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Geographic AreaCollection NameTime frameTypeLocationView
Litin (Town)Encyclopedia of Jewish Life (2001), Litin2001General Reference
Encyclopedia of Jewish Life (2001), p. 738: "Litin".
Litin (Town)Memoirs, LitinMemoirsJG
Memoirs  on KehilaLinks site
Litin (Town)Slownik Geograficzny, LitinGeneral ReferenceLibraries
Slownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), V, pp. 352-354: "Lityn".
Litin (Town)CAHJP Catalog Cards, Litin1655-1930Archives, Catalog of holdingsCAHJP
81 Litin catalog cards from the CAHJP. Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Latin, Hebrew, and Yiddish. All cards have been translated.
Litin (Town)Soviet Extraordinary Commission: Lists, LitinSoviet Extraordinary Commision: Lists
71 name on KehilaLink website
Litin (Town)Sefer haPrenumeranten (Kagan), Litin1897PrenumerantenKehilaLinks
Prenumeranten in Har Bessamim, written by Zvi Schana, brought to publication in Berdichev by his grandson Schana Zvi Lichtman. The KehilaLinks page contains 13 transliterated/translated entries and shows the original pages.
Litin (Town)Revision List, 1875 Litin District 1875Census: Revision ListsUkraine SIG researcher listed in Description
Revision List of 1875 for Litin District, acquired from CAHJP. Handwritten in ledger books in Russian. Awaiting translation and data entry.
Litin (Town)CAHJP Documents, 1835 Kremenets Fire Victims, KDRG 1521835Community Records: KahalKehilaLinks
List of residents of the town of Kremenets who suffered losses as result of a fire on April 13, 1835. The document mentions the amount to be loaned to the victims during the next 10 years from the treasury.

This document actually deals with a fire in Kremenets.
In 2008, the CAHJP Catalog listed 81 items under Litin. Some of those catalog entries have been acquired by Rose Feldman, and some of the acquired documents have been translated, at least partially. The translation from Russian to English of "List of residents of the town of Kremenets who suffered losses as result of fire on April 13, 1835" is available on the Litin KehilaLinks website (http://kehilalinks.jewishgen.org/litin/) and in the Kremenets Concordance. The website says the document lists 52 names, but only 12 are in the table and another 8 are signatures below the table.

1 page in Russian. Handwritten. Central Archives (CAHJP)Catalog No. HM 2-78967.3, Kremenets District Research Group (KDRG) Document No. 152. Translated by Alex Kopelberg for Rose Feldman of the Litin Group. Supplemental translation by Judith Springer for KDRG. A “Names Index” has been added at the end of the translation. It has 17 different personal names. The extract that we have consists of one page. It is a list of names of 5 signatories, plus 12 heads of household, the number of men and women in the household, a description of the property lost in the fire and its value, and the amount paid in compensation.

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