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Chapter IX

A Memorial Candle for Family Commemoration


List of Martyrs in Alphabetical Order

Translated by Carol Monosson Edan

Shmuel Aulhovski
Son of Simcha & Chana
Born 1887 Bianouchi
Deported to Transnistria
Died 1954 Kiryat Tivon
6 th Adar, 5714
Avraham & Masia Beinishis
Died in Transnistria and are buried in a mass grave
May this be a memorial to their memory.
Dvora Banishis-Fisher
Sonia Baznasi
David Baznasi
Born 1889 Died Kiryat Israel
7 th Sivan, 5713
Family of Zeev Barb Shmuel Biderman
Zeev died while still in Brichany
His wife Chaya Dvora, daughter of Moshe from Aster, died of Typhus
Members of the Biderman family that died in Holocaust
Joseph ben Zeev Biderman - shot during deportation near Sekoriani
Son-in-law Shmuel Galfrin - killed in Koristoauchi forest
Sara daughter of Shmuel Galfrin- killed in Sekoriani
My daughter Sasia daughter of Leib Forman - died in Bershad at 14
My daughter Hania daughter of Leib Forman - died in Bershad at 17
My mother Miriam, daughter of R. Shaul, wife of Shlomo Forman - killed in Komenetz [Kamenets Podolskiy] at 60.
My brother Bar Shlomo Forman - killed in Komenetz [Kamenets Podolskiy] at 30
My brother Bazalel - killed in the forest of Koristoauchi at 26 together with
My sister Rachel, wife of Shmuel Fierman
My sister Chana - Shiller died of disease

Grieving bitterly Avraham Forman & Family

Menusa Grossman
Daughter of Yacov & Chana Drokier, born 1919 - died on the way to Mohilov 1941
Dr. Zeev (Vonie) Grophenmacher
Died in Kopaygorod [Kopaihorod, Ukraine] at 40, a people's doctor, gave free help to the people of his community during the deportation to Transnistria.
Meshulam Zusia Weissberg
Died at 22
" I will not give my life without a price" These were the words that were on his lips in the days of his suffering and wandering on his way to the Ukraine. When it was rumored that on the way back from Mohilev to Ataki, the Germans would drown all the Jews in the Danister river, he had plans to drag with him his oppressor. He was 22 at the time of his death, but well accustomed to hard work in his "youth movement" the Shomer Hatzair, and Zionism, which was always top on his mind and he devoted to it all of his energy in his short life.
He was supposed to make "aliya" in 1940 but the needs of the movement delayed , and in the meantime the government changed and the soviets came into Brichany. Even then his Zionist works didn't end, this time in the underground, until the necessity arose. When the refugees from Kofedgorod were deported he didn't want to accept a life of anticipation of death from hunger and of disease and decided to escape and find a safer place. " If it is at all possible" he said " to get to a place which is more secure, I will make the effort to save you from this dark pit". He did succeed to reach Rhovilevitz, there he died together with all the residents of that city. An eye witness of the few survivors told that has thrown into to the mass-grave, but jumped out and started to escape. He was shot and was hit in the leg. They gagged him and threw him into the pit and was buried alive.

Grieving father

Sarah Weissberg
Daughter of B. Joseph Leib Shiller - died in TA
David & Eidel Hasalioe
Paulia Trachenbaum
Wife of Issac (son of Naphtali-Zvi & Reizer) and their daughter Golda
Moshe (Moshka) Trachtenbaum & wife Rachel
(daughter of Alter & Reizer Chochman) from Lipkani - died in Tashkent (Russia)
Gitel, wife of Yechiel Tasharcas
A loyal companion, went in his way and assisted him in his work, community and Zionist. She drank the glass of poison during the deportation from Brichany. Her ability to see what was coming, and her proud independent spirit, allowed her to foil the plans of her attackers to tamper with her fate and spirit. With a clear mind she dove into the river's waters saving herself unbearable suffering to her body and soul.
She will remain in our memories forever

Her sons Michael, Salom, Sarah and families

David & Chaya Lerner and their son Moshe
David Lerner 65, his wife Chaya 61 - died in the Scoriani forest on their way to Transnistria 1941. Their son also died - burial place unknown.
Noniya Livman
Born 1919 in Brichany, died at childbirth in Kibbutz Shamir
Shmuel Leibman (Kreinis)
Died 1929
Mania Milamn & Joseph Shtilvaser
Yiddish - Died of hunger and disease 1941
Meikler Family
In memory of members of my family that died in Bershad, Transnistria.
My brother Rueben 45
His wife Feiga 42
Their daughter Seiral 20,and son-in-law Leib 21 (son of Doni Breitman)
Yitzhak Meikler
Nissan Sapir
Son of Moshe and Dvora
Dr Menashe Kolker
Worked as a doctor in Brichany 1927-1938
Shlomo & Ania Kaufman
Shloma (Shlomka) died in Bucharest in 1947 after returning from Transnistra at 76.
Ania died in 1941 at the prison camp Bershad-Transnistria at age 66.
Shmuel their son - killed by the Nazis at the age of 26 near the Bug river.
Itzhak & Chava Castleman
Yiddish died at 67
Chava died at 67
Aaron, Feige, Hershel, Shifra Steinhaus
Aaron 52
Feige 52
Hershel 25
Shifra 20
Klienarman Family
Misha & Gitale Farfar
Meir & Sheindel Shvarzterman
Moshe - David Snieder
Was shot on the way to Transnistria at 48
His wife Neta, died in Bershad at 44
Their son was shot on the way to Komenetz [Kamenets Podolskiy]
Sarah Roitman
Daughter of Zeev - born 1916 died in 1946 in Bucharest, on her way to Eretz Israel
Her mother Feige died in Transnistria. (called Shrakhel and Sonia)
Family of Yishayhu (Shia) Shiller
Son of Joseph Leib, born 1891, murdered in Transnistria,
Zina, his wife, maiden name Shtilvaser was also murdered at 50 in Transnistria.
Their daughter Rachel, born 1922 died also in the abyss of killings.

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