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Martyrs from Husiatyn (Gusyatin)
and Environs Killed in the Holocaust

Translated by Amnon Scharfstein and Dov Eshel

Last Name First Name Relatives Comments
ADESKA Moshe wife, daughters, son  
ALTSCHULER Abraham wife, daughter  
ALTSCHULER Elimelech wife  
ALTSCHULER Fruma daughter  
ALTSCHULER Ya'akov   son of Moshe
AMREICH Krantzie    
AMREICH Moshe family  
AMREICH Yeta    
ASHKENAZ Hersch    
ASHKENAZ Judith    
ASHKENAZ Vigdor family  
ASHKENAZ Volckie family  
AUERBACH Dov mother  
AUERBACH Haim mother  
BADIAN Wolf wife, son  
BADIAN Yehoshua wife, sons  
BAZAR Dr. (M) wife  
BECKER Clara    
BECKER Pipa   maiden name Ginsberg
BERKOWITZ Zvi family  
BERMAN Chune' wife  
BERMAN Nehama    
BERMAN Yeshayahu    
BERTFELD (M) wife  
BLICKSTEIN Max family  
BLUM Eliyahu wife  
BRANDES Hana Hinda    
BRANDES Shlomo wife and daughter Zusia  
BRANDES Ya'akov    
BRANDES Ya'akov family son of Shalom
BRANDES Ya'akov family son of Yosef
BRANDES Yehuda    
BRANDES Yitzhak    
BRANDES Yosef family  
BRANDES Zusia   daughter of Brandes Shlomo
BRAUNSTEIN Shalom family  
COHEN Michael family  
ECKSTEIN Wolf wife  
ECKSTEIN Yechezkel family  
EIDELMAN Abraham wife  
EISENBERG (M) family  
FELDMAN Hana   wife of Dr. Feldman Shmuel
FELDMAN Rina   Daughter of Dr. Feldman Shmuel
FELDMAN Zalman wife  
FELDMAN Dr. Shmuel wife Hana, daughter Rina, mother and sister  
FERENCE Shabtai family  
FISHBACH (F) daughter  
FLASHNER Meir family  
FREIND Mateas mother and sister  
FRIEDMAN Emanuel family  
FRIEDMAN Hersch mother  
FRIEDMAN Shimon mother  
GINSBERG Sara Rachel    
GLANZ Yosef family  
GLICKMAN Yeshayahu family  
GOLDMAN Aryeh    
GOLDMAN Lazer    
GOLDSTEIN Binyamin family  
GOLDSTEIN Mrs. (F)   Leib's wife
GOLDSTEIN Dr. Marth daughter  
GOTLIEB Leib    
GRINBERG Ya'akov family  
HAHN Leib mother  
HAHN Yosef family  
HALPERN Berl   son of Halpern Yoel
HALPERN Chanchia   daughter of Halpern Yoel
HALPERN Fishel   son of Halpern Yoel
HALPERN Moshe   son of Halpern Yoel
HALPERN Yoel wife, daughter Chanchia, Sons Moshe, Berl and Fishel  
HAMMER Sonia    
HECHT Akiva family  
HECHT Herschel family  
HECHT Meir family  
HECHT Mendl family  
HECHT Ya'akov Shlomo    
HELITZER Chasia    
HERSCH Metz family  
HERSHKOVICZ Dov   son of Heshkovitz Haim
HERSHKOVICZ Ezer   son of Heshkovitz Haim
HERSHKOVICZ Haim wife Zisel, sons Dov and Ezer  
HERSHKOVICZ Zisel   wife of Heshkovitz Haim
HOFRICHTER Abraham family  
HOFRICHTER Basia-Feiga    
HOFRICHTER Meir family  
HORENSTEIN Buzi mother, brother  
HORENSTEIN Ester family  
HORVITZ Chasia   daughter of Horvitz Mordechai
HORVITZ Itzhak   son of Horvitz Mordechai
HORVITZ Leib wife  
HORVITZ Mordechai wife  
HORVITZ Pesach family  
HORVITZ Sara   daughter of Horvitz Mordechai
ISARLES Aba family  
KANAREK Ya'akov wife  
KAPLAN (M) family  
KATZ Bracha son  
