List of Deceased--Part 2

Notes on the Translation and Format

Column Headings

Code:"D"is for the living person who dedicated the memorial
"M" are those who are now dead (memorialized)
The number is the page number as written in the Yizkor Book
Family Name:are as they appeared in the listing. Where they are followed by "?" it means there was no family name given but that person is in the same family as the name stated - usually women who married, but their husbands' names do not appear in the memorial.
First Name/Maiden Name/Spouseself explanatory
Family code:As follows:
  • sometimes used for the title of the individual (Rabbi/ Doctor etc); R = Reb or Rav
  • cc means children are mentioned without names. Where there is a number it means the number of children; for example 7cc = 7 children are mentioned in the memorial.
  • h = husband
  • w = wife
  • c = only one child mentioned
  • Sometimes a date appears that is the date of death (the year appears in the date column next to it).
  • family = family is mentioned without further specifics
  • Sometimes a name of a son (s=) or daughter (d=), or some other relationship appears.
Date:the year of death. Some of the people memorialized are not Holocaust victims.
Place:the place of death. Places of death are not always in Europe.
Father:usually the Father's name as mentioned in the memorial OR some other identifying relative or relationship.

I attempted to write the names in the same order as they appear in each memorial (though sometimes for reasons of logic it was not possible).

CodeFamily nameFirst nameMaiden NameSpouseFamily CodeDatePlaceFather
D485KipperMottel  family  Shia
M485KipperShia Esther 1942  
M485KipperEsther Shia 1942  
M485KipperHershel Hinda 1942 Shia
M485KipperHinda Hershel 1942  
M485GutmanAidel Haika 1942 (Kipper uncle)
M485GutmanHaika Aidel 1942  
M485Gutman (?)Yussel Gittle 1919 (Kipper uncle)
M485Gutman (?)Gittle Yussel 1942  
M485Gutman (?)Meir   1942 Yussel
M485Gutman (?)Aaron   1942 Yussel
M485Gutman (?)Mendel   1942 Yussel
M485Gutman (?)Henia Hershelcc1942 Yussel
M485Gutman (?)Hershel Heniacc1942  
M485BeanstockYitzhak Rifka 1942 (Kipper in-law)
M485BeanstockRifka Yitzhak 1942  
D485ValkSender Vorva   Abraham
D485ValkVorva Sender    
D485Gortenstein   family   
M485ValkAbraham Sarah   Mordecai-Wolf
M485ValkEliezar  family  Abraham
M485ValkShimon  family  Abraham
M485Valk ?Fania  family  Abraham
M485Valk ?Baila  family  Abraham
D486LehrerYoel  family  Shimshon
D486LehrerIsrael  family  Shimshon
D486LehrerMoshe  family  Shimshon
M486LehrerShimshon Sarah Malka 1942  
M486LehrerSarah Malka Shimshon 1942  
M486LehrerYudel Haikacc1942 Shimshon
M486DeutschYishia Esthercc1942  
M486DeutschEstherLehrerYishiacc1942 Shimshon
M486LehrerTova   Sivan 2
Lanos, ArgentinaShimshon
D486KoganAsher    Poland 
D486Tchizshik   Family Argentina 
M486KoganChaya   1942  
M486KoganShimon   1942 mother- Chaya
M486KoganMoshe   1942 mother- Chaya
M486KoganHinda   1942 mother- Chaya
M486TchizshikYitzhak Peril 1942  
M486TchizshikPeril Yitzhak 1942  
