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Jewish Grodno Guberniya
The Newsletter of Grodno Genealogy Group
June 1999 Vol 2, Issue 1

Table of Contents

Articles: Data section: Inventory Section: District/shtetl activity summary & reports ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Editors and readers: Amy Levinson, Nurit Kraus-Friedberg.

Email transmission: Linda D. Epstein

Copy editing and final review: Naomi Kassabian,


Published twice yearly by Grodno Genealogy Group, Inc.

Officers: Ellen Sadove Renck, Jay Lenefsky, vice presidents; Amy Levinson, treasurer; Ellen Shaffer Meyer, secretary; Board member at large: Judith D. Bennett

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Copyright notice: This bulletin, as a whole, is copyrighted by Grodno Genealogy Group, Inc.

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A Contemporary Landsmanschaft

Dr. Robert Marshall

The shtetl "Zhetl" was a small village in Slonim district in Grodno guberniya in what is now Belarus. Its name means "woodpecker" and it was known as Zdzieciol in Polish and presently Dziatlava in Russian. The village had about 4000 Jews and only 400 non-Jews. The Jewish shtetl Zhetl no longer exists. However, its landsmanschaft continues to be vibrant.

At the turn of the century, when "Zhetlers" came to New York, they like other Jewish immigrants established a landsmanschaft. Landsmanschaften were the mutual aid and fraternal societies set up by those emigrating from Eastern European towns. They collected money and gave assistance to those Zhetlers in need. This was their chief tie to the shtetl Zhetl. My father still talks about how important it was to their family. As I researched my family Shlep, I found a rich history of this organization. My distant cousin, Anna Dashowitz, was the matriarch who kept the landsmanschaft functioning. Even into the 1940's, until her death, she was helping Zhetlers ease into life in New York.

After the war, the Zhetl society was still doing relief work. This time, it was mostly assisting in the resettlement of survivors in Israel. The entire community was destroyed by the Nazis in 1942; and the small remnant settled mostly in Israel. Effraim Shefer, the secretary of Irgun Zhetl, stated: "We in Israel, have been trying for over a half of a century to perpetuate the memory of our families who perished in Zhetl, by establishing various means and ways, to insure that the younger generations of the Zhetlers will remember what the Nazis have done to our families during World War II, and eternalize the holy names for ever in our hearts."

In 1957, they published their Yizkor Book in Yiddish. Later, Kalmun Manuskin, who is the Zhetl historian, produced a moving video documenting the story of the shtetl and its resistance to the Nazis. There is both an English and Hebrew edition. The Zhetl Society erected a symbolic monument on a grave in the cemetery in Holon, in which is buried a portion the earth from the mass graves in Zhetl. A service is conducted every year on the Yahrzeit of the first massacre in Zhetl in April 1942. They still meet every year on the Yahrzeit of the second massacre on the 23rd day of Av, the memorial date of the final liquidation of the Zhetler Jewish Community.

Their last project was to erect a fence around the cemetery in Zhetl. The Zhetl Society raised $10,000 for this project. The fence was finally completed in 1998. The group working not only with those in Israel and abroad, but also with those few remaining in Zhetl accomplished this. The landsmanschaft had become truly transnational, still serving its purpose to preserve its links to the past.

(c) Robert A Marshall, 1999


Landsmanschaft Society references

Contacting a Landsmanschaft may be an important activity of a shtetl group. It would be useful to know which of these societies had burial plots in which cemeteries. Some of this information is available through the International Association of Jewish Genealogy Societies'

Cemetery Project conducted by Arline and Sidney Sachs.

Grodno Group will soon publish an indexed list of burials in the Independent Slonimer Benevolent Society and Congregation Sheveth Achim Anshe Slonim sections of Mt. Zion Cemetery, Maspeth, Queens County, New York. Look for it on the Slonim web page and/or the GGG Inc. web page. The data have also been submitted to the IAJGS cemetery project.

If anyone wants to undertake a similar project, a list of New York cemeteries can be found on the web at

Other references: Appendix Q, "Landsmanschaftn in Israel", from A Guide to Jewish Genealogical Research in Israel. Sallyann Sack, Ph.D., and Israel Genealogical Society. Revised Ed.


Jewish Organizations in Belarus

According to our most recent information, there are several Jewish organizations operating in Belarus at this time. One of the two largest is the Union of Religious Jewish Congregations. The Union serves the Jewish population through a range of welfare programs and

provides religious education. It is also active in identifying, restoring and maintaining Jewish historical sites, which may make it helpful to those tracing their family history. It is involved in other activities as well and has a number of organizational affiliates, one of which is the East European Jewish Heritage Project. Private donations and international charities fund the Union. It is audited regularly by Arthur Anderson and Associates.

The second of the main groups is the Belarus Association and Communities, which is funded mostly by the Joint Distribution Committee. Not many details regarding this group's activities are available to us at this time, but we hope to provide more information in the future.

