Philadelphia Area Jewish Genealogical Resource Directory




General Cemetery Research Advice:

  •    Get information about gravesite location and other pertinent information prior to on-site visit (Strongly recommended for all cemetery visits).  

  •    Cemeteries ask that requests be sent by email or postage mail 1 to 2 weeks before visit.

  •    For cemeteries outside of city limits, please verify public transit with SEPTA to confirm directions and schedules.

  •     Best time to visit for personal help locating a specific grave: Mornings, preferably around 10:00 – 11:00 A.M.

  •     If permitted, take a photograph of the tombstone (Matzevah)

  •     If permitted, rub white chalk over older tombstones where lettering has worn down.  (Does not damage monument and washes off during next rainfall)

  •     Also check: or                


Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Area –Active Cemeteries

1/1/08 - Joan Pollak

Resource:  Adath Jeshurun Cemetery (Est: 1858/1861)

Address:   1855 Bridge Street

Philadelphia, PA 19124

Phone #:    Office: (215) 743-2524

Key Personnel:  Caretaker: John “Scotty” Gibson:  (215) 535-0649     cell: (215) 243-5229

Hours:  Grounds open 24 hours


Public Transportation:  Market-Frankford Train to Bridge /Pratt St.  Walk south on Bridge Street (approx 5 city blocks).

Driving Directions from Center City: I-676 East to I-95 North.  Exit Bridge St.  Harbison Ave. to Bridge St. (2nd light) left to cemetery.

Jewish Interest: From Elaine B. Kolinsky:  Approx 7,000 graves.  Originally used exclusively by Adath Jeshurun congregation. Opened to others in 1968.  Twice has sold ground to Chevra Bikur Cholem.  Adath Jeshurun is currently located at:   7763 Old York Road  Elkins Park, PA 19027   (215) 635-6611

2/10/08 – Shelia Eskin

Resource:  Ahavas Achim Cemetery (Est. 1889)

Address:    North State & South Levengood Streets

                Pottstown, PA 19464

Key Personnel:  Allan Altschull:   (610) 970-0942 (W)      (610) 326-4404 (H)

                       Lea Buchert:       (610) 329-3460

Public Transportation: Not advised

Driving Directions from Center City: I-676 West to I-76 West (Valley Forge).  Exit #328 B-A (US-202 S/US-202 N/US-422 W) (West Chester/King of Prussia/Pottstown)  Merge onto US-422 (Pottstown/Swedesford Rd).  Exit PA-100 North (Allentown).  Slight Right onto Pottstown Pike/PA-100.  Left on N. State Street.  Left on Levengood Road

Research Advice: Must call Mr. Buchert to arrange mutually convenient time and meeting location.

4/15/08 - Steve Schecter

Resource:  B’nai Jacob Cemetery (Est. approx 1910) (Aka: B’nai Israel Cemetery)

Address:    Lovers Lane

                 Mont Clare, PA 19453

Phone #:    (610) 933-5550 (Synagogue)

Key Personnel: Joseph Weinstock



Hours:  Grounds always open.  Cemetery is surrounded by a fence, but gate is unlocked.

Public Transportation:  Not Advised

Driving Directions from Center City: I-676 West to I-76 West (Valley Forge).  Exit #328 B-A (US-202 S/US-202 N/US-422 W) (West Chester/King of Prussia/Pottstown)  Merge onto US-422 (Pottstown/Swedesford Rd).  Exit toward Oaks.  Left on Egypt Rd.  Left on PA-29 (Bridge St).  Right on Lovers Lane – road not well marked

Research Advice:  Cemetery was started after a disagreement at the Schull.  Small building was origionally built as a chapel but now serves for storage.  Eventually the disagreement was settled and the cemetery expanded – the older section is strictly Orthodox and the new section is more liberal.

1/1/08 - Joan Pollak

Resource: Chevra Bikur Cholim Cemetery (Est. 1873) (Aka: Religious Society for Visiting the Sick & Hebrew Mutual)

Address:    1853 Bridge St.

Philadelphia 19124

Phone #:    (215) 942-4700 (Joseph H. Levine)

Public Transportation: Market-Frankford Train to Bridge/Pratt St.  Walk south on Bridge Street (approx 5 city blocks).

Driving Directions from Center City: I-676 East to I-95 (North).  Exit Bridge St.  Harbison Ave. to Bridge St. (2nd light) left to cemetery.

Research Advice:  Records are held by Joseph H. Levine.