M486TchizshikMiriamel   1942 Yitzhak
M486TchizshikMoshe   1942 Yitzhak
M486TchizshikHershel   1942 Yitzhak
M486TchizshikBeril   1942 Yitzhak
D486KleimanTulia  age 26-died1950Poland 
M486LiplevskiDavid  w-cc1942Kovel 
D487GilshlakMeir  w-cc  Haim
M487GilshlakHaim Mirel 1942  
M487GilshlakMirel Haim 1942  
D487GalperinAvraham Yosef Fania    
D488Fleiderman   family   
D488Weinstein   Family   
M488FleidermanShlomo  Rav1937Kovel 
M488GoldbergRifkaFleiderman  age 32Cordova, Argentina 
D488WeinsteinVelvel  family  mother- Sara
D488WeinsteinLiovtza  family  mother- Sara
M488WeinsteinSara Sheva   age 62Buenos Aires 
D488StolierYekutiel Haikacc  Dov
D488StolierHaika Yekutielcc   
M488StolierDov Batya 1927  
M488StolierBatya Dov 1942  
M488ReiterHannahStolierWolf2cc1942 Dov
M488ReiterWolf Hannah2cc1942Melnitza 
M488Stolier ?EstherStolier h-cc1942KovelDov
M488StolierBezalel  w-2cc1942 Dov
M488StolierRifka   1942 Dov
D489Raider ?RikelRaider family   
D489Raider ?SarahRaider Family   
D489Raider ?RaizelRaider Family   
D489Raider ?FrumaRaider Family   
D489Raider ?BarterRaider Family   
M489Raider ?Yenta  h-cc   
M489GlozEstherRaider ?Hersh Leib 1942 mother- Yenta
M489GlozHersh Leib Esther 1942  
M489Raider ?Laibel Faigel 1942Velodimiretz 
M489Raider ?Faigel Laibel 1942Velodimiretz 
M489Raider ?Hersheleh   1942VelodimiretzLaibel
M489Raider ?Chayaleh   1942VelodimiretzLaibel
M489RaiderDavid  uncle1942  
M489RaiderHaika  family1942  
M489RaiderHaim Tzipagrandfather1914  
M489RaiderTzipa Haimgrandmother1942  
D490MandlerPayaKartoflia family  Yitzhak-Moshe
D490KrakoverZeldaKartoflia family  Yitzhak-Moshe
M490KartofliaYitzhak Moshe Malka Sara 1942  
M490KartofliaMalka Sara Yitzhak Moshe 1942  
M490KartofliaZissa  family1942  
M490KartofliaElezar  family1942  
M490Kartoflia ?Pessia  family1942  
M490Kartoflia ??Paulia (Pessia's daughter) 1942  
M490Kartoflia ?Haika  family1942  
M490Kartoflia ?Paulia  family1942  
M490Kartoflia ?Mina  family1942  
M490KartofliaMeir   c. 1917  
D491MandlerBetzalel  family  Leib
M491MandlerPinchas   1942KovelLeib
D491KrakoverHirsh  family  Moshe
M491KrakoverMoshe Henia 1942KovelPesach
M491KrakoverHeniaFiersteinMoshe 1942KovelDavid
M491KrakoverDov  family1942KovelMoshe
M491KrakoverPesach  family1942KovelMoshe
M491Krakover ?RivkaKrakover family1942KovelMoshe
M491Krakover ?SoniaKrakover family1942KovelMoshe
D491PomerantzHershel  family  Shmuel
M491PomerantzShmuel Yosef Devorah 1942KovelShmaryahu
M491PomerantzDevorah Shmuel Yosef 1942KovelYehoshua
M491Pomerantz ?SarahPomerantzNoahfamily1942KovelShmuel Yosef
M491Pomerantz ?Noah Sarahfamily1942Kovel 
M491Pomerantz ?BatiaPomerantz family1942KovelShmuel Yosef
M491Pomerantz ?Avraham  family1942Kovel 
D491FeintuchGolda     Shmuel
D491VerbaAlte     Shmuel
M491Verba ?Shmuel Chaya Rivka 1942KovelTzvi Arie
M491Verba ?Chaya RivkaBoimShmuel 1942KovelAvraham from Niskech
M491KerchnerBella ItaVerba ?Aaronfamily1942KovelShmuel
M491KerchnerAaron Bella Itafamily1942Kovel 
M491Verba ?GittleVerba ? h-cc1942KovelShmuel
D492WeissbergMoshe  family  Shmuel