A newcomer on the scene is the World Association of Belarussian Jews, which has a very small membership at this time. Its mission is the preservation of cemeteries and the building of monuments commemorating historical sites, including those related to the Holocaust.

Lubavitch also is active in this area through Rabbi Gruzman of Minsk.

Compiled and edited from email reports by Nurit Kraus-Friedenberg


The East European Jewish Heritage Project is the latest organization to become involved in Jewish research and site preservation in Belarus. Recently,it has taken title to the Volozhin Yeshiva.

The following is quoted from a message from its director, Frank Swartz: "W met on Thursday with Dr. Bubnovsky the Director of the Committee for the Preservation of Historical and Architectural Monuments. This is the presidential level committee responsible for the listing of historic sites. We met with them to have the Volozhyn Yeshiva listed. While there Dr. Bubnovsky asked us to undertake the restoration of the Slonin Synagogue. The Committee has now endorsed the East European Jewish Heritage Project and the Union of Religious Jewish Congregations of the Republic of Belarus jointly as the Jewish organizations competent for the restoration of Jewish sites."


Data Section

Ellen Sadove Renck is translating an 1887 gubernia databook; this is full of information (Did you want to know how many sheep there were in Bialystok district?) and contains, among other items, lists of professionals for each Grodno district. Part of this reference may be found on the Grodno web page at

This is the section about professionals from Grodno town:

Professionals in Grodno and Grodno district 1887

All from Grodno town except those listed under a capitalized town name

Gubernia population :