12/27/07 – Shelda Sandler

Resource:  Har Jehuda Cemetery (Est. 1899)

Address:    8400 Lansdowne Avenue

 Upper Darby, PA 19082

Phone #:    (610) 789-2104

Key Personnel:   Larry Moskowitz, President

                         Kathy Phillips, Office Manager



Hours:  (Office):  9:00 – 4:30 Mondays through Thursdays; 9:00 – 3:00 Fridays

                         Seasonal Sunday hours – Call Office for Information

            (Grounds): Open 24 hours

Public Transportation: Market-Frankford Train to 69th Street.   #110 bus to cemetery; or #101 trolley (Media) or #102 trolley (Sharon Hill) to Lansdowne Ave., transfer to #113 bus to cemetery.  (Some SEPTA routes do not operate on Sundays.  Verify at or 215-580-7800) 

Driving Directions from Center City:  I-676 West to I-76 West.  Exit City Ave. (Route 1 South).  Route 1 South for 5.3 miles to Route 3.  Cross Route 3; left at next traffic light, Lansdowne Ave.  Har Jehuda is approximately one half mile on the right.  Enter “Gate 1” for the office.

Jewish Interest: Represented Lodges (L), Beneficial Associations (BA) & Landsmanshften (from PJAC):

  •          Abraham Bialsky L

  •          Ahavas Achim Talmud Torah Cong. (now Goldstein)

  •          American Brotherhood of Israel (merged w/ Emerald L)

  •          American Hebrew Society

  •          Auerbach L (merged w/ Zelig Braverman L)

  •          Balter BA (now Progressive BA)

  •          Baranovker Woiner BA of Phila.

  •          Baron Rothchild L (now Shivite Jeshoren BA)

  •          Beitchman L #17

  •          Benjamin Fishman L

  •          Benjamin Franklin L

  •          Bershider L (merged w/ Maccabee L)

  •          B.F. Miller L (merged w/ Stephen S. Wise L)

  •          B’nai Karden L (became Ellis L)

  •          B’nai Israel Chai

  •          B’nai Rubin Cong.

  •          Boruch Stalberg L (merged w/ Stephen S. Wise L)

  •          Bresler Podolier BA (merged w/ Tulchiner BA)

  •          Brotherhood of Israel

  •          Chatiner L (became Ellis L)

  •          Cohen-Adler L (now Abraham Bialsky L)

  •          Columbia BA (merged w/ American Fraternity)

  •          Cong. B’nai Moishe-Poole Zedek

  •          Constantine L (now Beitchman L #17)

  •          David Lit Fraternity

  •          Dreassner L (now Liberty United Southwark BA)

  •          Elizavatgrad BA

  •          Emerald L – American Brotherhood of Israel (merged w/ Theodore Roosevelt L #15)

  •          Ellis L (merged w/ United Pallestine L)

  •          Ellis Wattenmaker L (now Ellis L)

  •          First Fastover BA

  •          Fraternity BA (now American Brotherhood)

  •          Goldfus B’nai Moishe (merged w/ Maccabee L)

  •          Grayoyes BA

  •          Grissenberg BA

  •          Har Hacarmel BA (became Ellis L)

  •          Hebrew American BA

  •          Hugho Krauskof (now United Palestine L)

  •          Hyman Baron L (now Nieziner Tripolier)

  •          Ind. First Procekover BA

  •          Ind. Order Brith Sholom            (now Otick Moliver Cong.)

  •          Ind. Voliner Aid Society

  •          Home BA

  •          Hugho Krauskopf L (now United Palestine L)

  •          Jacob L (now Liberal L)

  •          Dr. Jacob E. Heller Progressive L

  •          John Hay L (now Maccabee Maharsho L)

  •          Jolen Inc., Ouerback & Zilig Braverman

  •          Kaniver Rezishtziver L

  •          Kehilas Adas Israel Cong.

  •          Kiever Cherkasser L (became Ellis L)

  •          Kipler BA

  •          Kreminchuch L of Krakover (became Bershider L)

  •          Labowitzer Vertein L (now Poale Zedek L)

  •          Liberal BA (merged w/ Ochremaver-Zangwill))

  •          Liberty United Southwark BA

  •          Liebovitzev (now Cong. B’nai Moishe-Poole Zedek)

  •          Lipowitzer BA (became Ellis L)

  •          Linat Hazedeck (now Philip Sayeta L)

  •          Lomzer BA

  •          Louis Singer L

  •          Maccabee L (now Maccabee Maharsho L)

  •          Maccabee Maharsho L

  •          Maimonides L (now Roumanian American Maimonides L)

  •          Medshebsher L

  •          Minsker L (now Abraham Bialsky L)

  •          Msilas Yeshurim Cong. (see Umachzike Hadath Cevra Shomre Shabos)

  •          National Mutual BA (became Ellis L)

  •          New Century Lodge (now David Lit Fraternity)

  •          New Pennsylvania L (merged w/ Ind. Order Brith Sholom)

  •          Neziner Cong. (merged w/ Temple Beth Zion, now Temple Beth Zion/Neziner Cong.)