D492Weissberg ?HanachaWeissberg family  Shmuel
D492Weissberg ?RivkaWeissberg family  Shmuel
D492Weissberg ?ItkaWeissberg family  Shmuel
M492WeissbergShmuel Yochevet 1942Kovel 
M492WeissbergYochevet Shmuel 1942Kovel 
M492WeissbergShaika Cheniya 1942KovelShmuel
M492WeissbergCheniya Shaika 1942Kovel 
M492WeissbergBerish   1942KovelShaika
M492WeissbergSaraleh   1942KovelShaika
M492WeissbergHaim  w1942KovelShmuel
M492FaigelesMoshe Asnehc1942Kovel 
M492FeldmanYosef unclefamily1942Kovel 
M492ShiterMichael Sarahfamily1942Kovelour inlaws
M492ShiterSarah Michaelfamily1942Kovelour inlaws
D492WeissbergFraidaNesanelMoshe   Shmuel Wolf
D492WeissbergMoshe Fraida    
M492NesanelShmuel Wolf Miriam    
M492NesanelMiriamBlonderShmuel Wolf   Yaakov
M492NesanelMichael     Shmuel Wolf
M492NesanelLaibel     Shmuel Wolf
M492NesanelAsneh     Shmuel Wolf
D493KahanAdolpho     Tuvia Lederhandler
D493KahanGittleShapiro    Menachem Mendel Leib
M493RozenzweigYidel Mindel   greatgrandfather of Adolpho
M493RozenzweigMindel Yidel   greatgrandmother
M493GershonovitchHaim Fraida-Rivka   grandfather of Adolpho
M493GershonovitchFraida-Rivka Haim   grandmother
M493LederhandlerTuvia Golda 1931Kovelfather of Adolpho
M493LederhandlerGoldaGershonovitchTuvia 1942KovelHaim
M493KaganMoshe Mindelcc1942Kovel 
M493LederhandlerLuva   1942KovelTuvia
M493Lederhandler   family Kovel 
M493Steinbach   family Kovel 
M493Susid   family Rovno 
M493Maliernbsp;  family Rovno 
M493Gordin   family Brisk 
M493ShapiroMenachem Mendel Leib Sheinah Riva Adar
M493ShapiroSheinah Riva Menachem Mendel Leib erev Yom Kippur
M493ShapiroHenuch Rivka6 cc1942PultiskMenachem Mendel Leib
M493ShapiroRivka Henuch6 cc1942Pultisk 
M493ShapiroEsther   1942PultiskHenuch
M493ShapiroYechezkiel   1942PultiskHenuch
M493Shapiro4 cc   1942PultiskHenuch
M493KreizelmanMalkaShapiroAvraham2 cc YadovMenachem Mendel Leib
M493KreizelmanAvraham Malka2 cc Yadov 
M493KreizelmanMendel  age 18 YadovAvraham
M493KreizelmanDevorah  age 14 YadovAvraham
M493GarbarskiMishaShapiroDavid3 cc YadovMenachem Mendel Leib
M493GarbarskiDavid Misha3 cc Yadov 
M493GarbarskiMindeleh    Yadov 
M493GarbarskiBasia-Blima    Yadov 
M493GarbarskiSheinah Riva    Yadov 
D494ZaltzhandlerAaron  family  Nuchum
M494ZaltzhandlerNuchem Rachel 1942Kovel 
M494ZaltzhandlerRachel Nuchem 1942Kovel 
M494ZaltzhandlerYehuda Sheindel 1942KovelNuchum ?
M494ZaltzhandlerSheindel Yehuda 1942Kovel 
M494NeimarkYaakov   1942Kovel 
M494NeimarkSaraZaltzhandler ?  1942KovelNuchem ?
D494GorenLeon  family  Mottel
M494GorenMottel Sarah    
M494GorenSarah Mottel    
M494GorenYosef Liba   Mottel
M494GorenLiba Yosef    
M494Goren ?DisiaGorenFeivelfamily  Mottel
M494Goren ?Feivel Disiafamily   
M494Goren ?Sheina RachelGoren    Mottel
M494Goren ?Yaakov      
M494GorenHaim     Mottel
M494GorenMoshe     Mottel
M494OxShia Fishel  family  sisters' children
M494Goren ?Reuven Ber  family  sisters' children
M494Goren ?David  family  sisters' children
M494Goren ?Paysi  family  sisters' children
M494Goren ?Ita  h-cc  sisters' children
M494GorenYaakov Freidafamily  uncle
