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VM ID Category Image Date Approved Question Posts
11939 Translation - Yiddish

5/21/2008 German or Yiddish
This is written in back of Mina Gottlieb's photo.
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11897 Translation - Russia

5/21/2008 Sorry for the bad scan but so was the photocopy I got. I can send a higher resolution copy if required.
Should be marriage registration of WAGNER Aron & HOCHMAN Syma.
Would like all names and places and any other info that would seen relevant. Don't need the dates of the 3 proclemations or of the witnesses. Many Thanks!!
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11859 Translation - Yiddish

5/21/2008 This Yiddish letter was written and postmarked to my parents Ada and Sam Gans, April 1951, despite the apparent handwritten date. It was sent by their cousin Harris Saltzman. Included with the letter was a JNF label of Rabbi Kook.


Rabbi Gary Gans
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7743 Do you recognize?

5/21/2008 WWI Draft Registration Card. What city in Poland? View the post with its 2 responses
11874 Translation - Yiddish

5/19/2008 View the post, there are no responses
11896 Translation - Yiddish

5/19/2008 yiddish letter on back of photo. Please help me translate. Thanks View the post, there are no responses
11907 Photo Identification

5/19/2008 Changed dates. please help !
The player who stands above the golkeeper is my dad.
I think that the picture has been taken in GERMANY (as mentioned above(after the war (1945-1948), but may also be in LITHUANIA (KAUNAS or PONEVEZYS) in 1933-1940.
Do anybody recognize any of the other players or thier children?
were there in the places mentioned above an 'HAKKOACH' football association?
Any idea when was the picture taken & where?

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11843 Translation - Hebrew

5/19/2008 Please translate this letter into English. View the post, there are no responses
11852 Translation - Russia

5/19/2008 I would like help translating both the printed information and the information written in pencil. Looking for any clues about date and hopefully a name. The writing in pencil might be Yiddish or ??.
Thank you for your help.
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11854 Translation - German

5/18/2008 I am not certain what this says, but I believe it not only has the name of the deceased (Sara Gerszonowicz) but also may have other family names. I can't tell from the translation if it is the parents, or, if it is the husband. Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated! View the post with its 6 responses
11833 Tombstone

5/18/2008 Do you can translate this? View the post with its 3 responses
11912 Translation - Polish

5/18/2008 This should the birth record of Smuel Buda. Any help on identifying information about family members would be much appreciated. View the post with its 2 responses
11918 Photo Identification

5/18/2008 This foundation was laid for what building, in which town/city and in which country? Was it in commemoration for some special project?

I would also like to know the name of the group who was involved with this project.
View the post with its 7 responses
11903 Translation - Polish

5/18/2008 Please translate letter from
Polish Archive to English.
View the post with its 2 responses
11906 Translation - Yiddish

5/18/2008 The back of a photo. Can someone please translate from Yiddish to English? View the post with its 3 responses
11890 Do you recognize?

5/18/2008 Eva and Nathan Goldenberg lived and died in Istanbul. Who are their children?
Markus and Netty Steiner had 5 children. Who are they?
Isak Schapira died in france in 1940. His son lived in Kenya.
They were my father, Hermann Leo Rosenberg's uncle and aunts.
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11899 Do you recognize?

5/18/2008 does anyone know my sister Klara from Lvov, daughter of Fani and Julius? Her bithdate- July 1924.She was taken by the gestapo on 4 Aug 1942. Relatives said she was back to Lvov in 1945-7 and was about to go to the US. View the post with its 1 response
11900 Translation - German

5/18/2008 I realize these are very difficult to read. They are the illnesses associated with various deaths. Without being able to easily read the script, I can't seem to translate them. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Best, James
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11901 Translation - German

5/18/2008 Just curious as to what some of the words are. What I can make out is:

Leie Gerschonowitz ?? ?? ?? Gerschon and ?? Rachel Gerschonowicz

My guess is daughter of but it seems there is one or two extra words in there.

Thanks in advance,

View the post with its 5 responses
11894 Tombstone

5/18/2008 translate to english View the post with its 17 responses
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