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VM ID Category Image Date Approved Question Posts
12962 Translation - Other

6/17/2009 This stamp is at the bottom of a photograph of my great aunt Lena Leibowitz (ne Brown) and her husband Morris. Please can someone tell me what it says. I know that her sister and brother in law (my great grandparnets) were married in Varniai in Lithuania and moved to the UK but this couple went to the US and it looks like they went together from this photo. View the post with its 9 responses
11707 Translation - Yiddish

6/17/2009 post card translated into English please View the post with its 1 response
12021 Sharing Document

6/17/2009 A photo belonging to my grandfather of the synagogue in Gruzdziai , Lithuania. It was burned down by the germans and lithuanians after they killed all the jews in aug 1941. Thought it might be of interest to anyone researching Gruzd. Also have a wonderful photo of many jewish men including my great grandfather sitting outside the synagogue prob dating from around same period View the post with its 4 responses
12023 Do you recognize?

6/17/2009 jewish men outside synagogue in Gruzdziai. 4th from left front row, Bentsel Sher my great grandfather. Sent to his family in South Africa with message in yiddish on reverse of photo.Wondered if anybody else recognized family from this photograph. Unfortunately had to crop some men to be able to upload to view mate. View the post, there are no responses
12077 Interpretation

6/14/2009 This is a 17-Sep-1871 marriage registered in Vandziogala, Lithuania between a 25-year-old groom and a 22-year-old bride. According to the translator, the names of the newlyweds are not indicated in the record. Is that correct? According to the translator, the Rabbi was Iankel GRINBLAT ben Meier. Where in the record does it say that? He was my great grandfather. Witnesses were Leiba GRINBLAT (his uncle) and Rabbi Aron ZELTSER. View the post with its 1 response
12937 Translation - Polish

6/14/2009 Looking for verification and additional facts. I have better copy and extract of names and dates to verify and profession. contact me directly View the post, there are no responses
12938 Tombstone

6/14/2009 Can someone please translate this inscription? It is for the JOWBR project. In particular, the name and date of death are needed to properly index this photo. View the post with its 5 responses
12940 Translation - Polish

6/14/2009 I have a rough translation of this death registration of my ancestor but would be grateful for an accurate translation. For instance I understand that her son Moziek is recorded as an Arendarz (leaseholder / innkeeper?)but do not understand the meaning of the word before that. View the post, there are no responses
12941 Translation - Yiddish

6/14/2009 Translate Yiddish inscription to English. On the entrance pillar on the right hand side is my grandfathers name, Yehoshua Soroka. There are three words under his name which I would like translated from Yiddish into English. View the post with its 1 response
12920 Translation - Polish

6/14/2009 Translation of Birth Record of Bluma Sztain from Polish to English. View the post, there are no responses
12934 Translation - Polish

6/14/2009 Translate this birth record from Polish to English View the post with its 1 response
12935 Tombstone

6/14/2009 This is from Okopawa Street Cemetery, Warszawa. I've been told that it is the grave of Baruch ben Yehuda ha-levi BORENSTEIN, died 18 Feb 1889. Can SKS please tell me exactly what the Hebrew says? Is there any indication of age at death? TIA! View the post with its 6 responses
12944 Translation - Russian

6/14/2009 Birth date and parents names View the post with its 1 response
12945 Do you recognize?

6/14/2009 He is my grandfather's brother.
May be somebody know anything about him?
View the post, there are no responses
12946 Translation - Polish

6/14/2009 Exactly what are the payment instructions...address format, and to whom, please? View the post with its 1 response
12947 Translation - Other

6/14/2009 Translation please of this document from the Jewish community in Vilkomir which was presented by my grandfather, Israel Berkovitz, son of Chonan and Rachel, with his internal passport application. View the post with its 1 response
12948 Tombstone

6/14/2009 Deceased's name looks like Chiene Figel bat Yitzchak Leib and that she died in the month of Av 5682, age 47. Please confirm that this is correct and can the exact day in the month of Av be determined? Is there any other information of genealogical value on the gravestone? View the post with its 4 responses
12949 Tombstone

6/14/2009 Deceased's name looks like Chanoch ben Avraham and that he died in the month of Sivan 5667. Please confirm that this is correct and what is the exact day of Sivan on which he died? View the post with its 5 responses
12950 Tombstone

6/14/2009 Deceased is a female who died Mar. 3, 1919. Her father's Hebrew name was Shmuel Aba HaCohen. What is deceased's Hebrew name (it looks like it ends in yod-lamed)? View the post with its 1 response
12951 Tombstone

6/14/2009 Deceased's Anglo name looks like Maurice N. LICHTAU. Please confirm that LICHTAU is his surname. His Hebrew name looks like it could be Moshe ben Dovid, but please confirm (there may be another word after "Moshe", but before "ben"). Is there anything else of genealogical value on his gravestone? [Information not shown on this cropped image: he was born in 1901 and died in 1922; he was an Educator and Hebrew Scholar born in Palestine]. View the post with its 2 responses
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