  •          Neiziner Tripolier L

  •          Ochremaver Sochorhover (now Ochremaver-Zangwell BA)

  •          Ochremaver-Zangwell BA

  •          Old Friend’s Society

  •          Osher Maharsho L (merged w/ Maccabee L then Wise-Willig; now Maccabee Maharsho L)

  •          Otick Moliver Cong.

  •          Otick Moliver L (merged w/ Soroker Mohlev L)

  •          Paretz L (became Ellis L)

  •          Parkside Professor Schechter L

  •          Paole Zedek

  •          Pavilitzer L (see United Tarashcha Rakitner)

  •          Pennsylvania K of J.C. (now United Tarashcha Rakitner)

  •          Philadelphia City L (now Kaniver Rezishtziver L)

  •          Philadelphia Teamsters Union BA

  •          Philadelphia Workmen’s Circle

  •          Philip Sayeta L (merged w/ Sick Visitors BA)

  •          Podolier L (became Ellis L)

  •          Pomerantz L (now Emerald L)

  •          Ponevizer L (merged w/ Stephen L. Wise L)

  •          Pride of Philadelphia (merged w/ Ochremaver-Zangwell BA)

  •          Professor Schechter L (merged w/Rabbi Leventhal Parkside)

  •          Progressive BA (now Brotherhood of Israel)

  •          Proskurover BA

  •          Quaker City L (became Ellis L)

  •          Rabbi Ershler L

  •          Rabbi Leventhal Parkside L (now Parkside Professor Schechter L)

  •          Rakover BA (see Bershider L)

  •          Resischer Lischiner BA (merged w/ Tulchiner)

  •          Reszhiver BA (now Kaniver Rezishtziver L)

  •          Roumanian American Maimonides BA

  •          Roumanian Hebrew BA (now American Hebrew Society)

  •          Roumanian Progressive BA (now Dr. Jacob Heller L)

  •          Roumanian Yasher L (now Roumanian Hebrew BA)

  •          Sabata Mories L (merged w/ Stephen S. Wide L)

  •          Salchover BA (form. George Wessel L)

  •          Samuel Brenner L (became Ellis L)

  •          Scarienko L (now Old Friend’s Society)

  •          Seroker Unity L (See Sorcker Mohlev)

  •          Shaarei Torah Cong.

  •          Shivite Jeshoren BA

  •          Sholom Aleichem Berezovker Brandeis

  •          Simon Barofsky L (merged w/ American Family)

  •          Simon Miller L (now United Tarashcha Rikitner)

  •          Sick Visitors BA

  •          Stroker Mohiev L (merged w/ Otick Mohlev, form Serorker United L)

  •          Soroker Teleneshter Bessarabia BA

  •          Squarier L (now Parkside Professor Schecter L)

  •          Star BA

  •          Star of Pennsylvania L (now Old Friend’s Society)

  •          Wise-Willig L #1

  •          Stephen S. Wise L (merged w/ Max B. Willig L #4)

  •        Goldfus B’nai Moishe

  •        Bershider Kremen

  •        I.O. Brith Sholom

  •        Osher Maharsho

  •        Maccabee-Maharsho

  •          Stillman’s

  •          Teamsters’ Union BA

  •          Temple Beth Zion/Neziner Cong.

  •          Theodore Roosevelt L #15

  •          Tolinescher Bessarabia BA

  •          Tripolier BA (now Nieziner Tripolier)

  •          Tulchiner BA

  •          Tolner L (merged w/ Stephen S. Wise L)

  •          Umachzike Hadath Shomre Shabos (see Msilas Yeshurim)

  •          Umanier Verien of Phil;adelphia

  •          United Jewish Org.

  •          United L (now Emerald L)

  •          United Love L (merged w/ American Fraternity)

  •          United Palestine L

  •          United Tackitner BA (now United Tarashcha Rakitner BA)

  •          United Tarashcha Rakitner BA

  •          Vachnifker L (merged w/ Sick Visitors BA)

  •          Vederman’s Family Plot

  •          Victor Hugo L (now United Palestine L)

  •          Warshawer Social Friends

  •          Washington L (became Ellis L)

  •          William Learner L

  •          William Penn L (now Old Friend’s Society)

  •          Winitzer L

  •          Young Men’s Fraternity

  •          Young Roumanian BA (merged w/ Ochremanaver-Zangwill)

  •          Zangwill BA (merged w/ Ochremanaver-Zangwill)

  •          Zangwill Pride BA (now Zangwill BA)

  •          Zelig Braverman L (merged w/ Auerbach L)


1/1/08 – Joan Gross

Resource:  Har Nebo Cemetery (Est. 1882)

Address:    6061 Oxford Avenue & Benner Street

Philadelphia, PA 19149en

Phone #:    (215) 535-1530

Key Personnel:  Richard D. Levy



Hours:   8:30 AM to 4:30 PM – Sunday to Friday

Public Transportation: Market-Frankford Train to Margaret/Orthodox Exit.  #59 Bus to Castor Ave/Van Kirk Street.  10 minute walk to cemetery. (Some SEPTA routes do not operate on Sundays.  Verify at or 215-580-7800)

Driving Directions from Center City:  I-676 west to I-76 west to Roosevelt Blvd. (Route 1 North).   Left on Summerdale Ave., left on Oxford Ave., Cemetery on Right.

