond 1609Danzigmarriages (civil)1875-1914indexed and online, plus finding aid by surnames of bride and groom, date, and registration number
Fond 1609Danzigdeaths (civil)1874-1914finding aid by date and registration number
Fond 4400Langfuhrbirths (civil)1911-1914finding aid by date and registration number
Fond 4400Langfuhrmarriages (civil)1911-1914indexed and online, plus finding aid by date and registration number
Fond 4400Langfuhrdeaths (civil)1911-1914finding aid by date and registration number

Contact: Logan Kleinwaks, JewishGen Danzig/Gdansk SIG Coordinator