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Zembin Cemetery

by Eliyahu Tavger

During July 19-25, 2000 a roots-trip took place by "Bamesila", an organization of highschool student volunteers from Israel, headed by Rabbi Israel Taub. The trip passed through Molodechno, Volozhin, Borisov, Zembin, Lepel, Vitebsk and Orsha. The students visited the old cemeteries in these places, cleaned there and copied names from the gravestones. Rabbi Israel Taub gave me the lists of names and asked me to publicize it here.

There might be some errors in the lists of names because of the difficulty in reading the gravestones as well as some difficulty in reading the handwritten lists of names. The lists are only partial and does not cover all which is found in all the cemeteries.

It is worth comparing this list of Zembin with the list publicized by Mrs. Risa Heywood's website   There are about 45 names. The gravestones which appear also on  Heywood's list are marked with a star. The differences I added in brackets

Surname Inscription Date of death
ZELKIND Rabbi Zev Wolf son of Shimon ZELKIND Fast of Gedalia 5673?
ZELKIN Elke daughter of Tzvi ZELKIN  
ABIZHAUS Feige Rochel daughter of Baruch ABIZHAUS 28 Cheshvan 5679
  Yekusiel son of Baruch Zisman Alexander Sender 7 Shevat 5677
ATZNOM? Soro ATZNOM? 26 Shevat 5689
  Elisheva daughter of Zev 5696
LIBERMAN Yitzchak Aizik son of Dov Ber LIBERMAN 20 Nisan 5675
FEITS? (maybe FEITELSOHN) Chaim son of Gershon FEITS? (maybe FEITELSOHN)  
FEITELSOHN *Our dear father Rabbi Yakov son of Dovid FEITELSOHN 1st day Rosh  Chodesh Tamuz 5669
  *Moshe Aharon son of Avraham Efrayim 24 Elul 5657 [Heywood's list - SHIFRIN (instead of Efrayim), d. 8 Elul]
LAPIDOS Eliezer son of Yakov LAPIDOS 28 Nisan 5669
CHODOSH Rivka daughter of Avraham Anshel CHODOSH 14 Iyar 5662
LYANDRES *Aron son of Yitzchak LYANDRES 5648 [Heywood's list - 28 Tevet]
KOPTIZER Shneur Zalman KOPTIZER 15 Shevat 5602
  Moshe son of Tzvi 18 Adar 5662?
  Hirsh son of Shimon  
  *Yehuda Leib Mordechai son of Shlomo Zalman Dovid 23 Shevat 5643 [Heywood's list - 5642]

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