JewishGen Danzig/Gdańsk SIG Presents:

Danzig Surname Adoption List, 1814
The following data were extracted from the Amtsblatt der königlichen Regierung zu Danzig, No. 29-33, published in 1817 (Library of Congress call number JS7.G3 D3), which contain lists of surnames adopted by Jewish citizens found in Danzig when it was reoccupied by Prussia in 1814, following Napoleon's defeat. All information contained in the original is presented below.

Each entry is described by the following fields: Number, the corresponding line number in the original publication (except 586a,b, which appear together as 586, but are separated here); Old Name, the name (usually including patronymic) of the person prior to adopting a surname; New Surname, the surname adopted; Marital Status for some of the women on the list; Husband's Old Name for some of the previously married women on the list; Notes about the entries, not part of the original, except for "New name X," which indicates that, in addition to acquiring a new surname, the rest of the person's name changed (at least, as printed in this publication).

[Update May 1, 2015] Many note fields contain links to scans of residential registration cards (meldekarte) on, which can contain additional information including birth date and place, death date, and the same for spouse and children, as well as a dated list of residential addresses within Danzig. The connections between people on this surname adoption list and people in the registration cards are speculative and based on shared name, consistent birth date (i.e., early enough to have been an adult in 1814), and Jewish religion (stated in the cards). After following a registration card link, you might want to download the image by scrolling down and clicking the Pobierz/Download link at the bottom. Be sure to click the Nastepny/Next link at the top right to check for additional pages (often one, sometimes two or more). Registration cards for surnames on this list starting from Herrmann have not yet been scanned.

[Update October 5, 2016] Note fields updated with speculative links to information about pre-surname adoption purchasers of Judenporzellan.

Surnames have been capitalized for ease of recognition, but are not capitalized in the original. Although there is no capital ß in German, this has been used in the capitalized spellings to indicate that it appears in the original lower case. A question mark following a name indicates difficulty reading the original.

If you have further identifying information about any of these people, please contact us. Thanks to Logan Kleinwaks for data entry and Roger Lustig for proofreading. Thanks to the following people for contributing notes to this list: Logan Kleinwaks, Roger Lustig, Jonathan Borchard.

Sort by: Number / New Surname / Old First Name / Old Patronymic / Husband's Old First Name / Husband's Old Patronymic / Marital Status
NumberOld NameNew SurnameMarital StatusHusband's Old NameNotes
366Aaron AlexanderLICHTENSTEIN
252Aaron AdamHANNEMANN
464Aaron SalomonROSENBLUM
73Aaron JakobBECKER
15Aaron WulffAPELBLIES
387Aaron JänkelMOSES
516Aaron MosesSTERNFELDT
308Aaron GottschalkKUPFER
191Aaron JoachimGOLDSCHMIDT
126Aaron SalomonDEUTSCHLAND
235Aaron SimonGOLDSTEIN Judenporzellan purchase 769? [LK]
119Aaron SimonCOHN Judenporzellan purchase 769? [LK]
536Aaron AbrahamSOMMERFELDT
72Aaron MosesBERNSTEIN
174Aaron MarcusFREUDENTHAL Registration card? [LK]
325Aaron AbrahamLEWY
7Aaron MosesARONSOHN
85Aaron JosephBERNSTEIN
237Aaron Simon SalomonHIRSCH Judenporzellan purchase 769? [LK]
194Abraham SalomonGOLDSCHMIDT
324Abraham SimonLEWY
442Abraham LewinPARADIES
1Abraham MosesANHEIM
39Abraham IsraelBERG
192Abraham WulffGROßMANN
458Abraham MarcusROTHGERBER Photo of his surviving gravestone (bottom left). [LK]
297Abraham MarcusKÖHNE
414Abraham MICHELSON?
