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Dr. HEINRICH FLESCH (1875 1942)
Rabbi, Historian, Genealogist 

       A noted historian and genealogist, Dr. Flesch was appointed Rabbi of the Moravian community Dolni Kounice (Kanitz) in 1894.  Under the title "Die Familie Flesch" he published in 1914 a history of his family that traces back into the 16th century.  He also published numerous articles (all in German) on the history of  various Moravian communities.   Important for genealogists, his specialty was his research into the origin of  Jewish names. On this and other themes his articles appeared in: 

  • Judische Familien Forschung (The newsletter of the German/Jewish genealogical society)
  • Das Jahrbuch der Judisch-Literarischen Gesellschaft (Yearbook of the Jewish literary society)
  • Monatsschrift fur Geschichte und Wissenschaft des Judentums (Monthly for History and Science of Judaism)
  • ...and others.
       He also contributed to the well-known book by Hugo Gold, "Die Juden und Judengemeinden Mahrens in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart." 

       The Jews in Dolni Kounice were deported to the Nazi death camps in 1942 and perished there. 

Contributed by Henry Wellisch
- edited by Beryl the Webmacher.

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