M494GorenFreida Yaakovfamily   
M494AinbinderShmeril Heniafamily  Goren inlaws
M494AinbinderHenia Shmerilfamily  Goren inlaws
D494MeshichikHaim  family  Paysi
M494MeshichikPaysi Faiga 10 Heshvan
M494MeshichikFaiga Paysi 1942Kovel 
M494MeshichikMoshe  family1942KovelPaysi
M494Meshichik ?RivkaMeshichik family1942KovelPaysi
D494ShpaizmanZishia     David
M494ShpaizmanDavid Rachel 1942Kovel 
M494ShpaizmanRachel David 1942Kovel 
M494ShpaizmanHeni   1942KovelDavid
M494ShpaizmanDvora   1942KovelDavid
D495KimmelMordecai Menachem     Yitzhak Tzvi
M495KimmelYitzhak Tzvi Tova Sheindel    
M495KimmelTova Sheindel Yitzhak Tzvi    
M495KadishBrachaKimmel    Yitzhak Tzvi
M495KadishMenachem Mendel      
M495KadishShlomkeh     Menachem Mendel
D495PakSamuel  w  Yisrael
D495Pakwife of SamuelWeiner    Yitzhak Hirsh
M495PakYisrael Chaya Zissel    
M495PakChaya Zissel Yisrael 1918  
M495PakYossel   1942KovelYisrael
M495PakGutman   1942KovelYisrael
M495Pak ?MalkaPak  1942KovelYisrael
M495Pak ?GittlePak  1942KovelYisrael
M495WeinerYitzhak Hirsh Dova 1942Kovel 
M495WeinerDova Yitzhak Hirsh 1942Kovel 
M495WeinerAvraham  family1942KovelYitzhak Hirsh
M495WeinerAsher  family1942KovelYitzhak Hirsh
M495WeinerLeib  family1942KovelYitzhak Hirsh
M495WeinerFeibush  family1942KovelYitzhak Hirsh
D495NisMottel Malka   Yitzhak Wolf
M495NisMalkaWaxMottel  Buenos Aires 
M495NisYitzhak Wolf Esther Heny  Kovel 
M495NisEsther Heny Yitzhak Wolf  Kovel 
M495NisShlomo     Yitzhak Wolf
M495NisYitzhak Wolf     Shlomo
M495BorsteinRivkaNisHershelcc  Yitzhak Wolf
M495BorsteinHershel Rivkacc   
M495ShochatFeivel Aidel    
M495ShochatAidelBorsteinFeivel   Hersh
D495PikisBenyamin  family  Avraham Yona
M495PikisAvraham Yona Raizel 1920  
M495PikisShmuel Betzalel   1920 Avraham Yona
M495PikisRaizelRosensonAvraham Yona   Shimon - from Kremna
M495MelamedSirkaPikisAvraham  LivevnaAvraham Yona
M495MelamedAvraham Sirka  Livevna 
M495MelamedYona    LivevnaAvraham
M495MelamedVitia    LivevnaAvraham
M495GrodnerBaila Feivel  KovelAvraham Yona
M495GrodnerFeivel Baila  Kovel 
M495PikisHannah     Avraham Yona
M495PikisYenta     Avraham Yona
D496TreisterMoshe  w  Arieh
M496TreisterArieh FaigaKarliner Hasid KovelMenachem Mendel HaLevi
M496TreisterFaigaTenenbaumArieh  KovelBenyamin from Kobrin
M496TreisterGershon    KovelArieh
M496LamdanKasiaTreisterfrom Rovna  KovelArieh
M496TreisterRaizel    KovelArieh
M496TreisterGittle    KovelArieh
M496LantzeChaya  aunt of Moshe Kovel 
D497BoimelManny     Shimon
M497BoimelShimon   Tammuz 1
KovelShmuel Avigdor
M497BoimelGittle   Elul 1
KovelAvraham Moshe
M497FidelFalik  brotherinlaw1942Kovel 
M497FidelRivka   1942KovelFalik
M497FidelGittle   1942KovelFalik
M497FidelYankel   1942KovelFalik
M497FidelYisrael   1942KovelFalik
M497FidelBerta   1942KovelFalik
D497KaminskiIsser Dintza    
D497KaminskiDintza Isser    
M497WeinerShlomo Elkacc1942Kovel 
M497WeinerAvraham Faiga-Malkacc1942KovelShlomo
M497WeinerFaiga-MalkaPrigal (?) cc1942Kovel 
D498GalstNaftali Hertz     Haim David ?
D498GalstVera     Haim David ?
D498GalstVictor     Haim David ?