334Abraham IsaacLEVY
338Abraham LewinLICHTENHAYN
378Abraham LewinLEVINSOHN
348Abraham JoelLILIENTHAL Is this the Abraham Joel who visited the Leipzig fair in 1757,1761? [LK]
256Abraham HirschHÖRTEL
347Abraham MichaelLEWINSOHN
155Abraham SamuelFELDBRUCH New name Abraham Schulm
226Abraham JäckelGOLDSCHMIDT
440Abraham PhilippPHILIPSON
142Abraham AaronFRENKEL Registration card? [LK]
5Abraham JakobAHRENDT
500Abraham MosesSILBERSTEIN
561Abraham SimonSCHULZ
6Abraham JoachimALTMANN Judenporzellan purchase 665 or 902? [LK]
535Abraham SalomonSALINGER
472Abraham JakobRHODENSTEIN
179Abraham GOTTLIEBSOHN Registration card? [LK]
141Abraham JosephELKAN Registration card? [LK]
493Abraham LewinSILBER
132Abraham WulffEHRLICH
550Abraham JakobSCHULZ
30Abraham JosephBERG
478Abraham JosephRICHTER
480Abraham SaulROSENBERG
54Abraham Baruch HirschBLUM
364Adelgunde LEWYwidowedHirsch New name Adelgunda
121Adolph OttoDELMANSOHN
180Alexander LeyserGUTTMANN
574Alexander WULFFSOHN
299Alexander MendelKOKOSCHKE
566Amalie TOCKELSwidowedNathan MosesIs there a connection to Rabbi Mordecai b. Abraham TOCKELS (Lissa-12 Jun 1743, Berlin)? [LK]
490Anton SchmerlREICHMANN
31Ascher SeeligBÄR Registration card? [LK]
195Bär SalomonGOLDSTEIN
40Bär LewinBAUMANN
93Bär ChaimCOHN
77Barbe BÄRwidowedSimon Registration card? [LK]
186Baruch KoppelGRÜNBERG
236Baruch GabrielGOLDHORN
319Baruch LeyserLESSING
517Behrend MosesSILBERSTEIN Judenporzellan purchase 786? [LK]
78Beile BERENBUSCHwidowedMoses Lewin
488Beile ROSENTHALwidowedIsrael
246Bella HERTZwidowed
383Bella MEYERwidowedJoseph Jacob
375Bendix MosesLÖWENSTEIN
342Benjamin LevynLEVY New name Benjamin Lewin
65Benjamin BEHRENS
120Benjamin DAVIDSOHN Registration card? [LK]
115Beresch COHN
545Bertha SILLMANNwidowedMichael Isaac
229Blume GABRIELwidowedCaspar Lewin
450Bräune PFEFFERMÜNZwidowedAaron
392Bräune MEYERwidowedAbraham
382Braune MEYERwidowedAbraham
491Caspar IsraelROSENTHAL
449Caspar JakobPRACH
551Caspar MosesSILBERSTEIN
280Caspar JACOBUS
394Caspar MEYER
586bChaie Moses ElkanWAHL See 591 [RL]
296Chaim JankelITALIENER
92Chaim BärCOHN
16Chaye ALEXANDERwidowedMeyer
173Daniel JacobFLATAUER
390David MeyerMORITZ Judenporzellan purchase 1284? [LK]
247David SeeligHAUSHALTER
214David SalomonGOLDSCHMIDT
518David BenjaminSCHWARZ
526David AbrahamSPIRO
352David MeyerLILIENTHAL Judenporzellan purchase 1284? [LK]
435David SimonNELCKE
55David AaronBERNSTEIN Registration card? Is this the father of scientist, publicist, reformer Aaron David BERNSTEIN? [LK]
309David HirschKRIEGER
88David MeyerCOHN Judenporzellan purchase 1284? [LK]
91David MarcusCASPARIUS
489Debora ROSENTHALwidowedElias
403Edel MEYERwidowedMeyer Zacharias
494Edel LewinSILBER
501Elias JosephSTEIN
327Elias LevinLÖWENSOHN New name Elias Lewin
460Elias MeyerROSENTHAL
302Elias MichaelKIRSTEIN
