Wlodowa Necrology

Dedicated to Howard William Lutnick, in gratitude for his kindness and generosity in making this work possible. Also to his wife, Allison, and their children, Kyle Solomon and Brandon Gerald. And to the memory of his father, Sol Lutnick, and his grandfather, Isidore Lutnick (who left Wlodawa just before WW1).
Haim Sidor


code: page number in original bookcode = page number in original book

family name:  (self explanatory)

first name: "maiden name (many times not given so I used this column for titles, Rav, Doctor etc.

spouse: name of spouse where ever it was given or clear

family code:  w = wife h = husband c = one child cc= children (sometimes a number appears before the cc when the total number of children is given with no names) Otherwise I listed the names and did not enter a number or code in this column. family= whenever family is mentioned with no further information

place: in many entries the name of a town is mentioned - I am not sure BUT I think it is the last known place of residence.

Parent: father's name whenever known M/ = mother's name when father's name not given

order #: is the order in which the names appear in the original list! consecutive numbers with the same family names are NOT necessarily related!!


CodeFamily nameFirst nameMaiden NameSpouseFamily codePlaceParent F/Morder #
1247AbrabanelClara Yisrael Haim   66
1247AbrabanelFaiga    Yitzhak71
1247AbrabanelSarah Sheindel Yitzhak   69
1247AbrabanelSimcha    Yitzhak70
1247AbrabanelYisrael Haim Clara   65
1247AbrabanelYitzhak Sarah Sheindel   68
1247AchsteinAkiva     56
1247AchsteinSheindel    Akiva57
1247AchsteinYitzhak    Akiva58
1247AchsteinZisha    Akiva59
1248AckermanAaron Henia   115
1248AckermanHenia Aaron   116
1247AdlerDova Yosef Wlodova 33
1247AdlerEthel   WlodovaYosef35
1247AdlerLeah   WlodovaYosef37
1247AdlerNechama   WlodovaYosef36
1247AdlerTzirel   WlodovaYosef34
1247AdlerYosef Dova Wlodova 32
1248AiberChaya Bracha Moshe Koltchin 99
1248AiberHannah Fraida Yaakov Koltchin 101
1248AiberIsaac Meir   KoltchinYaakov104
1248AiberKalman   KoltchinYaakov103
1248AiberMoshe Chaya Bracha Koltchin 98
1248AiberYaakov Hannah Fraida Koltchin 100
1248AiberYisrael   KoltchinYaakov102
1248AiberYosef   KoltchinYaakov105
1248AiberBasha   TamashovkaEli114
1248AiberBraindel   TamashovkaEli112
1248AiberChaya Eli Tamashovka 111
1248AiberEli Chaya Tamashovka 110
1248AiberMintcha   TamashovkaEli113
1248AiberIsaac   WlodovaLaibish109
1248AiberLaibish Pincha Wlodova 106
1248AiberPincha Laibish Wlodova 107
1248AiberSarah   WlodovaLaibish108
1247AidelmanBerel    Yerucham40
1247AidelmanChaya    Yerucham41
1247AidelmanChaya     83
1247AidelmanMottel     82
1247AidelmanSarah Yerucham  Yerucham39
1247AidelmanYerucham Sarah   38
1247Aidelman ?(3 grandchildren)    of Yerucham42
1247AigelnikavDavid Tzippora Wlodova 21
1247AigelnikavHannah   WlodovaDavid25
1247AigelnikavMiriam   WlodovaDavid24
1247AigelnikavShlomo   WlodovaDavid23
1247AigelnikavTzippora David Wlodova 22
1247AilbaumDavid Golda   48
1247AilbaumDavid Shevach     74
1247AilbaumEfraim     75
1247AilbaumGella Yitzhak Nota   55
1247AilbaumGolda David   49
1247AilbaumLeah    David53
1247AilbaumLiba     72
1247AilbaumMaliya Rivka    David51
1247AilbaumManish    David52
1247AilbaumMendel    David50
1247AilbaumMordecai     76
1247AilbaumShmulke     67