M498GalstHaim David Raizelfamily1942Kovel 
M498GalstRaizel Haim Davidfamily1942Kovel 
D498KuppersteinShmuel     Taivel
M498KuppersteinTaivel Batia 1942KovelYaakov
M498KuppersteinBatia Taivel 1942Kovel 
M498KuppersteinAvraham   1942KovelTaivel
M498KuppersteinMoshe   1942KovelTaivel
M498KuppersteinGedalyahu   1942KovelTaivel
M498Kupperstein ?Shmuelik  w-cc1942Koveluncle'
D499ShapiraYaakov Sara Raizel    
D499ShapiraSara RaizelHasidYaakov   Israel Arieh
M499HasidYitzhak Isaac Feivel     Israel Arieh
M499HasidRechtziWax    Dov
M499HasidIsrael  family   
M499HasidGershon David Bini   Tzvi Dov
M499HasidBiniEptzokGershon David   Moshe
M499HasidSonia     Gershon David
M499HasidHaika     Gershon David
M499Hasid ?Israel     Tzvi Dov- grandfather
M499CitrinGoldaHasidZisia   Tzvi
M499CitrinZisia Golda    
M499Citrin ?Tova  daughter Bini   
M499CitrinTzvi Dov      
M499HasidMoshe Yehuda     Tzvi Dov
M499HasidZeldaPrizant    Zalman
M499HasidShlomo Bunim     Moshe Yehuda
M499HasidYaakov     Moshe Yehuda
M499HasidYosef     Moshe Yehuda
M499HasidMendel     Moshe Yehuda
M499HasidReuven Ber     Tzvi Dov
M499HasidRanya     Mordecai
M499HasidFaiga     Reuven Ber
M499Hasid ?Binya     Faiga's daughter
M499Hasid ?Rivka     Faiga's daughter
M499Hasid ?Miriam     Faiga's daughter
M499ShapiraYitzhak  family  Matot
M499Shapira ?PerelShapira family  Matot
M499Shapira ?BrachaShapira family  Matot
D499FogatchFalik     Yosef
M499FogatchYosef Chaya   Yoel Haim
M499FogatchChaya Yosef    
M499FogatchBerel     Yosef
M499FogatchChaya     Yosef
D500GutmanAaron  w  Haim Avraham
D500Gutman(wife)Rozenbaum    Moshe
M500GutmanHaim Avraham Gnendel  Kovel 
M500GutmanGnendel Haim Avraham  Kovel 
M500GutmanShepsil   1942 Haim Avraham
M500GutmanMalka   WW I Haim Avraham
M500Gutman (?)GoldaGutman cc1942Kovel 
M500RozenbaumMoshe Esther 1942Kovel 
M500RozenbaumEsther Moshe 1942Kovel 
M500RozenbaumSarah   1942KovelMoshe
M500RozenbaumKayna   1942KovelMoshe
M500RozenbaumRiva   1942KovelMoshe
D500Steinberg (Richter)Haim  family  Yehuda Meir
M500RichterYehuda Meir Malka Yehudit    
M500RichterMalka Yehudit Yehuda Meir    
M500RichterBatia     Yehuda Meir
M500RichterChaya Leah     Yehuda Meir
M500RichterManya     Yehuda Meir
D501BoklerLaibel  family  Eliezar
M501BoklerEliezar Ita Adar 19
 Yitzhak Zev
M501BoklerIta Eliezar Av 25
M501KenenzonBaruch Sosiya Kislev 17
M501HalperinAvraham Faiga 1942Kovel 
M501MelamedShaika Ethel 1942Kovel 
D501ZemelYaakov Rachel    
M501ZilbersteinOren Yehuditcc1942KovelRachel's brother
M501ZilbersteinYehudit Orencc1942Kovel 
M501LippelevskiShia Fishel   1942Koveluncle
D501TannisBaruch  family   
D501TannisBetzalel  family   
M501(general memorial)       
D502GolishMeir Feivel  family  Itzik
M502GolishItzik   Shvat 20
M502GolishNechamaMazoski    Zev
M502Golish ?Hannah GutaGolish son- Itzik  Itzik
M502Golish ?LeahGolish h  Itzik
M502GolishMindel     Itzik
M502GolishAaron     Itzik
M502GolishMoshe     Itzik
M502FaiersteinNoah Yenta Tzireluncle   
M502FaiersteinYenta Tzirel Noahaunt   
M502RozenbergDova  3cc-aunt   
D502GlazAvraham Hannah  Poland 
M502GlazHannah Avraham 1942  
M502DinerChaya Sarah  inlaw1942  
D502BoimelNota Tova Hindafamily   
D502BoimelTova HindaKatz ?Nota   Tzvi