564Elias ManasseTANNENBAUM
380Elias MARCUS
310Elkan HirschKUPFER
187Elkan JosephGOLDSTEIN
401Elkan MosesMANKIEWICZ
238Elkan SamuelHIRSCH
391Elkan Moses DanielMORITZSOHN
108Ephraim KallmannCOHN
388Ephraim MeyerMÖHRING
224Ephraim EliasGOLDSTEIN
22Escher APFELBAUMmarriedJoseph Samuel
313Esther KRÜGER
317Esther ThadorKLEEMANNwidowed
433Esther NORLÄNDERwidowedSimon
509Ewa SILBERSTEINwidowedMeyer Hirsch
452Fabian SeeligROSENTHAL
172Fanny FÄRBERmarriedSeelig Joseph
176Fischel SaulFISCHEL
188Fischel MarcusGOMPELSOHN
147Fischel AbrahamFISCHER
257Freude HENSCHELunmarried
543Freude STADTHAGENwidowedJoseph Judenporzellan purchase 659? [LK]
267Freude HIMMELwidowedAbraham Daniel
393Friede Itzig MosesMOSES
397Frommet MICHÄLIwidowedLewin
101Gabriel SamuelCOHN
343Gabriel BenjaminLEHMANN
253Gerson NachmannHIRSCHFELDT
429Gerson NaphtaliNATHAN
263Gine HIRSCHFELDTunmarried
189Gompel JoelGOMPEL
303Gompert EliasKIRSTEIN
10Gottlieb MeyerAUERBACH Registration card? [LK]
11Gottschalk JakobALEXANDER Registration card? [LK]
148Gottschalk FISCHEL
311Gottschalk HirschKUPFER
20Gottschalk SaulABRAHAM
41Gottschalk David WulffBLANKENSTEIN Registration card? [LK]
116Hadassa COHN Registration card? [LK]
357Hadassa LEWINSOHNwidowedLewin Juda
109Hallmann AbrahamCOHN
273Hanne HIRSCHFELDdivorcedHirsch Isaac
270Hanne HOLZwidowedMoses
46Hanne MoritzBLUMENTHAL
169Hanne FÜRSTwidowedLewin Seelig
18Hanne ALEXANDERwidowedJoseph Moses
136Hannius HirschEHRLICH
42Heilmann LeyserBIRNBAUM
94Heimann SamuelCOHN
140Heimann LeiserENSCHEL
156Heimann MosesFÜRSTENBERG
102Heimann COHN Registration card? Registration card? [LK]
75Heimann JoachimBECKER
266Heimann HirschHIRSCHSOHN
339Heimann LewinLEVINSOHN
455Heinrich SamuelROSENSTEIN
359Helene LICHTENHAINwidowedIsaac Marcus
492Henriette SCHWARTZunmarried
135Hensel HirschEBENSTEIN Registration card? [LK]
57Heymann SeeligBERNSTEIN
569Heymann ZadeckTIETZKER
588Hillel AaronWEINBERG
534Hinde STEINwidowedAbraham
232Hirsch JosephGOLDSCHMIDT
502Hirsch MeyerSILBERSTEIN
326Hirsch LewinLEWINSOHN
528Hirsch IsraelSILBERBERG
122Hirsch DavidDAVIDSOHN Registration card? [LK]
23Hirsch RubenALTER Registration card? [LK]
43Hirsch MeyerBÄCKER Registration card? [LK]
511Hirsch VictorSIMONSOHN
251Hirsch MeyerHOLTZ
461Hirsch EliasROTHENSTEIN
465Hirsch LewinROSENSTEIN
476Hirsch NathanRAHLSON
281Hirsch JOACHIMS
600Hirsch PincusWUNDERMACHER
287Hirsch MosesJACOBSOHN
454Hirsch SamuelROSENSTEIN
298Hirsch SamuelKALISCH
300Hirsch AlexanderKOKOSCHKE
602Hirsch SalomonWEIß
239Hirsch MosesHERRMANN
495Hirsch SeeligSEELIGER
437Hirsch LewinPERLBACH
368Hirsch JosephLANZ
441Hirsch SeeligPOSENER
89Hirsch IsraelCOHN
3Hirsch MarcusALEXANDER
4Hirsch LeyserALEXANDER Judenporzellan purchase 1183? [LK]
133Hirsch HanniusEHRLICH
182Hirsch LewinGOLDSCHMIDT
129Hirsch WulffDEUTSCHLAND Registration card? [LK]
