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Collection: Vital Records-FHL Catalog Entry, Jewish, Chernigov Town 1875-1918

Collection Name:Vital Records-FHL Catalog Entry, Jewish, Chernigov Town 1875-1918
Geographic Area:Chernigov (Town)
Type:FHL Catalog Entry
Time frame:1875-1918
Description:12 microfilm reels at FHL
'Registers of Jewish births, marriages, deaths for Chernigov district and city, Chernigov, Chernigov, Russia; Text in Russian and Hebrew.
Record group 679, series 3, file 383
Record group 679, series 10, files 1243-1247, 1252, 1255-1256, 1258, 1260-1261, 1308.
Microfilm Nos. 2125338, 2091570-2091577, 2101058, 2101468-2101469.

Availability:Catalog Description Available Online

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Sub Collections

Geographic AreaCollection NameTime frameTypeLocationView
Chernigov (Town)Vital Records Translations, Chernigov (Town), Deaths1899, 1906. 1908, 1913-1915, 1917-1918Vital Records: DeathsUkraine SIG researcher listed in Description
Translation of 1,836 death records for the town of Chernigov. The original records are on LDS FHL microfilm numbers 2101468 (Item 4) and 2101469 (Item 1)

The dataset includes deaths in the following towns:
Bakhmach, Berezna, Chernigov, Dobryanka, Drozdovka , Gorodnya, Grigorovke, Ivashkovka, Khorodichokh?, Kladkovke, Konotop, Korop, Krolevets, Kukshin, Lyubeche/Repki, Makievka, Monastyrishche, Moshchenki, Nevklya, Nezhin, Nosovka, Popovke, Radul, Repki, Sele Buravske, Simkovke, Smolyaz?, Snovsk, Verisotse, Verkievka, Voronezh, Yursoke

Translation was done by Pamela Lucas

The catalog entry for the FHL microfilms for Chernigov is:
"Registers of Jewish births, marriages, deaths for Chernigov district and city, Chernigov, Chernigov, Russia; later Chernihiv district and city, Chernihiv, Chernihiv, Ukraine. Text in Russian and Hebrew."
Film 2101468, Item 4 is Volume 679-10/1308 

 Deaths 1906

Film 2101469, Item 1 is Volume 679-10/1308 (cont.)

 Deaths 1908 (p. 117-137, 157-159)
 Deaths 1899 (p. 190-198)
 Deaths 1913 (p. 240-285)
 Deaths 1914 (p. 319-365)
 Deaths 1915 (p. 401-458)
 Deaths 1917 (p. 566-617)
 Deaths 1918 (p. 634-651)

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