Jewish Interest: Philadelphia’s oldest privately owned Jewish cemetery.  Was a 22-acre cemetery owned by Northern Chevra Kadish, Inc.  In 1890 Isaac Levy and investors, primarily the Zeigler family, founded Har Nebo.  Zeiglers managed the cemetery from 1926 to 1981.  Now a 10-acre cemetery run by the Levy family.  Represented Lodges (L), Beneficial Associations (BA) & Landsmanshften (from Richard D. Levy):

  •          Abrahim Smith L

  •          Agusas Achim L #156

  •          Abraham Bialsky L #145

  •          Ahavas Achim BA

  •          Amer. Fraternally L #350

  •          Allegemeiner Oesterreicher Kranken United Ver.

  •          Anshei Zetomer Branch #1802

  •          Amiri Neum Nurewitz L #85

  •          Austria Gallicia L #20

  •          Austria Hungaria Chebra Raim Achivim

  •          Austria Hungaria Raim

  •          Beltz Bass Arabiansick BA

  •          Bernard Matz BA

  •          Bnai Maimon L #86

  •          Bialostik L #379

  •          Branovker Woliner BA

  •          Brith Sholom #5

  •          Brith Sholom L #20

  •          Brotherhood of Israel

  •          Chevera Bnai Israel Adat Resistschew

  •          Chevre Cheu Zedeck Assche Sfard

  •          Chabra Vail Zedek Anshe Birsh

  •          Chevere Gomle Chesed Schel Emes

  •          Chevre Ateveh Israel Anshe Brahim Va Chilmitch

  •          Chevra Mishnaes A.L. Phila.

  •          Chevre Meshnaes Anshe Sfard

  •          Chevre Raim Ahivim

  •          Chevra Schomre Schabas

  •          Cong. Achewah Chased Anshe Shevel

  •          Cong. Adath Israel

  •          Cong. Anshei Lode Lowen BA

  •          Cong. Atereth Israel Anshe Brahim Va Cholmitch

  •          Cong. Agudas Achim

  •          Cong. Beth David

  •          Cong. Beth Jacob

  •          Cong. Bnai Abraham

  •          Cong. Beth Sholom

  •          Cong. Gates of Justice of Resistchew

  •          Cong. Kesher Israel

  •          Cong. Keven Israel Anshe Sfard

  •          Cong. Mishkan Israel

  •          Cong. Orai Haichim Anschei Oestereich

  •          Cong. Sons of Halberstram

  •          Cong. Tiferes Israel Anschei Anschei Zitomer

  •          Cremeix Y.M. L #223

  •          Czernowitz Bukowinaer Nanke United Ver.

  •          Daroff Meshebesser Lodge #65

  •          Denaburger BA of Phila.

  •          Dier Shey Tiev

  •          Dinivitz Rodolier L #165

  •          Dirshu Tove

  •          Doctor Jacob L. Heller

  •          Doctor Krauskop L #400

  •          Doctor Theodore Herzel L #24

  •          Don Abarbanel L #137

  •          Emil Zola L #11

  •          Esras Achim Brisher BA

  •          Elisavetgrad BA

  •          First Kischineff Self Help Loan BA

  •          First Kovlowker Sick BA

  •          Gan Jelodim L #250

  •          Greenspan Israel

  •          Grodner of Phila. L

  •          Har Sinai L #134

  •          Heinrich Heine L #140

  •          Hyman Lodge #75

  •          Ind. American Lodge #35

  •          Ind. Baranovker Lodge #169

  •          Ind. Choniker Protective Assoc of Phila.

  •          Ind. Kerivozer BA

  •          Ind. Kishineff Unit Ver.

  •          Ind. Solomon Wagman

  •          Ind. Zangwill BA

  •          Jewish Free Burial Society

  •          Jewish Hospital Assoc of Phila.

  •          Jewish National Workers Alliance of America

  •          Kahvliker BA

  •          Kanever BA of Phila.

