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Around Staszów


Sons and daughters of Osiek victims of the Nazi enemies

Transcribed by Jean-Pierre Stroweis

(תָּשִׁיב לָהֶם גְּמוּל יְהוָה, כְּמַעֲשֵׂה יְדֵיהֶם (איכה, פרק 3, 64
Thou wilt render unto them a recompense, O Lord, according to the work of their hands. (Lamentations, Ch. 3, 64)

[Translator note: this list from Hebrew is sorted alphabetically according to the Latin alphabet. Surname spellings according to Alexander Beider's Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Kingdom of Poland; given name spelling according to modern transliteration from Hebrew, unless purely Yiddish.]
BERL Iccie Meir, Malka and children
BLACHSZTAJN Benyamin, Faigele and children
BLACHSZTAJN Mordechai, Gitel and children
BLACHSZTAJN Shlomo, his wife and children
CYNAMON Schachna, Mali and daughters
CYTRON Shmuel, Yarel and children
CYTRON Yeshayahu, Frida and children
EINHORN Moshe, Frumit and children
EINHORN Ya'akov (the shochet), his wife and children
ERLICH Shmuel, Alte and children
Esther Raizel and the daughters
FRYMAN Natan, his wife and children
FUKS Mendel, Rachel and children
GOLDHAR Eliahu, Tova
GROSHAUZ Benyamin, Malka (ERLICH) and children
GROSHAUZ Chaim Yechiel, his wife and children
GROSHAUZ Eliahu, Lea and children
GROSHAUZ Levi, Hadassah and children
GROSHAUZ Meirel, Rachele and children
GROSHAUZ Ya'akov, Rachel Lea and children
GROSHAUZ Zvi, Rachtsche and children
HAMER Zvi, his wife and children
ICCHE Meir, his wife and children
KLAJNER Aaron (melamed), his wife and children
KLAJNER Hirsh Meir, Sarale and children
KLAJNER Hirsh Meir, Sarale and children
KLAJNER Malkele (Judel Jatchis)
KLAJNER Mula, Chantche and children
KLAJNER Ya'akov (“Ya'atchi”), Raizeke and children
KOCHEN Aaron, Rivka and children
KOCHEN David, Fajga Rachel and children
KOCHEN Simcha and children
KOCHEN Yehiel, his wife and children
KOCHEN Zelig, Frida and children
KOIFMAN Abrahamtche and Hindele
KRUGER Scheindel and Zvi
LANDGARTEN Avraham, Rachel and children
LOTERSZPIL Godel (the schochet), his wife and children
NACHUMOWICZ Mindel and sons
NACHUMOWICZ Moshe, his wife and children
NACHUMOWICZ Nachum, his wife and children
NACHUMOWICZ Schamai and children
NACHUMOWICZ Zadok and children
PIPEK Shmuel (dairyman), his wife and children
RAJCHMAN Lejbus, wife and children
RAJFER Lejbus, Pessel and children
RAJFER Shlomo, Rachel and children
RAJFER Shmuel, Idel and children
RAJFER Zvi, Etel and children
RAPAPORT Mendel, Sara and children
ROZNER Moshe, wife and children
RUBIN Doba and children
RUBIN Yosef Leib, Malka and children
SZNEUR Bluma Raizel and children
SZNEUR Eliezer, Rivka, Mendel
SZNIFER Mordechai, Fajga and children
SZTARKMAN Brajndel and children
SZTARKMAN Rivka and children
SZTARKMAN Shimshon and Frida
SZWAJCMAN Lejbus, Yente and children
TREFLER Moshe, Raizel and children
WAJNFELD Moshe, Rosa and children
WAJNRIB Ya'akov, Bluma and children
WAJSBLUM Eliezer, his wife and children
WAJSBLUM Gelle and children
ZAJFMAN Meir, Fajga
ZYLBERBERG Motel, Lea and children
ZYLBERBERG Shmuel Josel, Rachel and children
ZYLBERBERG Yehuda, Sara and Anchel
ZYLBERBERG Zysman, Bluma and children

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