KATZ Eliezer wife  
KATZ Leib family  
KATZ Yitzhak family  
KIMMEL Leib family  
KIMMEL Mordechai family  
KIMMEL Moshe family  
KLEINER Pnina    
KORENSTEIN Felix wife  
KURTZ Ovadia wife  
KURTZ Sara    
KURTZ (F)   Yehoshua's wife
LACHMAN (M) wife  
LANGER Ben-Zion wife  
LANGER Frumacia   daughter of Langer Zusia
LANGER Haim wife  
LANGER Rozia daughters  
LANGER Yeshayahu wife  
LANGER Zusia daughter Frumacia  
LAVNER Bronia son  
LIEBSTER Yosef wife  
LINDER Beny wife Musia  
LINDER Malka   sister of Linder Yeshayahu
LINDER Musia   wife of Linder Beny
LINDER Yeshayahu sister Malka  
LUFTER Basia family  
MAGID (M) family  
MARGULIES Zalman family  
MEIZELES Haim family  
MEIZELES Shmuel wife  
MELTZER Chanchia    
MONDSCHEIN David family  
MONDSCHEIN (F) daughter  
MONDSCHEIN Ya'akov, Adv.    
MUNIS (M) family  
NEUMAN Baruch family  
NEUMAN Moshe family  
NEUMAN Yitzhak wife  
POLAK Natan wife  
POPIL Leib    
PORHOLES Cherna mother  
PORHOLES Eidel    
PORHOLES Mirel mother  
PORHOLES Shoel wife  
RABINOWITZ Eli family and sisters  
RAMLER Rachel    
RATZENSTEIN Moshe   son of Ratzenstein Rachel
RATZENSTEIN Rachel son Moshe  
REINER (M) family  
REISS (F) daughters  
RETSPRECHER (F) daughters  
REUVEN (M) family  
RINGEL Rabbi Ya'akov family  
ROSEN Moshe family  
ROSENBERG Mrs. (F)    
ROSENBERG (M) family  
ROSENBLUM Luezer wife, daughters and son Pini  
ROSENBLUM Pini   son of Rozenblum Luezer
RUBINFELD Arthur wife  
RUTHEIZER Philip family  
SAMET Abraham family  
SCHARFSHPITZ Mordechai family  
SCHERTZ Buzia Husband  
SCHERTZ (M) wife, daughter, grandson  
SCHNEIDER Aba family  
SCHPEL Itzhak Leizer son Ya'akov  
SCHPEL Reuven wife  
SCHPEL Ya'akov   son of Schpel Itzhak Leizer
SCHUFELD Bina daughters  
SCHWARTZ Zelda    
SCHWARTZ (M) wife  
SHAPIRA Kalman family  
SHECHTER (M) family  
SHENHOLTZ Zuzia son  
SHOCHAT Yisrael wife  
SOMER Bella   daughter of Zomer Haya Leibe
SOMER Grina   daughter of Zomer Haya Leibe
SOMER Haya Leibe daughters Bella and Grina  
SOMERSTEIN Lucia   wife of Zomerstein Yisrael
SOMERSTEIN Yisrael wife Lucia, daughter  
SONENKELER Abraham wife, 2 daughters  
SONENKELER Leibel family  
SORENBERG Shimon family  
SPERLING Mrs. (F)    
STERNKUKER Eliyahu wife  
STERNZIS Meir wife, two daughters  
TEPPERBERG (M) family  
TITLER Wolf family  
TUNIS Shmuel    
TYMER (M) family  
VERTHAIMER Yisrael family  
WALLACH Yona wife  
WALTZER Aharon family  
WALTZER Godl wife  
WASSERMAN (M) wife, children  
WEINER (M) family  
WEINER Prof. (M) wife  
WEISBROT (M) wife  
WEITMAN Baruch wife  
WEITMAN Feivish wife  
WEITMAN Yosef family  
WIDERHORN Michael    
WINKLER (F) son  
WINTER Yosef family  
YEGGENDORF Leib family  
YEGGENDORF Sima   daughter of Yegendorf Ya'akov
YEGGENDORF Sonia daughter  
YEGGENDORF Ya'akov wife, daughter Sima  
ZWIEG Hillel wife  

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