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You can send us your name and delivery address details and your payment by using the free money transfer service offered by PayPal™. Payment may currently be made from credit card accounts which are denominated in US Dollars, C$ Canadian Dollars, £ Pounds Sterling, € Euros and ¥ Japanese Yen. Whichever currency you use we will receive your payment in US Dollars.

You will need to register with PayPal™ before using their free money transfer service; it only takes a few minutes. Transfers will be charged to your credit card account and you will therefore need to provide a valid credit card number for on-line verification during registration.

PayPal will charge your credit card account with US$1.95 during registration. The charge is used to verify the credit card account number and will be fully refunded once you start using the service. When the $1.95 charge appears in your credit card statement, a four digit code number will accompany it. You should then login to your PayPal account and enter the four-digit code number. It verifies that the credit card statement has been received at the address which you provided during registration and your account will then be upgraded to "Verified" status.

Please send your name and address details and payment to Latvia SIG via PayPal's free money transfer service. Click on the PayPal Payments icon to proceed.

When you are registered with PayPal your address will be displayed on the PayPal screen in the Shipping Information box. If you want the Latvia SIG Newsletter to be delivered to another address then please enter that address in the Special Instructions box.

Note: When you log in to your PayPal account, be sure that the website's URL always begins with The "s" in "https" at the beginning of the URL means you are logging into a secure page. If the URL does not begin with https, you are not on a PayPal page.

If you prefer to subscribe and pay by post then please click here.

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