1247AilbaumYaakov  w-cc  60
1247AilbaumYitzhak Nota Gella   54
1247AilbaumChaya Gittle   Wlodova 64
1247AizenmanDevorah   DovetshnaReuven45
1247AizenmanElka   DovetshnaReuven47
1247AizenmanHannah Reuven Dovetshna 44
1247AizenmanReuven Hannah Dovetshna 43
1247AizenmanShmuel   DovetshnaReuven46
1247AlamotzkiDavid   Wlodova 18
1247AlamotzkiEsther   Wlodova 19
1247AlamotzkiZalman   WlodovaDavid20
1247AlberstatBella   WlodovaBeril63
1247AlberstatBeril Tova Wlodova 61
1247AlberstatTova Beril Wlodova 62
1247AlergantBerish    Mottel79
1247AlergantChaya    Mottel81
1247AlergantMoshe    Mottel80
1247AlergantMottel     78
1247AliarnikFiniya w Dovetshna 84
1247AranavitchAaron Sarah   6
1247AranavitchRivka  h-2cc  8
1247AranavitchSarah Aaron   7
1249Babad Return(child)   WlodovaAvraham228
1249BabadAvraham Faigel Wlodova 224
1248BabadEsther Yitzhak Meir Wlodova 119
1249BabadFaigel Avraham Wlodova 225
1248BabadMasha   WlodovaYitzhak Meir120
1249BabadShifra   WlodovaAvraham226
1248BabadYitzhak Meir Esther Wlodova 118
1249BabadYosef   WlodovaAvraham227
1251BaberAvraham      464
1251BaberHaim Yisrael  family  461
1251BaberMichael     462
1251BaberMoshe  family  463
1251BaberYaakov  family  465
1250BaberHaim Yisrael   Wlodova 343
1250BaberHersh Haim   Wlodova 387
1250BaberMichael   WlodovaHaim Yisrael344
1250BaberMoshe   WlodovaHaim Yisrael345
1250BaberYaakov   WlodovaHaim Yisrael346
1250BankhalterAvraham  family  407
1250BankhalterPesil Zalman   402
1250BankhalterPesil Zalman  2nd entry406
1250BankhalterYaakov     382
1250BankhalterZalman Pesil   401
1250BankhalterZalman Pesil  2nd entry405
1250BankhalterAaron Hannahcha Wlodova 376
1250BankhalterAvraham   WlodovaYehoshua369
1250BankhalterBluma   WlodovaAaron380
1250BankhalterChaya   WlodovaYehoshua371
1250BankhalterHannahcha Aaron Wlodova 377
1250BankhalterItka   WlodovaAaron378
1250BankhalterLaibish   WlodovaAaron381
1250BankhalterRivka   WlodovaYehoshua368
1250BankhalterSarah Yehoshua Wlodova 367
1250BankhalterSima   WlodovaAaron379
1250BankhalterSirka Tzvi Wlodova 374
1250BankhalterTuvia   WlodovaTzvi375
1250BankhalterTzvi Sirka Wlodova 373
1250BankhalterYehoshua Sarah Wlodova 366
1250BankhalterYosef   WlodovaYehoshua372
1250BankhalterYosefa   WlodovaYehoshua370
1250BarensteinBeril Fraida2 cc  430
1250BarensteinFraida Beril   431
1250BarnholtzAaron Gittle   427
1249BarnholtzAlte Rivka Dan   312
1248BarnholtzBashela    Eliezar130
1248BarnholtzBashela    Tzvi135
1250BarnholtzBenzion Faiga   432
1249BarnholtzBraindel    Yosef319
1250BarnholtzChaya  7 cc  329
1249BarnholtzDan Alte Rivka   311
1250BarnholtzDavid Masha2cc  435
1248BarnholtzEliezar Raizel   127
1249BarnholtzEliezar    Dan313
1249BarnholtzEliezar    Yosef318
1249BarnholtzEliezar    Hershel327
1250BarnholtzElka Mordecai   399
1249BarnholtzEsther    Dan315
1250BarnholtzFaiga Benzion   433
1250BarnholtzGideon    Mordecai400
1250BarnholtzGittle Aaron   428
1249BarnholtzHannah Gittle    Hershel326
1249BarnholtzHershel Raizel   322
1249BarnholtzLeah    Hershel324
1248BarnholtzLeah    Eliezar129
1248BarnholtzLeah    Tzvi134
1249BarnholtzLiba    Dan314
1250BarnholtzMalia    Benzion434
1250BarnholtzMasha David   436
1250BarnholtzMendel     429
1248BarnholtzMishela    Eliezar131
1248BarnholtzMishela    Tzvi136
1250BarnholtzMordecai Elka   398
1248BarnholtzMoshe  w-cc  126
1249BarnholtzMoshe    Hershel325
1248BarnholtzRaizel Eliezar   128