  •          Kehilath Kodesh Anshe Sode Lewon

  •          King Davids L $44

  •          King Solomon Progressive L #87

  •          Kron Ching Rudolph BA

  •          Krosenere Verein

  •          Kanenitzer L #77

  •          Kaminez L #77

  •          Kurlander United Verein

  •          Lechewitzer Progressive Assoc.

  •          Liberty BA

  •          Liberty L #12

  •          Marcus Jastrow L

  •          Mayer Lutzeberger L #95

  •          Maccabes L #26 (Wise Willig)

  •          Mayer Sultzberger L #377

  •          Michael Heilprin L #404

  •          Morris Rosenbaum L

  •          Moses Hess Camp #5

  •          Moses Montifiore L 3@!

  •          Northern Chevra Kadisha

  •          Orai Hachaim L #245

  •          Oheu Zedick L #72

  •          Otek Mohliv L #78

  •          Palistine L #273

  •          Parkside lodge #189

  •          Penn American BA (Cong. Mishkan Israel)

  •          Penna. Original BA

  •          Phila. Banner Lodge #646

  •          Phila. Beneficial Soc.

  •          Phila. Hebrew BA

  •          Prushen Shershow

  •          Rabbi Herman Adler L #10

  •          Rabbi Lachs BA

  •          Radomisler BA

  •          Rezishchiver BA

  •          Rodef Sholom L #1

  •          Roumanian Workingmen BA

  •          Royal L #440

  •          Shomai Amuno Anshe Kelm

  •          Shomei Sabbath Turach Sike Hadash

  •          Sholom Mayer Cohen L #149

  •          Simon Willig L

  •          Smiller BA

  •          Smiller Anteisritching Verein

  •          Smela BA

  •          Simons Family Lots

  •          Society of United Hebrew Charities

  •          Stephen Girard L #86

  •          Theodore Roosevelt L #15

  •          Tiferes Israel Anshe Lito

  •          Tolner Brotherhood Assoc

  •          Tolner Dubner Bros. Assoc

  •          United Ahavath Sholom BA

  •          United Brothers BA (Brith Achim)

  •          United Palestine L #273

  •          United Progressive BA

  •          United Tarashtchu Rakitner BA

  •          Uptown Home for the Aged

  •          Vitebsher BA

  •          Volgelson Haber Zangwell #43

  •          William McKinley L #49

  •          Winnitza L #274

  •          William Penn L #226

  •          Wilmer Bene. Soc.

  •          Zeleg Mamlin L #287

  •          Zevhiller L #594

  •          Zolotomimish L #91

1/16/2008 - Shelda Sandler 

Resource:  Har Zion Cemetery (Est. 1936)

Address:      1201 MacDade Boulevard

  Darby, PA 19023

Phone #:      (215)726-1146

Key Personnel:   Robert Feldman

 Phone (Florida): (305) 598-4841

Web/e-mail: No web site and no e-mail address

Hours:   (Office):     9:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M. Monday to Friday; 10:00 A.M. – 1:30 P.M. Sundays

             (Grounds):  Always open

Public Transportation: Market-Frankford Subway to 69th Street.  #113 bus along MacDade Boulevard to Har Zion Cemetery. (Some SEPTA routes do not operate on Sundays.  Verify at or 215-580-7800)

Driving Directions from Center City:  I-676 East to I-95 South.  Exit Bartram Ave. Right on 84th St. (becomes Hook Road).  Right to Primos Ave. (Primos becomes Oak Lane). Right at MacDade Blvd.  Cemetery on Left.

Jewish Interest: Records are being computerized; project not yet complete; many records contain date of death; date of burial; name of funeral director; next of kin; some records list cause of death

3/24/08 – Steve Schecter

Resource:  Haym Salomon Memorial Park (Est. 1929)

Address:     200 Moores Road

                  Frazier, PA 19323

Phone #:     (610) 644-1100

Key Personnel:   Samuel Domsky



Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM – Mon to Fri;  9:00 AM to 2:00 PM – Sunday

           Closed all major Holidays

Public Transportation:  Not recommended

Driving Directions from Center City:  I-676 West to I-76 West (King of Prussia/Valley Forge).  Exit #328 B-A (US-202 S/US-202 N/US-422 W) (West Chester/King of Prussia/Pottstown)  US-202 South.  Exit Conestoga Road (Right at bottom of exit ramp).  First Left to Moore Road.  Cemetery on Right.

