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Szmulewicz family

by Yaacov Szmulewicz, Paris

Translated by Asher Szmulewicz nephew of the Yaacov Szmulewicz

My father Moshe Szmulewicz, born in Wielun, came from a family of Chasidic rabbis. My mother Ruchla née Zyscholc (Zissholtz) was born in Bor Zapilski. They lived in Klobuck for a long time. My father was a long standing spokesman (leader) of the Jewish community, and always worked for the interest of the community.

After the First World War, when Poland became an independent state, my father was elected to the city council (ratman), and to be a lay judge (lawnik) in the court. He spoke four languages fluently and was the comptroller (bookkeeper) for the Jewish community (kehilah).

We were a family of eight brothers and four sisters. My father passed away in 1936, when he was 74 old. My mother always helped poor people. She was active in the “Chevrat Beit Lechem” and in the “Chevrat Kadisha” for women. In 1942 when she was 75 years old, she was deported to Auschwitz by the Germans. She did not survive the deportation.

My sister Chaya-Sarah was killed in Maidanek along with her husband Getsil Fuchs and three of their children. Their eldest son, Gavriel, came to Israel in 1934.

My sister, Baila, married Genoch Rogowski. They had seven children. She perished along with her husband and six children in the concentration camps. Her eldest son, Avram, was also deported to German concentration camps, but he survived.

My brother, Avrum Asher, a former Beit Midrash student, married Chava Ring. He was a bookkeeper for a small commercial bank and for the Jewish community. When the Germans occupied Klobuck, they summoned the president of the community, Baruch Szperling, and my brother, Avrum Asher. They received severe cuts from bayonets; their hair was cut off; and they were forced to eat their own hair.

Later Avrum Asher and his son Shmulik were sent to the German deportation camps where they died. His wife and daughter were killed in Auschwitz.

My brother, Berl, was a communist, one of the founders of the Peretz library and of the society “Bildung” (Culture). He was married to Chana Szperling. They were killed together with their daughter, Tseshe.

The same fate befell my sister, Hinde, her husband, Mordechai Szperling, and their four children. They were all killed.

My brother, Leib, a former member of the Klobuck dramatic club, was married to Chana Sarah Granek from Krzepice. They had two children. In 1939 my brother was sent to Nuremberg by the Germans and later deported to Treblinka. During the revolt of Treblinka, he succeeded in escaping with other prisoners. He went into the underground. He fell during an attack in the Ukrainian forest. His wife and children succumbed in Auschwitz.

My sister, Macha, married Yechezkel Rosen. They had one daughter. Yechezkel Rosen was killed in the German concentration camps, and my sister and her daughter perished in Auschwitz.

My brother, Aaron, who before World War II was an active society member and a good speaker, was deported to Treblinka and perished there. My brothers, Shaya Itzik and Groynem, died from typhus after the First World War.

From the entire family only the two youngest brothers remained alive, myself and my brother, Yossel, who spent most of World War II with me in German concentration camps.


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