1248BarnholtzRaizel    Tzvi133
1249BarnholtzRaizel Hershel   323
1249BarnholtzShmuel    Hershel328
1249BarnholtzTila    Yosef321
1249BarnholtzTova Yosef   317
1248BarnholtzTzvi  w  132
1249BarnholtzYaakov    Yosef320
1249BarnholtzYosef Tova   316
1249BarnsteinAvraham Fruma   243
1249BarnsteinElka    Avraham246
1249BarnsteinFruma Avraham   244
1249BarnsteinLiba    Avraham245
1249BarnsteinManek    Avraham247
1249BarnsteinMattis    Avraham249
1249BarnsteinSheindel    Avraham248
1248BattAvraham Rachel Wlodova 177
1248BattHaim   WlodovaAvraham179
1248BattRachel Avraham Wlodova 178
1248BattShia   WlodovaAvraham180
1248BattYankel   WlodovaAvraham181
1250BaumgartenMordecai     393
1250BaumgartenShmuel     392
1249BaumgartenAliza   WlodovaShmuel237
1250BaumgartenAvraham Sarah Wlodova 388
1250BaumgartenFraida   WlodovaAvraham391
1249BaumgartenHinda Shmuel Wlodova 235
1250BaumgartenSarah Avraham Wlodova 389
1249BaumgartenShlomo   WlodovaShmuel236
1249BaumgartenShmuel Hinda Wlodova 234
1250BaumgartenYaakov   WlodovaAvraham390
1250BeckermanAvraham    M/ Sima365
1251BeckermanChaya Shlomo   467
1250BeckermanDavid    M/ Sima363
1250BeckermanGedaliyahu     361
1249BeckermanHershel    Yitzhak290
1249BeckermanLazer    Yitzhak291
1251BeckermanMalka    Moshe438
1250BeckermanMoshe  w-cc  359
1251BeckermanMoshe  w  437
1250BeckermanRachela    M/ Sima364
1249BeckermanSarah    Yitzhak292
1250BeckermanShlomo  w-cc  360
1251BeckermanShlomo Chaya   466
1250BeckermanSima     362
1249BeckermanYitzhak     289
1248BeckermanChaya   Wlodova 121
1249BeckermanEliyahu Esther Wlodova 229
1249BeckermanEsther Eliyahu Wlodova 230
1249BeckermanMalka   WlodovaEliyahu233
1248BeckermanShlomo   WlodovaM/ Chaya122
1249BeckermanShmuel   WlodovaEliyahu232
1249BeckermanYisrael   WlodovaEliyahu231
1250BendlerBaila     396
1250BendlerRivka     395
1250BendlerYisrael     397
1250BerensteinAvraham Frima   403
1250BerensteinFrima Avraham   404
1249BerkovitchEsther   VitishnaNachum295
1249BerkovitchGedaliyahu   VitishnaNachum298
1249BerkovitchHirsh Haim   VitishnaNachum296
1249BerkovitchNachum Sheindel Vitishna 293
1249BerkovitchSheindel Nachum Vitishna 294
1249BerkovitchZelda   VitishnaNachum297
1250BermanChaya Shmuel   340
1250BermanHaim David Zlata   335
1250BermanNatan    Haim David338
1250BermanSarah    Haim David337
1250BermanShmuel Chaya   339
1250BermanZlata Haim David   336
1248BermanEthel   SobiborHershel139
1248BermanHershel Sarah Sobibor 137
1248BermanSarah Hershel Sobibor 138
1248BermanGolda   WlodovaYaakov174
1248BermanHannah   WlodovaYaakov172
1249BermanHannah   WlodovaYaakov240
1249BermanMoshe   WlodovaYaakov242
1248BermanRoiza Yaakov Wlodova 171
1249BermanRoiza Yaakov Wlodova 239
1248BermanSarah   WlodovaYaakov173
1249BermanSarah   WlodovaYaakov241
1248BermanYaakov Roiza Wlodova 170
1249BermanYaakov Roiza Wlodova 238
1250BernatAaron   WlodovaYeshayahu349
1250BernatHohelaKrakosYeshayahu Wlodova 348
1250BernatPesileh   WlodovaYeshayahu350
1250BernatRaizeleh   WlodovaYeshayahu351
1250BernatYeshayahu Hohela Wlodova 347
1248BialavitchTzvi Zelda Wlodova 123
1248BialavitchVelveleh   WlodovaTzvi125
1248BialavitchZelda Tzvi Wlodova 124
1251BialyBaila Ita Meshel   458
1251BialyEli    Moshe451
1251BialyElka    Moshe450
1251BialyHershel Sarah   455
1251BialyMeshel Baila Ita   457
1251BialyMoshe Pesha   448
1251BialyPesha Moshe   449