Grodno district population: 44, 575

?Grodno Grodno? pharmacy manager Ottovich  Felitsian  #2
Antopol  Kobrin uezd pharmacy owner Podolski #44 
Beliza lawyer Dmitrievich  Dmitri 
Belostok Belostok uezd physician Bomash Yakov Efimovich
Belostok Belostok uezd physician Fershteter Ludvig Grigorjevich
Belostok Belostok uezd physician Gaberling Alezander Fridrihovich
Belostok Belostok uezd pharmacy owner Gansetski #16 
Belostok Belostok uezd physician Gronovski Vladislav Ivanovich
Belostok Belostok uezd physician Gurvich Boruh Shlemovich
Belostok Belostok uezd physician Gustch Iosif Stanislavovich
Belostok Belostok uezd physician Hazanovich Osip Aronovich
Belostok Belostok uezd dentist Iosem Abram Shmueliovich
Belostok Belostok uezd physician Iraga Ippolit Ivanovich
Belostok Belostok uezd physician Iserson Saveli Lazorevich
Belostok Belostok uezd physician Kabylinski Ivan Domenikovich
Belostok Belostok uezd physician Kopelman Meer
Belostok Belostok uezd physician Linshits Gersh Iesahovich
Belostok Belostok uezd physician Makovskaya Maria Nikolaevna
Belostok Belostok uezd dentist Makovski Lev Yakovlevich
Belostok Belostok uezd pharmacy owner Mastitski #17 
Belostok Belostok uezd physician Smarchevski Konstantin Petrovich
Belostok Belostok uezd physician Tril Ludvig Samuilovich
Belostok Belostok uezd physician Triling Ludvig Samuilovich
Belostok Belostok uezd dentist Vaisman Milah Boruhovich
Belostok Belostok uezd pharmacy owner Vilbushevich #18 
Belostok Belostok uezd lawyer Voloshinovski Adolf Vladislavovich 
Belsk Belsk uezd physician Masjya Izrael Mihelevich
Belsk Belsk uezd pharmacy owner Shpitzbart #26 
Bereza  Pruzhany uezd pharmacy owner Sabotski #47
? Brest uezd pharmacy owner Blomkstein Miletchitsy-manager #41
Botki  Belsk uezd physician Verzhbitski Adrei Feliksovich
Botzki Belsk uezd pharmacy owner Namitkevich #30 
Botzki Belsk uezd pharmacy owner Namitkevich #30 
Botzki Belsk uezd pharmacy manager Vysokinski #30 
Brest Brest uezd physician Filipovich Kazimir Karlovich
Brest Brest uezd physician Finshtein Mikhail Ionovich
Brest Brest uezd pharmacy owner Garski #35 
Brest Brest uezd physician Grudinski  Vikenti Konstantinovich
Brest Brest uezd pharmacy owner Klimashevski #36 
Brest Brest uezd pharmacy owner Kosvena #34 
Brest Brest uezd physician Lestchinski  Vladislav Leontjevich
Brest Brest uezd physician Shereshevskaya  Galdina Samoilovna
Brest Brest uezd physician Stanishevski  Victor Karlovich
Brest Brest uezd pharmacy owner Suhetski #37 
Brest Brest uezd physician Zaleski  Papel Pavlovich
Brest Brest uezd physician Zdanski Osip Alexandrovich
Briansk Belsk uezd pharmacy owner Kusha #27 
Bryansk Belsk uezd physician Tarashkevich Ivan Ivanovich
Byten Slonim uezd pharmacy owner Sobeshinski #55 
Byten Slonim uezd pharmacy manager Valevich #55 
Deretchin Slonim uezd physician Novitski  Vatslav Stanislavovich
Deretchin  Slonim uezd pharmacy owner Yavorski #53 
Dombrov Sokulka uezd pharmacy owner Slavyanski #13 
Dragichin Kobrin uezd pharmacy owner Priffer #45 
Drogichin Belsk uezd pharmacy owner Neviarovski #31 
Drusgeniki Grodno uezd physician Buyakovski Valerian Ivanovich
Drusgeniki Grodno uezd physician Vyrvich Boleslav Antonovich
Drusgeniki Grodno uezd physician Zbozhek Ooma Ivanovich
Druzgeniki Grodno uezd  pharmacy owner belonged to the church #5
Dyatlovo  Slonim uezd pharmacy owner Zbikovski #52 
Dytalovo Slonim uezd physician Vinkler  Yulii Kazimirovich
Goniondz Belostok uezd pharmacy owner Lenchevski  Liutzian #22 
Grodno Grodno uezd lawyer Abramski Lev Osipovich 
Grodno Grodno uezd physician Abramski Savati Saveljevich
Grodno Grodno uezd dentist Andres Reihlya Berkovna
Grodno Grodno uezd lawyer Bakinovski Lutsian Semenovich 
Grodno Grodno uezd physician Benitski Yulian Feliksovich
Grodno Grodno uezd lawyer Bush Oktavian Boleslavovich 
Grodno Grodno uezd lawyer Drazdovich Vladislav Frantsevich 
Grodno Grodno uezd lawyer Eismont Konstantin Osipovich 
Grodno Grodno uezd physician Gershun Grigori Yakovlevich
Grodno Grodno uezd physician Gozhanski Samuil Lazarevich
Grodno Grodno uezd lawyer Gushkovski Ivan Lvovich 
Grodno Grodno uezd physician Hazanovich Osip Abramovich
Grodno Grodno uezd physician Iljitski Kaetan Stanislavovich
Grodno Grodno uezd dentist Issaakov Alexei Mikhailivich
Grodno Grodno uezd lawyer Kakoshko Segizmund Mikhailovich 
Grodno Grodno uezd lawyer Kalenkevich Ignati Ivanovich 
Grodno Grodno uezd physician Kamenski Ferdinand Martinovich
Grodno Grodno uezd dentist Kaufman Veniamin Leizerovich
Grodno Grodno uezd physician Kostyalkovski Osip Ivanovich
Grodno Grodno uezd lawyer Kramarov Salomon Samoilovich 
Grodno Grodno uezd lawyer Linke Yulian Ferdinandovich 
Grodno Grodno uezd lawyer Nagorski Stanislav Stanislavovich 
Grodno Grodno uezd physician Poluto Anton Antonovich
Grodno Grodno uezd physician Ratenshtein Issak Izrailovich
Grodno Grodno uezd lawyer Senenko Andre Andreevich 
Grodno Grodno uezd physician Tomashevich Vikenti Ivanovich
Grodno Grodno uezd lawyer Vasinevski Richard Ksaverjevich 
Grodno Grodno uezd lawyer Yachinovski Stanislav Stanislavovich 