201Hirsch SalomonGOTTHILF Registration card? [LK]
200Hirsch MarkusGUTH New name Hirsch Marcus
143Hirsch WulffFRIEDEBERG
164Hirsch AlexanderFÜRSTENBERG
374Hirsch SimonLANG
361Hirsch AbrahamLICHTENSTEIN
58Hirsch PeysackBLUMENTHAL Registration card? [LK] New name Hirsch Peisack
56Hirsch JosephBIRNHOLZ
316Isaac WulffKLOTZMANN
95Isaac MosesCOHN
114Isaak MarcusCOHN Registration card? [LK] New name Isaac Marcus
565Isaac JonasTAROHN
254Isaac ManasseHERRMANN
487Isaac HirschROSENTHAL
79Isaac MosesBRÜCKNER
271Isaac HIRSCH
581Isaac JakobWEINTRAUB
547Isaac BärSCHULZ
548Isaac ManasseSOMMERFELD
421Isaac MarcusMASSE
261Isaac HIRSCHSOHN New name Isaak
582Israel AbrahamWEINSTOCK
355Israel SalomonLEBUNG
407Israel LewinMAGNUS
445Israel LewyPARADIES
350Israel SeeligLÖWENSTEIN
274Israel HirschHIRSCHBERG
349Israel MosesLÖWENSTEIN
307Israel KROMBACH
210Israel IsaacGERB
552Israel BehrendSILBERSTÄDTER
312Israel HirschKUPFER
242Israel SamuelHANNEMANN
61Israel HirschBODENSTEIN
496Israel MarcusSCHWEDT
38Israel Pincus SeeligBAUMANN
204Itzig MosesGOLDSTEIN
149Itzig IsaacFERBER
301Itzig MeyerKAVIN
402Itzig MEYER
59Itzig ElkanBANK
144Itzig AbrahamFRIEDLÄNDER
107Jäckel AbrahamCOHN Registration card? [LK]
320Jacob LewinLEWINSOHN
288Jacob SalomonJACOBI
279Jacob HirschJERATZKI
215Jacob SimonGOLDBERG
268Jacob ZadackHALLSTEIN
233Jacob IsaacGERB
33Jakob DanielBENDAN
49Jakob MarcusBADEN Registration card? [LK]
66Jakob MosesBECKER
599Jakob SeeligWEINBERGER
537Jakob CasparSILBERSTEIN
559Jakob JosephSOLMS
45Jakob KuskeBRESLAUER
558Jakob LeyserSILBERSTEIN
503Jakob IsaacSILBERMANN
467Jakob ChaimROSENBLÜTH
474Jakob RUBEN
86Jakob WulffBAMBERG
444Jakob SamuelPICK
597Jakob LeyserWEIßBERG
292Jankel LeibelITALIENER
482Jette ROSENTHALwidowedLewin Leyser
196Jette GRÜNwidowedLeiser
385Joachim MeyerMUNCK Is this Rabbi Chaim b. Rabbi Meir POSNER MUNK? [LK]
486Joachim SaulROSENBERGER
275Joachim JOEL
446Joachim LewynPARADIES
83Joachim AbrahamBELGARD
519Joachim MosesSILBERSTEIN
202Joel EliasGERSON Registration card? [LK]
218Joel SalomonGOLDSTEIN
51Joel HirschBRICKER
379Jonas LewinLUXENBERG
165Jonas JudaFREISTADT
589Jonas Simon AaronWEINBERG
425Joseph MosesMICHÄLIS Judenporzellan purchase 690, 766, or 863? [LK]
44Joseph MeyerBÄCKER Registration card? [LK]
354Joseph WolffLEWITZ
127Joseph WulffDEUTSCHLAND
190Joseph JoachimGOLDSTEIN
571Joseph WolffUNGER
576Joseph IsaacWEIß
580Joseph BeermannWEINREB
381Joseph JacobMEYER
67Joseph MendelBRAMSOHN
137Joseph AbrahamEISEN Registration card? [LK]
60Joseph MichaelBORNSTEIN
322Joseph HeimannLÖWENSTEIN
384Joseph MEYER
563Joseph SeeligSEELIGSOHN
321Joseph LeiserLESSING
306Joseph IsraelKLEIMANN Is this the Joseph KLEIMANN who, with Rebecka ALEXANDER of Danzig, had a son Louis who was married to Johanne JEREMIAS of Danzig in Magdeburg on 30 Apr 1843? [JB]