1251BialySarah Hershel   456
1251BialySarah Gittle     454
1251BialyShaindel     453
1251BialySrulik    Moshe452
1251BialyYisrael     445
1249BialyBen Mordecai Shaindel Tamashovka 203
1249BialyChaya Yaakov Tamashovka 196
1249BialyDavid Laib   TamashovkaYaakov197
1249BialyDvorsa   TamashovkaYaakov198
1249BialyEliezar   TamashovkaItche214
1249BialyErika   TamashovkaYaakov261
1249BialyEsther Faiga Itche Tamashovka 209
1249BialyItche Esther Faiga Tamashovka 208
1249BialyMalitzia   TamashovkaItche213
1249BialyMeir Leib   TamashovkaMordecai202
1249BialyMendel   TamashovkaBen Mordecai205
1249BialyMirka   TamashovkaYaakov263
1249BialyMordecai Perl Tamashovka 199
1249BialyMottel   TamashovkaYaakov262
1249BialyPerele   TamashovkaYaakov264
1249BialyPerez   TamashovkaYidel220
1249BialyPerl Mordecai Tamashovka 200
1249BialyPesach   TamashovkaItche215
1249BialyRachel   TamashovkaYidel221
1249BialyRachel Yaakov Tamashovka 257
1249BialyRaizel   TamashovkaYaakov258
1249BialyRivka Shmuel Tamashovka 217
1249BialyRivka   TamashovkaYaakov259
1249BialySarah Yidel Tamashovka 219
1249BialySarah   Tamashovka 223
1249BialyShaindel Ben Mordecai Tamashovka 204
1249BialyShaindel   Tamashovka 222
1249BialyShifra   TamashovkaYitzhak194
1249BialyShmuel Rivka Tamashovka 216
1249BialyShmuelik   TamashovkaYaakov260
1249BialyShprintza   TamashovkaMordecai201
1249BialyShprintza   TamashovkaBen Mordecai207
1249BialyShprintza   TamashovkaItche212
1249BialyTzvia   TamashovkaItche211
1249BialyYaakov Chaya Tamashovka 195
1249BialyYaakov Rachel Tamashovka 256
1249BialyYidel Sarah Tamashovka 218
1249BialyYitzhak Yocheved Tamashovka 192
1249BialyYocheved Yitzhak Tamashovka 193
1249BialyYocheved   TamashovkaItche210
1249BialyYosef   TamashovkaBen Mordecai206
1249BialyAvraham   WlodovaEli189
1249BialyBella   WlodovaEli185
1249BialyBluma   WlodovaEli190
1249BialyEli Yenta Wlodova 183
1249BialyEliezar Pesach   WlodovaEli191
1249BialyLeah   Wlodova 182
1249BialyReuven   WlodovaEli187
1249BialySarah   WlodovaEli186
1249BialyYaakov   WlodovaEli188
1249BialyYenta Eli Wlodova 184
1248BigelmanAvraham   WlodovaHaim163
1248BigelmanDova   WlodovaHaim164
1248BigelmanEli   WlodovaLeibish159
1248BigelmanHaim Rikal Wlodova 161
1248BigelmanLeibish Yentel Wlodova 157
1248BigelmanRikal Haim Wlodova 162
1248BigelmanShaindel   WlodovaLeibish160
1248BigelmanYentel Leibish Wlodova 158
1248BigmanChaya Mottel Wlodova 166
1248BigmanMottel Chaya Wlodova 165
1249BingiffHasha Yehuda Laib Wlodova 300
1249BingiffHenia   WlodovaYehuda Laib302
1249BingiffMottel   WlodovaYehuda Laib301
1249BingiffYehuda Laib Hasha Wlodova 299
1250BinstakChaya    Haim David385
1250BinstakHaim David Tzvia   383
1250BinstakShmuel    Haim David386
1250BinstakTzvia Haim David   384
1248BlacherAvraham Haim Chaya Leah Sobibor 140
1248BlacherBaruch Esther Sobibor 142
1248BlacherBasha   SobiborM/ Fraida152
1248BlacherChaya Leah Avraham Haim Sobibor 141
1248BlacherEsther Baruch Sobibor 143
1248BlacherFraida   Sobibor 149
1248BlacherMoshe   SobiborBaruch145
1248BlacherPesi   SobiborBaruch144
1248BlacherRivka   SobiborM/ Fraida151
1248BlacherShaina   SobiborM/ Fraida153
1248BlacherShprintza   SobiborBaruch148
1248BlacherSimcha Dov   SobiborBaruch147
1248BlacherTaltza   SobiborM/ Fraida150
1248BlacherVelvel   SobiborBaruch146
1249BlassFaiga    Shmaryahu253
1249BlassLaibel Zelda   254