Grodno Grodno uezd lawyer Yanovski Girsh Haimovich 
Grodno Grodno uezd lawyer Yanovski Oeofil Iliya 
Grodno Grodno uezd physician Zablodski Boleslav Karlovich
Grodno Grodno uezd lawyer Zaitsev Oaddei Vepediktovich 
Grodno Grodno uezd physician Zamkovski Geneh Tevelyavich
Grodno  Grodno uezd pharmacy owner belonged to the church #1
Grodno  Grodno uezd pharmacy manager Feishner #3
Grodno  Grodno uezd pharmacy owner Kandratovich #2 
Grodno  Grodno uezd pharmacy owner Nesterovich #3
Grodno  Grodno uezd pharmacy owner Vinover #4 
Holstov Volkovysk uezd physician Shenskovich Mustafa Ivanovich
Indura Grodno uezd pharmacy owner Natana  Ionessa #8 
Indura Grodno uezd physician Vizgird Stanislav Selvestrovich
Ivanovo Kobrin uezd pharmacy owner Kalesinski #43 
Kamenetsk-Litovsk  Brest uezd pharmacy owner Sabishinski #39 
Kamenetsk-Litovsk  Brest uezd pharmacy manager Tochilovski #39 
Kartuz-Bereza, Pruzhany uezd Pruzhany uezd physician Okolov  Tsezari Selvestrovich
Klestcheli Belsk uezd pharmacy owner Gorbachovski #33 
Knyshin, Belostok uezd pharmacy owner Izdebski #21 
Knyshina Belostok uezd physician Ksenzhopolski Eduard Ferdinand-Medar Frantsevich
Kobrin Kobrin uezd pharmacy owner Miklashevich #42 
Kobrin Kobrin uezd physician Raigrodski  Meer Veniaminovich
Kobrin Kobrin uezd pharmacy manager Shidlovski Vatslav  #42 
Kosovo Slonim uezd pharmacy owner Gladovski  Genrih #54 
Krinki Grodno uezd pharmacy owner Tensushe #6 
Lunna Grodno uezd physician Gustcha Ivan Osipovich
Lunno  Grodno uezd pharmacy owner Hvenkovski #7 
Michailovo, Belostok uezd pharmacy owner Tzensusha #24 
Mileitschitsy Brest uezd physician Borisovski  Iosif Oomich
Mileitschitsy Brest uezd physician Fogel  Haim Leibovich
Miletchitsy  Brest uezd pharmacy manager Blomkshtein owner #41
Miletchitsy  Brest uezd pharmacy manager Sandberg #41
Mogilevtsy Volkovysk uezd physician Dzyakonski  Kazimir Evstafjevich
Nizbudka Belostok uezd physician Dobrovoljski Adam Mikhailovich
Orlya  Belsk uezd pharmacy owner Oginski #32 
Ozera  Grodno uezd  pharmacy owner Gustavski-Gustateis #9 
Parozovo  Volkovysk uezd pharmacy manager Sabishinski #60
Parozovo  Volkovysk uezd pharmacy owner Tochilovski Ignati #60
Peredel Kobrin uezd physician Klinovski  Otton Kazimirovich
Peski Volkovysk uezd pharmacy manager Dlugosh #59 
Peski Volkovysk uezd pharmacy owner Saroseka Ivan #59 
Piesk Volkovysk uezd physician Bitner  Cheslav Nikolaevich
Podluzhe Slonim uezd physician Dobopinski  Mikhail Domenikovich
Porozovo Volkovysk uezd physician Mazurkevich Vikenti Osipovich
Priluki Kobrin uezd physician Mantselevich Lev Grigorjevich
Pruzhany Pruzhany uezd physician Patsevich  Avgustin Konstantinovich
Pruzhany Pruzhany uezd pharmacy owner Yurkovski  Anton #46 
Ross Volkovysk uezd physician Karo Nikolai Eduardovich
Rozhanka Slonim uezd physician Bomash  Meer Gershkovich
Rozhanka  Slonim uezd pharmacy owner Lyatski #51 
Semetichi Belsk uezd physician Cherkovski  Ludvig-Mikhael Oomich
Semiatichi Belsk uezd pharmacy owner Neviarovski #29 
Shereshevo Pruzhany uezd pharmacy owner Kadevich #48
Shereshevo Pruzhany uezd pharmacy manager Krasinski #48
Shereshevo, Pruzhany uezd Pruzhany uezd physician Vladislavovich  Gerih
Skidel Grodno uezd  pharmacy owner Krauze Bronislav #10 
Slonim Slonim uezd physician Belski  Stanislav Ivanovich
Slonim Slonim uezd physician Bomash  David Semenovich
Slonim Slonim uezd pharmacy owner Kovarski  Hanon #49 
Slonim Slonim uezd physician Pyasetski  Avraam Markovich
Slonim Slonim uezd pharmacy owner Tegazo #50 
Sohovolya Sokulka uezd pharmacy owner Leva #14 
Sokulka Sokulka uezd pharmacy owner Dudkevich #12 
Sokulka Sokulka physician Landau Lev Yakovlevich
Sokulka Sokulka physician Lazarbek Anastasia Grigorjevna
Sokulka Sokulka physician Pukshta Edmund Pavlovich
Suprasl Belostok uezd pharmacy owner Skrobetzki #23 
Supraslj  Belostok uezd physician Chenurkovski Remigi Ivanovich
Svisloch Volkovyski uezd physician Bitner Vladimir Zdislavovich
Svisloch Volkovyski uezd pharmacy owner Milgof #57
Svisloch Volkovyski uezd pharmacy manager Shidlovski Karl  #57 
Tehanovets  Belsk uezd physician Sventski  Pavel Rohavich
Trostjany Belostok uezd pharmacy owner Lenchevskij  Stanislav #25 
Tzehanovetz Belsk uezd pharmacy owner Loman #28 
Velikaya-Berestovitsa Grodno uezd  pharmacy owner Kachinski #11 
Vladavka Brest uezd pharmacy manager Fabishevski #40
Vladavka Brest uezd pharmacy owner Pisarzhevski #40
Volkovysk Volkovyski uezd physician Krushevski Yulii-Ivan Yulievich
Volkovysk Volkovyski uezd pharmacy owner Tyminski  Andrei #56
Vrotsenj Belostok uezd physician Yavorovski Vladislav Vikentjevich
Vysoko-Litovsk Brest uezd physician Fainshtein  Boris Ionovich
Vysoko-Litovsk Brest uezd physician Kobrinets  Karl Vasiljevich
Vysoko-Litovsk Brest uezd pharmacy manager Starzhinski #38
Vysoko-Litovsk Brest uezd pharmacy manager Tyminski #38
Yanovo Belostok uezd pharmacy owner Chaikovski #19 
Yanovo Sokulka uezd pharmacy owner Zhukovski  Petr #15 
Zabludov Belostok uezd pharmacy owner Goldberg #20 
Zelva Volkovysk uezd pharmacy owner Panotski  Ooma #58 
Slonim uezd physician Gershkonf  Volf Samoilovich

