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VM ID Category Image Date Approved Question Posts
13241 Translation - Polish

8/2/2009 This is part 2 of a form filled in by Rudolf NEUMAN, captain in the Polish Army - he served during WWII in the Polish Division under French and then British Command.
The language is POLISH and I think it describes how he made his way from Poland to France in 1939.
I would need a translation into German or English
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13234 Interpretation

8/2/2009 This is part of an entry in the death register of Vienna of 1919. Need help in deciphering the BIRTH PLACE (more or less in the middle of the image) - AND confirm /correct the rest of my reading: Klara Neumann, geb. Fischmann, ??, mos., geboren in ?? Bez. ? Rußland zuständig nach Husyatin B. Husyatin, Galizien
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13235 Interpretation

8/2/2009 Please help me read this text - it is the comment from a birth register. I think it says "Ehelich laut ?? Trauschein?? Tom III pag. 6 ?? 13 Matrikenführung Kopeczincze" but please help me with the question marks and confirm / correct the rest.
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13236 Tombstone

8/2/2009 Please could someone translate these two lines from the tombstone of Lazarus Brown the step brother of my grandfather. He died in 1907, and I have found he was buried in Wolverhampton. I am indebted to the staff at the archives there for the photograph. I am able to translate the rest of the inscription. The first word here is I know avinu - our father. The last few letters on the top line here are faint, but are,I think: resh aleph shin nun vav. The second line I cannot translate.

I would appreciate a complete translation of the two lines.

Grateful thanks.

Stephen M Brown
Manchester UK
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13237 Translation - Hungarian

8/2/2009 Can someone please translate this fragment from a birth record. These are the parents. I am wondering what is written below Herman's name. Is it his profession?

Thank you,
Alex Skolnick
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13238 Translation - Hungarian

8/2/2009 I believe that this record is listed under the "Godparents" column of a 1850s birth record. What does it state besides the names of Jacob Weiss and Elisabes(?) Himmler?

Thank you,
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13202 Translation - Yiddish

8/2/2009 What does it say? Front is a photo of a young man, but we don't know his name. Postcard was sent to family in South Africa View the post with its 2 responses
13207 Tombstone

8/2/2009 Translation of Hebrew, please. Thank you. View the post with its 10 responses
13208 Tombstone

8/2/2009 Hebrew translation, Please. Thank you! View the post with its 10 responses
13215 Sharing Document

8/2/2009 Please explain the two consecutive KOCH entries- ISIK and HILZE, Aug 14. I don't understand what the entries represent and the meaning of the last column. View the post with its 5 responses
13216 Photo Identification

8/2/2009 Have been told that this is the city of Staritsa View the post, there are no responses
13217 Do you recognize?

8/2/2009 can anyone tell me where this cathedral is. Picture taken some where on the Russian Front. View the post, there are no responses
13257 Translation - Russian

8/2/2009 This is a marriage record for Manel GAUZER ( aka Hauzer) and Fejga SZOTLAND Brzeziny, Poland, 1886, Akt 28. I would particularly like to know the names of the parents of the bridegroom and bride + any other biographical information such as names, ages, occupations of family members or witnesses etc. I am expecting from other evidence that the name of the father of the groom will be Fiszel HAUZER and would appreciate any confirmation or disconfirmation of this. If the image quality is unsatisfactory, please contact me and I can send you the uncompressed version.
Many Thanks in advance from Judith Silver, London, UK
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13258 Sharing Document

8/2/2009 Need help deciphering what is written for first passenger. Is a name included under "No address"?
Thank you,
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13259 Translation - Hebrew

8/2/2009 This is reportedly an "engagement letter"--ketuba written around 1872. But that's not certain. I would so much appreciate a translation. Thank you. View the post with its 5 responses
13250 Translation - Russian

8/2/2009 Marriage in 1886 of Srol Yushek KANET, 29, son of Icek and Charna Leya of Czyzewo, Lomza to Leya ZDANOWICZ, 27, daughter of Szai Nachmanowicz and Szejna Gershkovna (deceased) of Lomza. View the post with its 1 response
13251 Translation - Russian

8/2/2009 Death Record for Szmil OLIKOWICZ View the post with its 1 response
13252 Interpretation

8/2/2009 This is an EIDB entry for a great uncle Abr. Meier Sigel. He was born in and came from towns in Lomza gubernia, but the ship manifest isn't too legible. Can someone help to interpret the name of the town he was coming from in Lomza g. (starts with a D), the town he was born in, and his aunt's surname? I've marked these with arrows on the image - thanks! Wayne

This passenger's name was Abr Meier Sigel (findable via Steve Morse's Gold EIDB page as "Alo Meier Sigel") Apr 18 1910 on the SS Lapland age 17 at arrival. On the left there is a stamp "Deported" but we knew he eventually came - whether it was this arrival or another one. His town of origin is listed as "Dsktwa" which obviously means nothing. On the rh side of the log it says list "21" and printed under it is #131. Mr. Sigel is passenger 18 on this page.
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13253 Sharing Document

8/2/2009 Please identify this type of document as well as translation of entries View the post with its 1 response
13245 Translation - Polish

8/2/2009 from grandmother's US visa file- appears to be documetnt showing Gisia and her 5 children (I know names) to veriy she lived in Serock since 1915 ?? View the post with its 2 responses
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