98Joseph JoelCOHN
150Joseph AbrahamFÜRSTENBERG
32Joseph DanielBENDAN
481Joseph IsaacROTHENSTEIN
453Joseph CasparRIESE
466Joseph LewinROSENZWEIG
264Joseph SimonHARDER
240Joseph BendixHIRSCH
497Joseph SamuelSEEMANN
117Joseph MosesCOHN Judenporzellan purchase 690, 766, or 863? [LK]
123Joseph AbrahamDAEN
376Joseph TobiasLICHTENFELD
96Juda PhilippCOHN Registration card? [LK]
532Juda SeeligSEELIGER
295Judel Liebmann LewinJACOBSTEIN
151Julius AlexanderFRIEDLÄNDER
373Kaysa LICHTENSTEINwidowedZadig Lewin
125Lea DANZIGERwidowedJodel
293Leibel JankelITALIENER
216Leyser JoachimGOLDSCHMIDT New name Leiser Joachim
360Lene LEBENSTEINmarriedAbraham Lewin
222Lewin SaulGOLDSTEIN New name Levin Saul
245Lewin GottliebHIRSCH New name Levin Gottlieb
584Lewin MosesWEINSTOCK
583Lewin JoachimWIENER
592Lewin MosesWILDORFF
521Lewin IsaacSCHEER
27Lewin MendelBRAM
438Lewin MarcusPOLLACK
47Lewin JakobBERNSTEIN Registration card? [LK]
484Lewin JakobROSENBERG
436Lewin JosephPERLBACH
26Lewin BENDIX
541Lewin CasparSILBERSTEIN
17Lewin LeyserALEXANDER Registration card? [LK]
529Lewin IsraelSTEINBERG
514Lewin VictorSACHS
556Lewin SalomonSOMMERFELD
69Lewin JakobBECKER
184Lewin HirschGOLDSCHMIDT
146Lewin FISCHEL Registration card? [LK]
76Lewin MendelBRAMSON Registration card? [LK]
80Lewin MosesBACHERT
346Lewin WulffLÖWENSTEIN
344Lewin BenjaminLEHMANN
341Lewin NathanLAND
328Levin SaulLÖWENTHAL New name Lewin Saul
160Lewin WulffFRIEDEBERG
220Lewin JäckelGOLDSCHMIDT
304Lewin MarcusKARRO
260Lewin HIRSCH
323Lewin MeyerLEWINSOHN
158Lewin AbrahamFÜRST Registration card? Judenporzellan purchase 1302? [LK]
530Leyser HirschSTRUZOW
475Leyser MosesROSENTHAL
504Leyser MeyerSILBERSTEIN
12Leyser WulffASCHKINAS
404Leyser MEYER
575Leyser SimonWULFFSOHN
213Leyser JacobGLASER
356Leyser IsraelLEWY
221Liebermann HirschGOLDSTEIN
479Liebmann WolffROSENSTEIN
314Liebmann MosesKUH
531Liebmann HirschSTEINBERG
578Liebmann WolffWOLFHEIM
520Liebmann BehrendSILBERSTEIN
111Magnus MosesCOHN
291Male JAFFAwidowedSamuel
269Male HEINZwidowedRaphael Joseph
227Male GOLDSCHMIDTwidowedJäckel
48Manasse TobiasBORNSTEIN
522Manasse JoachimSOMMERFELD
399Manasse BenjaminMÜLLER
277Marcus JosephJOSEPHSOHN
412Marcus JosephMÖLLER
587Marcus IsaacWEIßSTOCK
223Marcus LiebermannGOLDSTEIN
331Marcus MeyerLAUENBURGER
35Marcus DanielBENDAN
498Marcus LiebmannSCHLESINGER
448Marcus NoahPERELS Is this Rabbi Marcus Noah PERLS (Mordecai b. Noah ha-Levi) of Lissa? [LK]
50Marcus MeyerBÄCKER
305Marcus EliasKIRSTEIN
21Marcus AbrahamABRAHAMSON
124Marcus MosesDANZIGER
439Matthias LewinPERLBACH
419Mendel WulffMENDELSOHN
217Mendel ElkanGOLDHORN
278Mendel MoselJOACHIM New name Mendel Moses
462Mendel SaulROSENBERG
369Mendel AbrahamLEHMANN
413Mendel MeyerMEHRING
318Meyer MichaelKOKOSCHKE
434Meyer NaphtaliNATHAN