© Ellen Sadove Renck 1998. All Rights Reserved. Permission Granted to GGG, Inc. to use material.


Editor's Note:

"Proprietors" of pharmacies were probably lessees of the rights to run a business. The town or nobleman who owned it owned the pharmacy, mill, tavern and certain other valuable franchises.

Note that at this date, few professionals were Jewish. This continues to be the case in the 1903 business data from Vsya Rossia, where the pharmacy proprietors are referred to as "arend" or lessee.



Following the International Meeting in July of 1998 we obtained from

Kahlile Mehr, representative of the Mormon church, a copy of the inventory

of Jewish records prepared for the Mormons in preparation for their filming

in Grodno archives. This consists of 31 pages in Russian, prepared for

the church by Dmitri Panov, a Russian genealogist. In addition Mr. Mehr

reviewed another inventory prepared by the archivist herself and gave us

two pages pertaining to military records.

The inventory lacks detail in many respects. It covers thousands of pages

of documents but gives the number of pages for only a few of the listed

items. Many descriptions refer only to the district and we need to know

what portions of the district are covered, as these are all partial

records. This is vital information for members who are inquiring whether

there is anything about their particular shtetl in Grodno archives.

From documentation I received during Oleg Perzashkevich's researches I knew

that Fond 2, which is only referred to by its number in the Mormon

documents, contains records of kahal elections in certain smaller districts

such as my grandmother's shtetl, Ruzhany. In a pilot project financed by

your dues we attempted to find out what other shtetls are covered.

Here is the listing in the Mormon inventory:


Fond 2. 78980 Ed. Chr. , 1802-1916 (fond 2; 78,980 chronicles)

Following is part of the result of the pilot project, carried out by

archivists working for the East European Jewish Heritage Project (Minsk,

Frank Swartz, Executive Director):

Fond 2, op. 1. CONTENTS

1. Guiding materials

2. Materials on the question of peasantry

3. Materials about the development of capitalism in industry, trade and


4. Materials on the question of property.

1. About debt recovery.

5. Materials about moving , quartering the troops and carrying out the

military service.

6. Materials on the tsarist punitive policy.

7. Materials on the questions of censorship, press, subscription to

newspapers, magazines, books.

8. Materials on the personnel of gubernsky(provincial) institutions and

military units.

1. Enrollment and discharge.

9. Materials about migration of the population abroad and issuing passports.

10. Materials on the questions of everyday life.

1. Thefts.

Fond 2. Opis 1.(Inventory) PREFACE

The Grodno gubernskoye (provintial) Board was founded on 01.01.1820 with

the establishment of the Grodno gubernia (province) under the termsof «The

Institution for governing the gubernias (provinces)» of 1775. It was under the

authority of the Ministry of Home Affairs and served as an administrative

police body of the gubernia (province) which worked under the chairmanship

of a gubernator(governor); it was also its executive body.

Before 1806 the clerical work in the Board was conducted without any

structure. In 1806 4 tables (bureaus) were established. After 1816 the Board

consisted of two dispatch offices (departments) and 4 povytiyes

(tables,bureaus). In 1837 3 departments were established. After 1837 the

clerical work was divided into 4 departments; each of them had 2



The 1st department drew up records of the gubernskoye(provincial) Board,

promulgated laws and resolutions, supervised their execution, collected

information about tax collection, about accidents in the

gubernia(province).It dealt with the questions of the personnel of the Board

and other uyezd institutions. It supervised the persons who were under police

surveillance. It led gentry and village elections. It was closely connected

with the 3rd department «The Private Office of His Emperor's Majesty».