12/31/07 – Mark Melmed


Resource:  King David Memorial Park  (Est 1952) (Aka: Evergreen Memorial Park) 

Address:   3594 Bristol Road

Bensalem, PA 19020

Phone #:   (215) 464-4747 or (215) 355-9917

Key Personnel: Jack Livezey


Hours:   9 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday or by appointment; Sunday - by appointment

Public Transportation: Not recommended

Driving Directions form Center City: I-676 East to I-95 North.  I-95 North (appox. 4 miles), exit Woodhaven Road.  Exit US-1 North (Morrisville).  Exit Neshaminy Mall, (after PA Turnpike); bear right to Rock Hill Drive.  Left at dead end to Neshaminy Blvd. Proceed 0.5 miles to cemetery on right at the second traffic light.  Turn hard right into King David Memorial Park, (corner of Bristol Road and Neshaminy Blvd).

Jewish Interest:  the Jewish King David Memorial park was spun off from the non-sectarian Evergreen Memorial Park.

2/10/08 – Shelia Eskin

Resource:  Cong. Mercy & Truth Cemetery (Aka: Bet Knesset Hesed Shel Emith)

Address:     North Hanover & Prospect streets

                 Pottstown, PA 19464

Phone:        (610) 326-1717 (Synagogue)


Public Transportation: Not recommended

Driving Directions form Center City: I-676 West to I-76 West (Valley Forge).  Exit #328 B-A (US-202 S/US-202 N/US-422 W) (West Chester/King of Prussia/Pottstown).  Merge onto US-422 (Pottstown/Swedesford Rd).  Exit Hanover Street.  Right onto Hanover Street to Prospect Street.

Key Personnel: Rabbi David Wortman

                       Lea Buchert (Burials)    (610) 326-3460

                       Allan Altschull              (610) 970-0942 (W)      (610) 326-4404 (H)


Hours:  Daily except Friday noon to Sunday AM

Hours:  Daily except Friday noon to Sunday AM

4/4/08 – Steve Schecter

Resource:  Montefiore Cemetery (Est. 1910)

Address:   600 Church Road & Borbeck Street

Rockledge, PA 19111

Phone #:   (215) 663-1250

Key Personnel:  Kate, Sharon, or Elaine


Hours:  8:30 – 4:30 Monday to Friday; 9 to 2 Sunday

Public Transportation: Not recommended

Driving Directions form Center City:  I-676 West to I-76.   West.  Exit US-1/Roosevelt Blvd.  Stay in outside local lanes on Blvd.  ¾ of the way around Oxford Circle to Exit Right Castor Avenue.  Left on Tyson Avenue.  Right on Algon Avenue.  Left on Cottman Avenue (may change name to Township Line Road).  Right on Church.  Cemetery on Left.

Jewish Interest: Represented Lodges (L), Beneficial Associations (BA) & Landsmanshften (from Chronicles: The JGSGP Newsletter):

  •          Abraham I. Saltzman Family Circle

  •          Abraham Sacks L

  •          Achdach B’nai Israel Cong.

  •          Agudas Achim-Goldstein

  •          Agudas Achim Cong.

  •          Ahavas Achim-Goldstein

  •          Ahavas Achim Belzer BA

  •          Ahavis Israel Cong.

  •          Ahavas-Israel-Goldstein

  •          Aitz Chiam Uzichron Jacob Cong.

  •          Also American Fraternity

  •          Also Schechter

  •          American Brotherhood of Israel

  •          American Fraternity

  •          American Goldstein

  •          Anshe Klem

  •          Anshe Lito Cong.

  •          Anshe Sode Loven

  •          Anshei Shavel Cong.

  •          Asher

  •          Austria Galicia

  •          Bakers’ Self Protection

  •          Berschler

  •          Beth David

  •          Beth Joseph

  •          Beth Zion

  •          Bnai Abraham

  •          Bnai Abraham Cong.

  •          Bnai israel

  •          Bnai Jacob

  •          Bnai Menashe

  •          Bobroisk

  •          Bogoplier BA

  •          Borowsky

  •          Boslover BA

  •          Braslavsky

  •          Brith Sholom Cong.

  •          Brolover Progressive

  •          Bukier BA

  •          Chaim Weitzman

  •          Emerald L

  •          Chapel

  •          Charles B. Hall

  •          Chevra Linas Hazedek

  •          Chevra Mishneas

  •          Chevra Thillim

  •          Clean Up

  •          Columbia BA

  •          Coopersmith

  •          Czernowitz-Eicholitz

  •          Dorshe Sholom

  •          Ei;savetgrad BA

  •          Emerald L

  •          Ezras Achim Brisker

  •          Fisher Memorial Park

  •          Friendship

  •          Frimmel

  •          Germantown Cong.

