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VM ID Category Image Date Approved Question Posts
18551 Translation - Yiddish

4/3/2011 4:09 PM Hi Folks, this is letter to grandmother page 2 of 4, I think View the post with its 3 responses
18552 Translation - Yiddish

4/3/2011 4:09 PM Hi Folks, this is grandmothers letter page 3 of 4 View the post with its 2 responses
18545 Translation - Hebrew

4/3/2011 4:09 PM It came in a page of many family events that my grandfather transcribed of many years.

I want the Hebrew Translated into English or Yiddish (someone told me along time ago that it was written in Hebrew but the translations was Yiddish. I am not sure.
View the post with its 11 responses
18537 Translation - Polish

4/3/2011 4:08 PM all factual details, such as names of parents of bride Basza or Baszia KANIA or the groom, Abram Wigdor Rozenfeld son of Mejer. I believe that Basza was the daughter of Judka Yehuda but need confirmation of these facts. Abram was born about 1885. Basza was either born in 1871 or 1886, there is a conflict here and solution is critical to further family relationships. Many thanks for help. View the post with its 2 responses
18539 Translation - Russian

4/3/2011 4:08 PM
Please translate as much as possible. Thank you.
View the post with its 1 response
18541 Translation - Russian

4/3/2011 4:08 PM Please translate the Russian on this postcard. Thank you.

Kim Sheintal
View the post with its 1 response
18542 Interpretation

4/3/2011 4:08 PM This is a detail of a Vienna Meldezettel of my great-grandmother's sister Laura NEUMANN. I could read all details about address, birthday etc. But am not sure about this section - it is a comment entered where one usually finds the future address of the person who is moving out.
Language is GERMAN
View the post with its 2 responses
18543 Tombstone

4/3/2011 4:08 PM I believe this is my great-grandmother's gravestone. I would appreciate a full translation if possible. Thanks very much! View the post with its 1 response
18544 Translation - Yiddish

4/3/2011 4:08 PM This is on the back of a photo found with my deceased maternal grandmother Yetta Visoky, nee Boxer. It may also be associated with my grandfather Meyer Visoky. If anyone would be so kind as to translate from the Yiddish, it would be greatly appreciated! View the post with its 2 responses
18513 Translation - Hebrew

4/3/2011 4:08 PM According to a prior translation, this is a plaque erected by the chevra Kadisha (burial society) of Hataresh.

It is adjacent to what appears to be his gravestone.

Presently, this translation does not show he is a Rabbi

I would appreciate it if more details can be translated. This is for my shtetlink site and I would like to find out as much about this family from both images that I have uploaded.

If someone out there spots additional details such as the fact that he is a Rabbi, it would be appreciated.

Thanks to all who do is truly a mitzvah.

Thank you so much...Debbie :)
View the post with its 3 responses
4929 Translation - Yiddish

4/3/2011 4:06 PM family documents- yiddish?? language?? View the post with its 1 response
1571 Translation - Russian

4/3/2011 4:05 PM page 3 military draft notice View the post with its 2 responses
1572 Translation - Russian

4/3/2011 4:05 PM page 4 military draft notice. I was told these were military draft notices but the significance of the notices was unknown. Do you know how they translate and to what they are referring? View the post with its 3 responses
1570 Translation - Russian

4/3/2011 4:04 PM page 2 "military draft notice" View the post with its 2 responses
11976 Translation - German

4/3/2011 4:03 PM This is one page of a correspondence between Rav Abraham Sutro and the Melchior family. Need translation to modern German or English. View the post with its 2 responses
18106 Translation - Polish

4/3/2011 4:03 PM This is the oldest record I found from my family- my G-G-Father's marriage. I looking for every name and detail in the record-in hope that it will help me to trace more family members.
Eli Oren
View the post with its 1 response
18496 Do you recognize?

4/3/2011 4:02 PM I think this was a celebration of my grandparents, Sadie and Solomon Ganz, and my Great Uncle Harry Ganz and wife Marta. Celebrating what? Who gave the party and how are these people related? My grandparents and gruncle immigrated from Maramaros County Romania ffrom Salestea De Sus and Borsa. I think the photo was taken in New york. My grandparents lived in Cleveland. Anyone out there know anyone in the photo?? View the post with its 1 response
7580 Tombstone

4/3/2011 4:02 PM Headstone Morris Morrowitz View the post with its 1 response
1952 Photo Identification

4/3/2011 4:01 PM What is the decoration in the lapel? View the post, there are no responses
18438 Sharing Document

4/3/2011 4:01 PM Telegram from Vilnius to Kobe - can we get translation of German and Japanese? It asks about a Shanghai permit for Apotheker family.

JAPANESE: to Yamamoto 1 -6 Kobe c/o Jews Community Halina Jakubowicz


Supervise (oversee) Jewcom. The permits for Shanghai to be carried out(processed0 as soon as possible. Telegraph (back) to Traidenio Street 14 (in the city of Vilnius Lithuania). [Names] MARJAN (Marian) MIRVLEK (Mirulek) DAWID (David) APOTHEKER

We now have translations of the German thanks to Andreas Schwab at McGill Uni in Canada and the Japanese thanks to Takashi Koyobasi at the Kobe City Museum - Dawid Apotheker appears to have got to Shanghai and survived the War passing away in 1995 in Israel according to the Meller Jewish Gen page. He has a daughter Annette Rosen Apot(h)eker whom I would like to contact.
View the post with its 1 response
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