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Town Leader: Ariel Parkansky

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1900s Name: Odessa
1900s District: Odessa
1900s Province: Kherson
1900s Country: Russian Empire

Modern: Odesa, Ukraine
Modern Ukrainian: Одеса  listen town name in ukrainian
Modern Russian: Одесса  listen town name in russian

1930s: Odessa, Odessa, Ukraine SSR, Soviet Union
1950s: Odessa, Soviet Union

Other names: Odesa [Ukr], Odessa [Rus], Odess, Odes

46°28'N 30°44'E Mapquest Google Maps

E-mail distribution list: There's a dedicated e-mail distribution list for JewishGenners with roots in Odessa at Rootsweb. For more information see here


Books Database, digitizing and translation, Odessa Ariel ParkanskyOngoing
This project consist in treating the books with an automatic process of 4 steps to make them searchable both in Cyrillic and Roman:
1) scanning the books (or getting the page images)
2) digitizing the images with an OCR
3) converting the resulting Cyrillic text to the reformed Russian orthography 
4) translating to English by Google
Cemeteries: Documentation for JOWBR, Odessa, Book of gravestone inscriptionsAriel ParkanskyFinished
Translation and indexing of the Book of Special annotations in the old and the new cemeteries of the Jewish congregation of the city of Odessa. 
Published by the collector (Gabay) of Khevra Kadisha The year of "the Zionists of the city of Odessa" (or: "the marks of the city of Odessa").
Printed in Warsaw in 1889
Directory, property & business owners, Odessa 1902-1903 Ariel ParkanskyFinished
Translate/transliterate and process the alphabetical index of the All Odessa Trade, Commerce and Real Estate Address and Reference Book, 1902 & 1903. Prepare the database for posting in the JewishGen Ukraine Database.
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Document and Dataset Collections

NameTime frameView
Yizkor Books, Odessa
Never to be Forgotten, 1997 Susan Curelop (noshowclc@aol.com) has ttanslated Never To Be Forgotten: Jewish Victims of Nazism and Heroes of the Resistance, The Book of Memory by Boris Gidalevitch, 1997. She is preparing the book for submission to JG Ukraine DB .
Directory, All Odessa, 1901 1901
All Odessa Trade, Commerce and Real Estate Address and Reference Book 1901 (in Cyrillic)
Directory, All Odessa, 1902-3 1902-3
All Odessa Trade, Commerce and Real Estate Address and Reference Book 1902 & 1903 (in Cyrillic)
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Master Name Index for Odessa

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Ukraine Journal: A Genealogical Journey to Warsaw and Ukraine (2002)Travel ReportsRon Doctor

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