  •          Geulas Israel

  •          Goldenberg, Louis

  •          Goldstein

  •          Gordon

  •          Greenberg Family Circle

  •          Grodno L

  •          Grodno-Reisman

  •          Haber Zangwill L

  •          Haber Morris

  •          Haller Goldstein

  •          Haller- Dr. Jacob

  •          Hrzl, Dr. Theodore

  •          Home BA

  •          Hyman-Goldstein

  •          Hyman L

  •          Incomparable Brothers

  •          Independent American L

  •          Independent American-Goldstein

  •          Loltiskover Verin

  •          Isador Family Circle

  •          Jewish National

  •          Jolen

  •          Kahriliker

  •          Kemeniter

  •          Kanner, morris

  •          Kenileth Israel

  •          Kennsington Community Center

  •          Kesher Israel

  •          King Solomon

  •          Kishineff

  •          Klats Family circle

  •          Kolker

  •          Korsoner Verein

  •          Krauskopf

  •          Kurlander Verin

  •          Lerner, William

  •          Levine

  •          Liberty Southwark

  •          Liberty Southwark-Goldstein

  •          Love Brothers

  •          Love of Israel

  •          Ludwig

  •          Machzika Ariv

  •          Marcus Jastrow L

  •          Maurer

  •          Mausoleum (Cemetery owned)

  •          Memorial Park

  •          Merchants’ Protective

  •          Mishkin Israel

  •          Mishneas-Goldstein

  •          Moishe P

  •          Molnick

  •          NCK-Goldstein

  •          Nemerov Podolier

  •          New Liberty

  •          Neziner Tripolier

  •          No Organization

  •          Northern Chevra Kadisha

  •          Ochremover Zangwill

  •          Ohavas Chased Germantown

  •          Ohev Zedek

  •          Pannonia

  •          Pennsylvania

  •          Pennsylvania Private

  •          Pennsylvania-Goldstein

  •          Pennsylvania-Reisman

  •          Pennsylvania BA

  •          Poale Zedek

  •          Private

  •          Progressive

  •          Raphael, Abraham

  •          Rawitz, Bertha

  •          Rawitz-Goldstein

  •          Rawitz-Stillman

  •          Reisman, Rosalie

  •          Riga

  •          Roosevelt

  •          Rosenfeld Family

  •          Schechter, Professor

  •          Schermer

  •          Shipolier BA

  •          Sick Visitors

  •          Silverman Family Circle

  •          Sokolifker

  •          Sons of Israel Cong.

  •          Stepenitzer

  •          Stillman

  •          Strawberry Mansion

  •          Teplicker

  •          Terrace Crypt

  •          Thillim-Goldstein

  •          Tefereth Israel

  •          Tikvoh Chodesh

  •          Tolner

  •          Umanier Werein

  •          United Israel

  •          United Jewish Organizations

  •          United Palestine

  •          United Progressive BA

  •          Volkovonitzer

  •          Warsawer

  •          Weiss Family Circle

  •          Widreqitz Solomon

  •          William Penn

  •          William Penn-Goldstein

  •          Wise Willig

  •          Wise Willig-Goldstein

  •          Wise, Stephen S.

  •          Workman’s Circle

  •          Zangwill Pride BA

  •          Zickney Israel

  •          Zlotapolier BA

  •          Zwiller

1/1/08 - Joan Pollak

Resource Name:  Mount Carmel Cemetery (Est. 1832) (Aka: Krakauer Beth Elohim)

Address:   5700 Frankford Ave. (at Cheltenham Ave.)

               Philadelphia, Pa. 19135

Phone #:  (215) 289-0939

Web/e-mail: No Website or Email

Hours:  (Office) M-F 8:30-4:30

Driving Directions from Center City: I-676 West to I-76 West (Schuylkill Expwy). Exit Roosevelt Blvd/US-1 North (at Blvd. stay in outside local lanes).  At Oxford Circle, 1/4 around circle, Right to Cheltenham Ave.

Jewish Interest:  Was owned and operated by Scott’s Florists, across the street from the cemetery but is now run by Har Nebo. Burial records are now at Har Nebo Cemetery but are very disorganized.  In 1896 was opened primarily for Russian Jews.  Represented Lodges (L), Beneficial Associations (BA) & Landsmanshften (from Aaron Roentenberg):

  •          Austrian BA

  •          Avath Chesed L

  •          Benjamin Franklin L

  •          Broneberg L

  •          Chebra Thillim

  •          Chevra L

  •          Cong. Emunath Israel Ohew Solem

  •          Dr. Morias L

  •          Dr. Hertzel L

  •          Frimel L

  •          Grand L

  •          Horadisher Wilshauer BA

  •          Hungarian Cong.