The 2nd department was in charge of the questions of religion and public


It supervised military units, issued passports, administered oath to foreign

subjects wishing to live in Russia. It controlled roads, bridges,

transportation, post-offices. It dealt with the questions of public health


The 3rd department controlled the execution of judicial-police and

investigating cases in all municipal and zemsky police departments, the work

of gentry trusteeships and orphan courts. It dealt with the cases of not

wealthy gentry, sale of property for debts, staff premises, controlled


The 4th department collected general information about the gubernia

(province): population, state of agriculture, trade, factory-and-works

industry. It controlled the structure of towns and villages. It dealt with the

appointment and control of tax collection. It approved the estimates of

municipal dumas and ratushas ( town halls). It was in charge of the

recruiting process, controlled the work of insurance companies and other


The gubernator ( governor) had a right to transfer the execution of some

cases from one department to another.

After 02.01.1845 the Board office was divided into 3 departments, each

department consisted of 3 tables(bureaus). There was a treasurer, a printing-

house, an archive, a gubernsky(province) architect, a land surveyor with the

drawing, a registry, corporal punishment and economic-administrative bodies

attached to the Board.

The cases were divided into administrative (with judicial-police) and


After 11.02.1867 the Medical board, the gubernsky(provincial) committee of

public health and the gubernsky (provincial) «ostenny» committee joined the


The structure of the Board consisted of:

The 1st department - the 1st-2nd , special and newspaper


The 2nd department - the 3rd-4th tables(bureaus).

The 3rd department - the 5th-6th tables(bureaus).

The building department.

The medical department.

The gubernsky(provincial) drawing office.

In September 1915 the Board was evacuated to Kaluga. It was abolished

in February 1917.

In the Fond there are 78980 cases from 1802 till 1917; 39 records. The

materials are systematized according to departments and tables(bureaus) ,

years, then according to topic sections and subsections.

More detailed information about industry and trade is in opis (inventory)

11, 18, 21, 23, 27, 33, 34.

State of the peasantry - op.1, 7, 8, 21, 24, 31, 34-36.

Revolutionary movement - op. 22, 25.

War of 1812, revolts of 1831, 1863 - op. 30, 34, 36.

Improvement of the villages, income and expenditure of the towns -

op.31, 34.

Information about population , property status, the procedure of

electing officials to low-middle class boards and public administrative

boards, maintenance of the boards, recruiting, military kantonists,

citizenship , etc. - op. 9, 11, 12, 15, 17-34, 36.

About the personnel of gubernsky(provincial) institutions - op. 1, 3-9,

20, 24, 25.

Official lists of the employees of gubernsky (provincial) institutions -


Records of the Board's sessions - op. 38.

NIAB (Gr) At the end there are a topical and non-graphic indexes.

F.2 (Grodno gubernskoye (provincial) Board)

op.1 (1802-1805), 333 entries

p. 1-5 -preface (structure of the Fond)

33 - on a complaint of the Novopolotsk kahal about the wrong spending of

town income by the magister . 1802-1809, 73 pages.(MCF)

39 - about approving of the «korobochny» (box) collection to pay off the

debts of the Jewish kahals. 1802-8,695 (MCF)

54 - on a complaint of mestchans Leibovich E and Janislevich L about the

seizure of their land by ks. Kanonik. 1802 (MCF)

55 - the same of the residents of the shtetl Novyj Dvor about the seizure

of their land by pomestchik(landlord) Andrushkevich I . 1802-1809 . 265 (MCF)

86 - about debt recovery from the titular counselor Rovits in favour of the

resident of Grodno E. Izraileva . 1802, 4.

88, 89 - the same of merchant A.Eselevich in favour of merchant A. Itskovich,

>from mestchanin A.Itskovich in favour of the resident of Grodno Trodsky.

1802-1810, 23,8 pages

240 - about perpetration of a theft by mestchans B.Kivovich and A.Movshovich

in a Jewish school. 1802-1810, 32

262 - about debt recovery of 8000 zlotys from the Pinsk kahal in favour of

the Vilzhynsk monastery. 1803-1808., 10 pages.

Fond 2, Opis 2 (1806-1815), 666 entries

24 - about voluntary migration of the Jews from one place to another.

1807-1809, 63.

69 - lists of the Jews missed when the register books were drawn up in

1804. 1809-1810, 126.

70 - on a complaint of the earl Viljegorskij about not paying him the

rent by the mestchant Leiba Poljakovich. 1809, 17.

75 - on a petition of the mestchans Dymer, Jankelevich, Shapiro and

others about recording them in register books. 1909, 7.

77 - the same of the mestchanin Volf Aronovich about registering him as

one of the mestchans of Lida. 1809-1810, 12.

203 - on a complaint of the Mstibovsky kahal on the assessor of the

Volkovysk zemsky court Rafanovich about illegal exaction of recruiting money


Following is an inventory of Dyelo (Book) 699 of the same fond, giving

towns covered. This was purchased from Oleg Perzashkevich of Minsk

Genealogy Group.

Fond 2, Opis 3, Dyelo 699

From Oleg Perzashkevich

INDEX for Dyelo (Book) 699 of Fund 2, opis 3 of Grodno State Historical

Archive. The Documentation on Board Elections of Kahals of Grodno

Province for 1837-41.

