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Sub-Carpathia - Travel Planning

Below you will find travel information of interest to Jewish genealogists traveling in Sub-Carpathia.

Because Ukraine is on the perimeter of the European Union's border (Schengen Zone), the delay in crossing the border—especially from Ukraine to Hungary/Slovakia—is unpredictable.

It could take up to five or more hours. Experience has shown that a daytime crossing takes less time, in either direction, because most people wait to do so in the evening when they think the ordeal will be easier.

In any case, due to its unpredictable nature, a three-day visit to Ukraine necessarily means, at the least, adding another half-day in both directions for border-crossings. A rule of thumb is to view a three-day visit as a five-day one. Therefore, the travel times are merely informational.

If you have a trip report or have updates from a recent trip to Sub-Carpathia, click HERE to e-mail us.

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Travel - Additional Information

Also see the KehilaLinks web page which has information regarding "Planning a Shtetl visit" and "Photographing in Cemeteries, etc. in Sub-Carpathia"

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Family Spotlight

Family spotlight and personal memoirs from Sub-Carpathia Ukraine.

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Klezmer Music

Klezmer music and Sub-Carpathia Ukraine.

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