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Mir, Novogrudok uyezd, Minsk Gubernia
1816 Revision List
by Vitaly Charny

The Mir, Novogrudok uyezd, Minsk Gubernia 1816 Revision List consisted of 6 parts with referral documents.

First is the main list with more than 200 records followed by a smaller list without a title.  After it there is a  list of "bogadelnya", a  kind shelter for the old and ill people, and a list of people who settled in Mir since the previous revision.

The list of newcomers proved my guess about how it was possible to have people with the MIRSKY surname in Mir or the SLUTSKY surname in Slutsk, etc.  The MIRSKY records were in the list of newcomers and it mentioned that they came recently to Mir from Slutsk.   I think that they were originally from Mir (their parents) and while in Slutsk got the name MIRSKY.  It would be silly to name people who live in Mir - Mirsky... It would be like everybody in NY named -NYsky.  MIRSKY is somebody who (or ancestors) came from Mir.

Two other lists consist of one record (family) each.  Each of these records is supplied with several documents explaining why these people weren't included in the main list.  In the first case the family look like they arrived to settle in Mir during the revision or just after it.   Another was a family of a poor guy who was arrested just before the revision and had to spend half a year jailed in Bobruisk Fortress.

Records weren't divided by social groups or official estates.  A couple of families were marked as "kuptsy" - rich merchants. Both of them were CHARNY (I inherited nothing from those guys).

Mir is located very close to the Slutsk uezd and, to my pleasure, represent a high diversity of surnames as is also found in Nesvizh, Lyakhovichi, Slutsk, etc.  However there are some specifics: as nowhere else in the Minsk Gubernia, there are plenty of names derived from town names - it is really like excursions to the history of Jewish settlements, mostly from the same area.  I think Jewish surnames from some towns of the Rechitsa uyezd also have such a tendency.  Indeed it reflects situations when in the previous century Mir saw increases of local population by resettlement of people from other towns that was commemorated in the surnames.

Another trend - many patronymic type surnames -OVICH/-EVICH and almost no matronymic type -IN surnames, multiple on the East of Minsk Gubernia.

The quality of the microfilm copies is relatively good. What is bad is the handwriting with very small size letters.  Several letters the clerk wrote the same way, and there is no way to distinguish them apart.  I need to know what he suppose to write (local people new).  Several records gave me hard time in name reading and when I do not find other records with similar names I do not report them.

Microfilm LDS # 2010470

Below is the list of surnames.


Bashkir, Begun, Beinusovich, Belous, Beloush, Benyamovich, Berkovich, Berkovsky, Bernak, Bruda


Dolginovsky, Dorzhansky, Dushchitsky, Dzentselsky

Enovik, Eremitsky

Faibishovich, Faibushovich, Faya, Fisher

Galver, Gam, Gekovich, Gershonovich, Geshkovich, Getsovich, Gilmovsky, Gimpel, Giner, Gorodensky, Gorodzeisky, Granda


Kalmanovich, Kamenichny, Kantor , Kantorovich, Khaimovich,  Kharon, Khatskelevch, Khishin, Khisin, Khovna, Kletska, Kletsky, Kodish, Koniksberg, Kopil, Korelitsky, Kostsyuk, Kotlyar, Kozovsky, Krutov, Kusner

Lame, Levin, Lis, Litsky, Litsky, Livshits, Lublinsky, Lutsky, Lyublinsky

Manta, Markel, Marshka, Mazur, Meltser, Minsky, Miransky, Mirsky, Molchatsky

Nedzvedok, Nesvizhsky, Nimchik, Novik, Novogrodsky

Orlik, Oshmyansky, Ozik

Papok, Pertsovich, Pesotsky, Pinta, Polonetsky, Polyak, Porsyakov, Poznyak, Prokhovsky, Protasovich

Rabinovich, Radunsky, Rakovich,  Rakovsky, Reshak, Reshel, Resher, Rishin

Sakharovich, Saparovsky, Seltsovsky, Shabshaevich, Shapshay, Shapshelyovich, Shimanovsky, Shinaiko, Shinaikovich, Shklovsky, Shmerkovich, Shmuilovich, Shmukler, Shmushka, Shmushkevich, Shmushkovich, Shvarts, Simonovsky, Sitsky, Sklovsky, Slonimsky, Slutsky,  Smerkovich, Smushkevich, Snovsky, Sokharovich, Starobinsky, Staroverzheisky, Starovinsky, Stolovitsky, Sulka, Sverzhensky

Taras, Tiktinsky, Tirispolsky, Tsipka, Tsipko, Tsirinsky


Vilenchik, Viner, Vinnik, Volya, Vselyubsky

Zaichik, Zayats, Zhuk, Zhukhovitsky, Zhukovitsky, Zinger, Zlotnik, Zoryanko, Zukhovitsky.

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