36Meyer DanielBENDAN
153Meyer IsaacFRANKENSTEIN Registration card? [LK]
544Meyer IsaacSILLMANN
593Meyer LewinWILDORFF
330Meyer LewinLEWISOHN
205Meyer MatthiasGREIFF
423Meyer SamsonMELLER
572Meyer VICTOR
538Meyer JachmannSACHS
389Meyer JosephMORITZ
585Michael SamuelWAHLBERG
197Michael JacobGLASER
139Michael BerendtELKISCH
234Michael WolffGOLDSTAMM
84Michael HeimannBERNSTEIN
508Michael SamuelSAMUELSOHN
428Michael MoritzNORRMANN
422Michael JoachimMICHÄLSON
103Michael Joseph MarcusCOHN
90Miere COHNwidowedSalomon
505Mierl SAMUELSOHNwidowedLewin
209Mierl GOTTLIEBwidowedLewin Samuel
549Mindel SCHULZwidowedAbraham Seelig
595Mine WINTERFELDwidowedSamuel
577Minna WOLFFwidowedLewin
570Minna THEODORwidowedDodrus Salomon
265Moritz HEINSE
138Moses AbrahamENGELSDORFF
603Moses MichaelZUCKER
579Moses WolffWOLFHEIM
604Moses JakobZUTRAUEN
573Moses JosephWOLLENBERG Judenporzellan purchase 1129? [LK]
255Moses AaronHANNEMANN
152Moses AaronFRIEDMANN
523Moses AaronSTERNFELD
507Moses VictorSTEIN
512Moses VictorSIMONSOHN
540Moses CasparSILBERSTEIN
506Moses SCHOLL
553Moses SimonSCHULZ Judenporzellan purchase 741, 926, or 999? [LK]
130Moses DavidDAVIDSOHN Judenporzellan purchase 1284? [LK]
244Moses HirschHARTON Registration card? [LK]
515Moses VictorSACHS
206Moses MarcusGOLDSTEIN
34Moses DanielBENDAN
110Moses JosephCOHN Judenporzellan purchase 1129? [LK]
351Moses DodrusLOUIS
336Moses AbrahamLICHTENSTEIN
456Moses JudaREYMANN Is this the Moses Juda who visited the Leipzig fair in 1760-1763? [LK]
337Moses SalomonLEVY
68Moses CasparBECKER
362Moses IsaacLÖWENSOHN
294Moses SamuelJACOBI
411Moses MarcusMÖLLER
594Moses Aaron JonasWEINBERGER
398Moses Meyer BenjaminMÜLLER
185Nathan SimonGOLDSTEIN
134Nathan SamuelENGEL Registration card? [LK]
430Nathan SamuelNATHAN
154Nathan SamuelFISCHBLATT Registration card? [LK]
332Nathan LevinLEVINSOHN
567Noah ManasseTANNENBAUM
113Peisach SalomonCOHN Judenporzellan purchase 891 or 986? [LK]
284Peisach GutkindJACOBSOHN
468Peisach LewinREICH
272Perel LiebmannHERZ
451Pesse PERLBACHdivorcedChaisetz
533Philipp AbrahamSILBERMANN
97Philipp JudaCOHN
463Philipp NathanROSENSTEIN
71Radesch BLUMwidowedHirsch
459Rahel ROSENTHALwidowedIsrael
219Rahel GOLDSTEINwidowedJoachim Elias
193Rahel HirschGLASER
99Rahel LewinCOHNunmarried
285Rahel JOACHIMSwidowedMejer Seelig
315Raphael KARPELES Judenporzellan purchase 770? [LK]
175Raphael LewinFRANKENBERG
62Rebecca BLUMwidowedItzig Wulff
427Rebecca Moses IsraelMÜLLERwidowedJoachim JonasMoses Israel was father's name [RL]
100Reitze COHNwidowedJackel Salomon
596Riffke WEINBERGwidowedAbraham Wulff
557Rose SCHMIDTwidowedIsrael Lewin
24Rose BORCHARDTwidowedSamuel
290Ruben WulffJACOBI
469Ruben ChaimRABENSTEIN Is this Reuven b. Chaim from the Mattenbuden Eternal Light Society? [LK]
353Salomon WulffLEWITZ
524Salomon JoachimSOMMERFELD