D502KatzMoshe  family  Tzvi
M502KatzTzvi   Sukkot Isru Hag
M502Katz ?Rachel Asher   Shmuel Avigdor
M502Katz ?Asher Rachel   Tzvi
M502Katz ?Sarah Golia     Asher
M502Katz ?Perel     Asher
M502BoimelIsser   Shavuout
M502Boimel ?Rikel   1942 Mordecai
M502Boimel ?Shlomo   1942  
M502Boimel ?Mishka   1942  
M502Boimel ?Sheindel   1942  
D503Vainer(Breeder)- brothers?    Uruguaymother- Raizel
M503AlperinHeniaVainerMendel   mother- Raizel
M503AlperinMendel Henia    
M503AlperinHaim     Mendel
M503AlperinNatan     Mendel
M503VerbaHenia  cc  relative
M503Vainer ?Malka  h-cc  relative
M503OxmanMoshe Rivka   relative
M503OxmanRivka Moshe   relative
M503VainerYossel Perelcc  relative
M503VainerPerel Yossel   relative
M503TorcheniukBerel Shoshanna   relative
M503TorcheniukShoshanna Berel   relative
M503VainerShmuel  cc  relative
M503Vainer ?Buzia  h  relative
M503Vainer ?Zuzia  family  relative
D503LitvakPesach Belka    
D503LitvakBelkaNaiterPesach   Haim
D503NaiterBerel  family  Haim
M503NaiterYitzhak Leah   Haim
M503NaiterBloimele     Yitzhak
M503Naiter ?Malka  inlaw   
M503Naiter ?Baruch  inlaw   
M503Naiter ?Gittle  inlaw   
M503Naiter ?Mottel  inlaw   
M503Naiter ?David  inlaw   
D504KramerYisrael  family  Eliezar
D504KolavEstherKramer family  Eliezar
M504KramerEliezar Miriam    
M504KramerMiriam Eliezar    
M504KramerManish     Eliezar
M504KramerEliyahu Leib     Eliezar
M504KramerMoshleh     Eliezar
M504KramerChaya Gittle     Eliezar
D504FriedV. B.  family  Kahat
M504FriedKahat Perel   Zev Dov
M504FriedPerel Kahat 1936 Meir
M504MarderAvraham Yitzhak  uncle1942KovelYehuda
M504MarderHenia  aunt1942KovelMeir
M504BalterShimon Leolacousin1942Kovel 
M504BalterLeola Shimoncc1942KovelAvraham Yitzhak
D505FisherYaakov     Haim
M505FisherHaim Menuchafamily1942Kovel 
M505FisherMenucha Haim 1942Kovel 
D505VerbaZisia     mother- Rivka
M505VerbaRivka   1942Kovel 
M505VerbaBerel   1942Kovelmother- Rivka
M505VerbaShaul   1942Kovelmother- Rivka
M505VerbaShepa   1942Kovelmother- Rivka
M505VerbaShalom   1942Kovelmother- Rivka
M505VerbaHaika   1942Kovelmother- Rivka
M505VerbaSosiya   1942Kovelmother- Rivka
D505MuzShai  family  Tzvi
M505MuzTzvi Hudel   Yehoshua
M505MuzHudel Tzvi   Shmuel
M505MuzDov  w-cc  Tzvi
M505Muz ?SarahMuz family  Tzvi
M505Muz ?Chaya RivkaMuzBerelcc  Tzvi
M505Muz ?Berel Chaya Rivka    
M505MuzRifka     Tzvi
M505Muz ?Shimon  w  Natan
D506ZakGershon     Zalman
M506ZakZalman Ethel 1942KovelTzvi
M506ZakEthel Zalman 1942Kovel 
M506ZakHannah   1942KovelZalman
M506ZakAvraham   1942KovelZalman
M506ZakPerel   1942KovelZalman
M506ZakHinda   1942KovelZalman
M506ZakSarah Baila   1942KovelZalman
D506SchneiderShimon  family   
D506Schneider(wife)Langer    Shlomo
M506SchneiderAvraham Yaakov  family Livevnabrother of Shimon
M506SchneiderYosef Pincas  family Kovelbrother of Shimon
M506LangerShlomo Gittle  Vizshva 
M506LangerGittle Shlomo  Vizshva 
M506LangerMordecai  family1942Koveluncle
D506LiebermanBatia Berel    
D506LiebermanBerelSeltzerBatia 1942  
M506SeltzerMoshe Raniya 1942 brother of Batia
M506SeltzerRaniyaVolkMoshe3 cc1942  
D507Deceased Members of the Kovler Organization       

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