Name of the settlement (kahal) District Town(?)


Berestovitsa Velikaya Grodno 4ds-5;

52-52ds; 388-


Bereza Pruzhany 156-161ds

Brest Brest


Kamenets Brest


Lida Lida 12-14; 381-381ds

Maletsh Pruzhany 168-170

Mstibov Volkovysk


Novogrudok Novogrudok


Novy Dvor Lida


Ostryna Lida 402-403

Pruzhany Pruzhany

23-27; 99-112

Radun Lida 414-417

Ruzhany Slonim


Selets Pruzhany

162-167; 171

Shchuchin Lida


Shereshov Pruzhany

153-155; 174-178ds;


Slonim Slonim


Vasilishki Lida


Volchin Brest


Volkovysk Volkovysk


Volkovysk district shtetles

Volkovysk 195-205

Voronovo Lida


Vysoko-Litovsk Brest


COMMENTARIES (by Perzashkevich)

I. The records in this book are the typical documentation on Russian

procedure of elections of Jewish officials, because each kahal had the

right for religious and some sort of economical self rule.

II. In the documents you can find:

1. The lists of elected persons (for each kahal);

2. The official papers, every Jewish official was to sign after had been

elected (for the majority of kahals);

3. The list of voters (for many kahals);

4. The details about economical status of elected person (for some kahals);

5. The ages of elected persons (for some kahals);

6. The list of candidates and the results of voting (for some kahals).

Finally, here is an example of contents of Dyelo 699. It is the record of

kahal elections for 1838 in Ruzhany (excerpted from data provided by

Perzashkevich, and the EEJHP).


Fond 2, Opis 3, Delo 1703, page 179; Central Historical Archives, Grodno.

Information obtained from Minsk Genealogy Group and EEJHP

Transliteration by Frank and Galina Swartz , directors of EEJHP. [I

have not attempted to impose transliteration standards, nor have I guessed

that "Petkovsky" is the same as "Pitkovsky".--- The Editor (A.L.)]

Abramovich, Gertsko

Alpern, Abram Osherovich

Alpern, Mendel Dovydovich

Alpern, Mordukh Gershonovich

Alperg, Shmujlo Zalmanovich

Alper, Movsha Osherovich

Alperin, Jankel Mejerovich

At (Aps ? Ans ?), Mejer Sroliovich

Babich, Girsh Naftaliovich

Babich, Wolf Aizikovich

Babich, Wolf Medeliovich

Bas, Jankel Volfovich

Berman, Abram Girshovich Berman

Berman, Elia-Nota Berkovich

Berman, Orko Girschovich

Berman, Zusel Sroliovich

Breznitski, Dovid Mendelovich

Bulgach, Shumuilo Boruhovich

Epshteyn, Dovid

Epshteyn, Movsha Abramovich

Epshteyn, Movsha Yoseliovich

Epshteyn, Nissel Leyzerovich

Epshteyn, Shmujlo Rubinovich

Epshteyn, Yankel Meirovich

Epshteyn, Iosel Hononovich

Epshteyn, Yosel Osherovich

Fuksman, Abram Jankeliovich

Fuksman, Haim Movshovich

Fuksman, Hirsh Shimonovich

Fuksman, Leyzer Leibovich

Fuksman, Movsha Hirshovich

Gelman, Movsha Edidovich

Gubar, Dovyd Movshovich

Gubar, Jelja Mejerovich

Gubar, Leiba Morduhovich

Gubar, Zelman Dovidovich

Haidak, Shmujlo Berkovich

Jeliovich (Yeliovich ?), Abram Shanovich

Izralet, Symho Ioseliovich

Kaplinsky, Shimel Ovsenovich

Kazak, Abram Shmerkovich

Kibran, (Kobran), Sholem Leibovich

Kozak, Morduh Abramovich

Korpel, Mejer Shimonovich (Kornel ?)

Kotsyn, Sholem Fisheliovich

Kushner, Haim Genohovich

Kuznitz (Kusnetz), Movsha Khatzkelovich

Lepenitski, Moshe Abramovich

Levenbukh, Hirsch Itzkovich

Levitan, Abram S hmuilovich

Levitan, Israel Rubinovich

Levitan, Liber (?) Rubinovich

Levitan, Yossel Sohorovich

Liamets, Orko Dovydovich

Muzykant,Arija Ioseliovich

Petkovski, Itsko Ioseliovich

Petkovski, Geshel Leizerovich

Petkovski, Leibe Abramovich

Petkovski, Leybe Gesherovich

Pines, Mejer Leibovich

Pitkovsky, Jankel Haimovich

Ponchoshkin, Enokh Shliomovich

Ponchoshkin (?), Genari Shliomovich

Prinshtein, Mendel Rubinovich

Ruskin, Honon Hatskeliovich

Salemon, Jankel Dovydovich

Savolski, Berko Hershovich

Shamesh, Girsh Movshovich

Shatkhan, Leiba Nohimovich

Shepjatskij, Berko Nirshovich

Shereshevsky, Itzko Hershovich

Shereshevskij, Leiba Shimsheliovich

Shereshovsky, Leiba Zelikovich

Shereshevski, Yankel Itzkovich

Shimsheliovich, Leiba (?? )