14Salomon LeyserAUERBACH
555Salomon AbrahamSALINGER
363Salomon AbrahamLÖWENSTEIN
562Salomon JakobSALOMONSSOHN
53Salomon MarcusBADEN
560Salomon JakobSALIER
171Salomon FISCHEL
81Salomon IsraelBENDIX
166Salomon ItzigFÜRSTENBERG Registration card? [LK]
329Salomon MichaelLÖWENBERG
485Salomon ItzigROSENBLATT
106Salomon JakobCOHN
259Salomon LeyserHIRSCHFELD
28Samuel SeeligBAUM Registration card? [LK]
131Samuel MosesDAVIDSOHN
29Samuel JakobBECKER Judenporzellan purchase 261, 820, or 1260? [LK]
231Samuel JosephGOLDSCHMIDT
286Samuel LewinJOSEPHSOHN
112Samuel EzechielCOHN
128Samuel DavidDAVIDSOHN
74Samuel MoskowitzBARRASCH
386Samuel SimonMEYER
63Samuel PeisackBLUMENTHAL
568Samuel DavidTHORNER
546Samuel MosesSILLMANN
457Samuel HirschROSENSTEIN
118Samuel EphraimCOHN
470Samuel LewinROSENSTEIN Is this Rabbi Samuel Sanwil b. Rabbi Juda Loeb b. Rabbi Elhanan ASHKENAZI of Altschottland? [LK]
539Samuel SALOMON
542Samuel JakobSCHWARZ Judenporzellan purchase 261, 820, or 1260? [LK]
228Samuel JäckelGOLDSCHMIDT
333Samuel EliasLEWISOHN Is this the Samuel Elias who visited the Leipzig fair in 1763? [LK]
601Samuel LewinWINTERFELD
161Samuel HirschFRANKENSTEIN
104Samuel MarcusCOHN
372Sara LEHMANNwidowedSamuel Israel
248Sara HOLZwidowedMeyer
178Sara GOLDSCHMIDTwidowedMagnus
371Sara LEWINwidowedLiebmann
525Saul LeyserSILBERMANN
405Seelig JosephMEYER
13Seelig HillelAPFELBAUM
159Seelig IsaacFÜRST
424Seelig MICHÄLIS
406Seelig MarcusMÖLLER
198Seelig SamuelGOLDSCHMIDT
510Seelig SalomonSACHS
64Simon JosephBERNSTEIN
418Simon SamuelMÜLLER
590Simon SalomonWEISSSTOCK
203Simon EliasGERSON Registration card? [LK]
105Simon JosephCOHN
345Simon WolfLEWITZ New name Simon Wolff
211Simon IsaacGERB
52Simon SamuelBÄCKER
249Simon HEYMANN
9Simon KoppelANDERS Registration card? Is this the father of the Coppel Simon ANDERS, born 11 Sep 1810 in Danzig, who became a citizen of Gumbinnen on 2 Dec 1839? [LK]
208Simon RaphaelGOTTHEIL
591Szifze WOHLwidowedElkan WOHLSee 586a,b [RL]
82Tobias IsaacBAUM Registration card? [LK]
212Urias SamuelGERBER Registration card? [LK]
167Valentin AlexanderFÜRSTENBERG Registration card? [LK]
513Victor SalomonSACHS
37Victor DanielBENDAN
395Vogel MICHÄLSONwidowedIsaac
396Vogel MÜLLERwidowedSimon Leyser
370Wolff AaronLÖWENSTEIN
409Wolff DavidMORWITZ
408Wolff LewinMENDELSOHN
207Wolff MosesGOLDSTEIN
471Wolff ItzigRIESE
335Wolff SalomonLILIENTHAL
431Wolff JosephNEUMARK
199Wulff MichaelisGRAF
443Wulff POLLACK
447Wulff LevinPARADIES
162Wulff SalomonFRIEDLÄNDER Registration card? [LK]
367Wulff LewinLÖWENSTEIN
225Wulff MosesGROßMANN
358Wulff SalomonLÖWENTHAL
70Wulff JosephBENSOW
87Wulff SamuelBECKER
276Zacharias JosephJACOBSOHN
289Zander JacobJACOBSOHN
586aZeigel Moses ElkanWAHL See 591 [RL]
598Zippora WEIßwidowedHirsch Tobias
605Ziwie ZUTRAUENwidowedChaim