Minsk Gubernia - Administrative Divisions

Compiled by Vitaly Charny


Administrative Divisions in 1901:

Gubernias were divided into uyezds (districts)

Uyezds (districts) were divided into volosts (similar to counties)

Two - four volosts formed a uchastok (section)

Uchastoks (sections) were overlooked by nachal'niks (managers) who reported to the governor of Minsk.

Other Facts:

Uchastoks also had judges.

In most cases, the names of volosts are adjectives derived from name of the volost's main town (but not always.)


Minsk Gubernia

Minsky Uyezd

Uchastok 1: Sennitskaya, Samokhvalovichskaya [volosts]

Uchastok 2: Ostroshitsko-Gorodetskaya, Semkovo-Gorodetskaya, Beloruchskaya

Uchastok 3: Rakovskaya, Zaslavskaya, Staroselskaya

Uchastok 4: Koidanovskaya, Stan'kovskaya

Uchastok 5: Ivenetskaya, Rubezhevichskaya, Pershaiskaya

Uchastok 6: Zasul'skaya, Sverzhenskaya, Stolpetskaya

Borisovsky Uyezd

Uchastok 1: Loshitskaya, Zachstskaya, Kishchino-Slobodskaya

Uchastok 2: Bytchanskaya, Glibinskaya, Smolevichskaya

Uchastok 3: Kholopenichskaya, Krasnolukskaya, Volosevichskaya

Uchastok 4: Dokshitskaya, Tumilovichskaya, Veliko-Doletskaya, Berezinskaya

and town of Dokshitsi

Uchastok 5: Mil'chanskaya, Vitunichskaya, Begoml'skaya. Mstizhskaya

Uchastok 6: Zembinskaya, Pleshchenetskaya. Prusevichskaya, Osovskaya

Uchastok 7: Logoiskaya, Gaino-Slobodskaya, Yur'evskaya

Uchastok 8: Velyatichskaya, Dmitrovichskaya, Ukhval'skaya, Es'monskaya

Bobruisky Uyezd

Uchastok 1: Turkovskaya, Bortnikskaya, Katerichskaya

Uchastok 2: Lyubonichskaya, Batsevichskaya, Svislochskaya, Zamoshskaya

Uchastok 3: Gorbatsevichskaya, Brozhskaya, Gorodkovskaya

Uchastok 4: Parichskaya, Stepskaya

Uchastok 5: Rudobel'skaya, Cherninskaya, Ozarichskaya

Uchastok 6: Gluskaya, Lyaskovichskaya

Uchastok 7: Gorkovskaya, Novodorogskaya, Zhitinskaya

Uchastok 8: Osovetskaya, Zabolotskaya

Rechitsky Uyezd

Uchastok 1: Gorvol'skaya, Rovensko-Slobodskaya, Zaspenskaya

Uchastok 2: Kholmechskaya, Loevskaya, Ruchaevskaya, Derazhitskaya

Uchastok 3: Khoinikskaya, Mikulichskaya, Malodushskaya

Uchastok 4: Braginskaya, savichskaya, Yolchanskaya

Uchastok 5: Yurevichskaya, Narovlyanskaya, Dernovichskaya

Uchastok 6: Dudichskaya, Avtutevichskaya, Domanovichskaya, Kryukovichskaya

Uchastok 7: Yakino-Slobodskaya, Karpovichskaya, Vasilevichskaya

Mozyrsky Uyezd

Uchastok 1: Slobodo-Skrygalovskaya, Kopatkevichskaya

Uchastok 2: Mikhalkovskaya, Karolinskaya, Skorodnenskaya

Uchastok 3: Buinovichskaya, Meleshkevichskaya, Lel'chitskaya

Uchastok 4: Tonezhskaya, Berezovskaya

Uchastok 5: Turovskaya, Khorskaya

Uchastok 6: Lakhovskaya, Chuchevichskaya, Leninskaya, Zhitkovichskaya

Uchastok 7: Petrikovskaya, Lyaskovichskaya, Grabovskaya

Uchastok 8: Dyakovichskaya, Komarovichskaya, Luchitskaya

Pinsky Uyezd

Uchastok 1: Logishinskaya, Zhabchitskaya, Stavokskaya, Porechskaya

Uchastok 2: Svyatovol'skaya, Telekhanskaya, Khotynichskaya, Dobroslavskaya

Uchastok 3: Pogost-Zagorskaya, Kozhan-Gorodetskaya, Luninskaya,


Uchastok 4: Terebezhovskaya, Stolinskaya, Plotnitskaya

Uchastok 5: Lemeshevichskaya, Radchitskaya

Uchastok 6: Khoinskaya, Dubovichskaya, Morochanskaya

Uchastok 7: Kukhotskovol'skaya, Ugrinichskaya, Lyubeshovskaya

Igumensky Uyezd

Uchastok 1: Klinokskaya, Grebenskaya, Verkhmenskaya

Uchastok 2: Uyrevichskaya, Pogostskaya, Belichanskaya

Uchastok 3: Brodetskaya, Yakshitskaya, Dolzhanskaya

Uchastok 4: Pukhovichskaya, Pogorel'skaya, Novoselkovskaya

Uchastok 5: Smilovichskaya, Dukorskaya, Dudichskaya, Perezhirskaya

Uchastok 6: Shatskaya, Slobodo-Pyrashevskaya, Omel'yanskaya, Tsitvyanskaya

Uchastok 7: Yzdenskaya, Mogil'nynskaya, Pukovskaya

Slutsky Uyezd

Uchastok 1: Slutskaya, Greskaya, Grozovskaya

Uchastok 2: Tsarevskaya, Pogostskaya, Starobinskaya

Uchastok 3: Chaplitskaya Romanovskaya, Timkovichskaya

Uchastok 4: Kievichskaya, Bystritskaya, Vyzbyanskaya

Uchastok 5: Gritsevichskaya, Zaostrovechskaya, Krugovichskaya

Uchastok 6: Lyakhovichskaya, Medvedichskaya

Uchastok 7: Lan'skaya, Sinyavskaya, Kletskaya

Uchastok 8: Goveznyanskaya, Telyadovichskaya, Potseikovskaya

Novogrudsky Uyezd

Uchastok 1: Negnevichskaya, Gorodechanskaya, Shchorsovskaya

Uchastok 2: Vselyubskaya, Lyubchanskaya

Uchastok 3: Koshelevskaya, Korelichskaya, Raichanskaya

Uchastok 4: Tsirinskaya, Eremichskaya, Zhukhovichskaya

Uchastok 5: Gorodishchsakaya, Pochapovskaya, Stvolovichskaya

Uchastok 6: Mirskaya, Gorodeiskaya

Uchastok 7: Chernikhovskaya, Snovskaya, Darevskaya

Uchastok 8: Novo-Myshakaya, Yastrebinskaya, Ostrovskaya, Krivoshinskaya