1249BlassSarah Shmaryahu   251
1249BlassShmaryahu Sarah   250
1249BlassTshipa    Shmaryahu252
1249BlassZelda Laibel   255
1251BlechermanHershel     460
1248BlechmanZelda     117
1251BliasBella  cc Zelda447
1251BliasZelda  cc  446
1250BlumenkrantzMirel Moshe Wlodova 342
1250BlumenkrantzMoshe Mirel4ccWlodova 341
1249BodnikAvraham   TamashovkaYaakov Meir271
1249BodnikAvraham   TamashovkaGershon Yehoshua279
1249BodnikEsther Yaakov Meir Tamashovka 270
1249BodnikFrimet   TamashovkaYaakov Meir274
1249BodnikFrimet   TamashovkaGershon Yehoshua278
1249BodnikGershon Yehoshua Mantzia Tamashovka 276
1249BodnikHaim   TamashovkaYaakov Meir273
1249BodnikMantzia Gershon Yehoshua Tamashovka 277
1249BodnikRachel   TamashovkaYaakov Meir275
1249BodnikShimon   TamashovkaYaakov Meir272
1249BodnikShimon   TamashovkaGershon Yehoshua280
1249BodnikYaakov Meir Esther Tamashovka 269
1249BodnikGershon   WlodovaMoshe287
1249BodnikHaim   WlodovaMoshe288
1249BodnikLevi Rachel Wlodova 281
1249BodnikMeir   WlodovaLevi283
1249BodnikMoshe Perl Wlodova 285
1249BodnikPerl Moshe Wlodova 286
1249BodnikRachel Levi Wlodova 282
1249BodnikSarah   WlodovaLevi284
1249BornsteinBella Meir Wlodova 304
1249BornsteinBona   WlodovaMeir306
1249BornsteinMeir Bella Wlodova 303
1249BornsteinYaakov Leib   WlodovaMeir305
1249BornsteinZina Zelda   Wlodova 307
1248BorsteinHenia Yitzhak Hersh Wlodova 155
1248BorsteinLaibel   WlodovaYitzhak Hersh156
1248BorsteinYitzhak Hersh Henia Wlodova 154
1249BoxmanPerl    Yitzhak310
1249BoxmanRaizel Yitzhak   309
1249BoxmanYitzhak Raizel   308
1251BoxmanYitzhak  family  459
1250BraizblatShmuel  familyWlodova 394
1250BrambergEfraim   WlodovaGershon Henech355
1250BrambergGela   WlodovaGershon Henech357
1250BrambergGershon Henech Liba Wlodova 352
1250BrambergHannahla   WlodovaGershon Henech356
1250BrambergLiba Gershon Henech Wlodova 353
1250BrambergMoshe   WlodovaGershon Henech358
1250BrambergShmuel David   WlodovaGershon Henech354
1251BrandshteterHannah    Yitzhak441
1251BrandshteterShimon    Yitzhak442
1251BrandshteterSonia Yitzhak   440
1251BrandshteterYitzhak Sonia   439
1250BransteinAvraham    Zelik422
1250BransteinGliz Rivka   417
1250BransteinHannah    Zelik424
1250BransteinLeah Mottel   416
1250BransteinLeah Mordecai   426
1251BransteinLezer     444
1251BransteinMenachem     443
1250BransteinMordecai Leah   425
1250BransteinMoshe    Zelik423
1250BransteinMottel Leah   415
1250BransteinRivka Gliz   418
1250BransteinShimon     408
1250BransteinYaakov    Zelik421
1250BransteinZelda Zelik   420
1250BransteinZelik Zelda   419
1248BransteinAsher Menicha Wlodova 175
1248BransteinMenicha Asher Wlodova 176
1250BroinsteinEliezar Hannah Wlodova 330
1250BroinsteinEsther   WlodovaEliezar334
1250BroinsteinHannah Eliezar Wlodova 331
1250BroinsteinMatityahu   WlodovaEliezar332
1250BroinsteinMenachem   WlodovaEliezar333
1250BronsteinAicha Ita   409
1250BronsteinIta Aicha   410
1250BronsteinMattis    Aicha412
1250BronsteinMoshe    Aicha411
1250BronsteinMottel    Aicha413
1250BronsteinYaakov    Aicha414
1248BrossDov Rachel Wlodova 167
1248BrossFaiga Glika   WlodovaDov169
1248BrossRachel Dov Wlodova 168
1249BrossAvraham Mordecai Geula Zameladitsha 265
1249BrossGeula Avraham Mordecai Zameladitsha 266
1249BrossTzvia   ZameladitshaAvraham Mordecai267
1249BrossZev   ZameladitshaAvraham Mordecai268

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