Sokolovski, Srul-Nachman Vulfovich

Taran, Leizer Shevelevich

Yezernitsky, Meier Berkovich

Zakin, Abram Dovidovich

Zakin, Abram Gershonovich

Zakin, Abram-Leiba Movshovich

Zakin, Abram Movshevich

Zakin, Hirsh Yoselovich

Zakin, Hiel Nohimovich Zakin

Zakin, Leiba Gershonovich

Zakin, Leiba Tobijashovich

Zakin, Leizer Gershovich

Zakin, Movsha Iokelovich

Zakin, Yankel Gershonovich

Zakin, Yossel Nokhimovich

Zakliaty, Abram Leibovich

Zlotnik, Itsko Shliomovich


The following is Perzashkevich's translation of a certificate from Fond 2,

opis 3, delo 699, Pages 290 - 291.

A Certificate, given to Itsko Ghirshovich Shereshevsky by Rozhany Jewish

Community In July, 1838.

After request of Jew Itska Ghirshovich Shereshevsky, the Ruzhany Jewish

Community gives him this certificate to prove, that, despite the Community,

according to the results of elections, took place in May-June 1838, elected

him as a member of the kahal board, the Community had no wish to do it and

was against such election; because this post duty has many difficulties,

and Itsko has serious health problems, so he is not able to be busy with

such duty; also he managers [sic] a state [sic] leather factory and should

pay daily salary to workers hired, and above all he can lose big part of

his capital, that is involved in this business, if he become the kahal

official; so the Community set him, Itsko Shereshevsky, free from the duty

of kahal official, and asks the authorities to substitute Itsko by somebody

else, who had been registered as a candidate to kahal board member in the

ballot list before elections took place.

(36 signatures)


As Itzko was a candidate for office, his income and assets are stated for


House and leather factory, income 1000 rubles in assignations


NOTES: Observations about names --

The kahal electors were a rather inbred group. ( At this date, 1838, the

population of Ruzhany was about 1,400. There are 48 different surnames on

the list.)

Berman was a well known name in nearby Slonim, the district capital. Wolf

Berman at age 80 was chairman of the first Slonim Judenrat in 1941.

Zakin is in the Zak family , whose genealogy is documented in two large

volumes entitled "Scattered Seeds", by George Sackheim. The Zak family

is a very long line of rabbis. Their ancestor was invited to come from

Vienna to Ruzhany in the 17th century by Duke Leon Sapieha Lithuanian

owner of the town, to organize the duke's business operations.

Pines was also a large family which became numerous and prominent in

Ruzhany, Bialystok and many other locations within this part of the Pale

of Settlement. See: Pines, Wayne. The Sermons of Jerome Martin Pines:

with a partial genealogy of the Pines family. Publ. by W.L. Pines,

Washington 1978


The Pines family founded and maintained a yeshiva in Ruzhany; in late

19th century they had weaving mills located on the former Sapieha estate

and sold cloth in the town. (Vsya Rossia, 1895, 1899, 1903)

Yezernitsky was the original name of Yitzak Shamir, formerly Prime Minister

of Israel. See: Shamir, Itzak, Summing Up : an autobiography. Boston :

Little, Brown, c1994. Shamir's father was head of the Jewish community in

Ruzhany in the thirties. He and his family perished during World War II.

The Shereshevsky family were also prominent in business in Grodno, Ruzhany,

Slonim and in Lithuania. Wolf Shereshevsky was head of the Ruzhany

community during World War I. He and his family met the same fate as that

of Yezernitzky.

Sokolovsky was the original surname of the Yizkor Book editor for

Ruzhany, Meir Sokolovsky.

It is interesting to find that all these families had a presence in

Ruzhany as early as 1838.


Further reading on election and service of rabbis under the czar:

Eliach, Yaffe There Once was a World. at p. 96. Little, Brown 1998.

ISBN 0-316-23252-1

Chayesh, Anatoli I. A List of Officers of Jewish Prayer Societies in

Russia, 1853-55. Avoteynu Vol. IX No. 2, page 25, summer 1993.

Singer , I.J., Of a World That is No More, p. 87. Vanguard Press 1970.

8149-0683- 4

Encycl. Jud. p. 862

Singer, I.B. In my Father's Court . Noonday Press, NY, 1967. ISBN


Levinson, Amy. The Russian Government Rabbis. Shalshelet Vol. No.

Winter 1999 (Newsletter of JGS Oregon)


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