  •          Hungarian Free Burial L

  •          Hungarian L

  •          Hyman L

  •          Independent Love Brothers L

  •          Ingber L

  •          Island L

  •          Jewish Free Burial L

  •          Jezer Zane BA

  •          Keystone L

  •          Krakaurer L

  •          Krakaurer BA

  •          Liberty L #566

  •          Ohev Zedeck Chevra

  •          Ohev Scholem

  •          Old Penn L

  •          Pennsylvania L

  •          Philadelphia L

  •          Philadelphia Rumanian American L

  •          Rom Oir Chodesh

  •          Rumanian L #249

  •          Rosenberg

  •          Schneider L

  •          Schneier

  •          Shaller L

  •          Shoemaker BA

  •          Spaller L

  •          Sprollar L

  •          Taiolers BA

  •          Tulos BA

  •          United Progressive L

  •          Zanguella

  •          Zanquell L

1/2/08 Shelda Sandler

Resource:  Mount Jacob Cemetery  (Est. 1942)

Address:    141 Bartram Avenue

Glenolden, PA 19036  

[mailing address will be changing]

Phone #:    (215) 726-8633

Key Personnel:  Lenore Horowitz, Vice-President  

Web/Email: No Website or email.

Hours:   (Office):  8:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. (winter hours)  9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.  (summer hours)

            (Grounds):     Always open

Public Transportation:  Market-Frankford Train to 69th Street.  #113 or #107 bus to Bartram Avenue (#107 bus does not operate on Sundays).

Driving Directions from Center City: I-676 East to I-95 South.  Exit Bartram Ave.  Right on 84th St. (becomes Hook Road).  Right to Primos Ave. (Primos becomes Oak Ave.).  Left on Bartram Ave.  Entrance on left.

Jewish Interest: Burials not computerized; information on cards and paper; date of death; date of burial; date of birth; age at death; names of parents; funeral director; name of person who placed stone; closest kin; other family members buried at Mt. Jacob; lodge information

Represented Lodges (L), Beneficial Associations (BA) & Landsmanshften (from Aaron Roentenberg):

  •          Otic Mohlever/Mohliver

  •          Zitomer BA

  •          Judaic Union

  •          International Workers Org.

  •          Young Mens Fraternity

  •          Friendly Brothers

  •          Krivozer BA

  • 12/27/07 – Shelda Sandler

    Resource:  Mount Lebanon Cemetery (Est. 1910)  

    Address:    1200 Bartram Avenue

    Collingdale, PA 19023

    Phone #:   (610) 583-3151

    Key Personnel:  Office personnel


    Hours:    (Office): 9:00 – 3:00 Monday – Friday; 9:00 – 3:00 Sundays during May, June, Sept & Oct)

                 (Grounds):     Open daily until sundown 

    Public Transportation: Market-Frankford Train to 69th Street.  #113 or #107 bus to Bartram Avenue (#107 bus does not operate on Sundays).

    Driving Directions from Center City: I-676 East to I-95 South.  Exit Bartram Ave.  Right on 84th St. (becomes Hook Road).  Right to Primos Ave. (Primos becomes Oak Ave.).  Right to Bartram Avenue.  Cemetery entrance on right.

    1/7/08 – Shelda  Sandler

    Resource:  Mount Sharon Cemetery (Est. 1922)

    Address:    502 E. Springfield Road (at West Avenue) 

    Springfield, PA 19064

    Phone #:    (610) 543-8900 

    Key Personnel:  Office Personnel

    Web/e-mail:  No web site; No e-mail

    Hours:  (Office): 10:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. Monday to Friday; 9:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. Sundays (Nov to March)

                            By appointment – Sundays (April through October)

                            (Grounds):     Always open

    Public Transportation: Market-Frankford Train to 69th Street.  #107 bus to Springfield and Bishop Roads, walk approximately ½ - ¾ mile West on Springfield Rd. to entrance of cemetery.  (#107 bus does not operate on Sundays.)  Alternate routes: #109 bus to Baltimore Pike and West Avenue, walk on West Avenue approximately one mile or more to cemetery; or #101 (Media) trolley to Springfield Road station, walk East on Springfield Rd. approximately one mile to cemetery entrance.  These are very long walks. (Some SEPTA routes do not operate on Sundays.  Verify at or 215-580-7800)

    Driving Directions from Center City: I-676 East to I-95 South to I-476 North.  Exit US-1 North.  Right W. Springfield Road (road winds and becomes East Springfield Road)  Cemetery on right. 

    Jewish Interest: Records computerized but not on-line; date of death; location of grave; date of burial if known; no other information will be given.

    Represented Lodges (L), Beneficial Associations (BA) & Landsmanshften (from Chronicles: The JGSGP Newsletter):

    •          Adath Israel Protective L

    •          Adath Shalom Synagogue

    •          Agudath Israel of Phila.

    •          Ahavas Achem Cong. Talmud Torah

    •          American Brotherhood of Israel

    •          American Hebrew

    •          Anche Libavich, Lubavitch Synagogue

    •          Anshe Sholom Cong.

    •          Anshe (Anshei) Zitomer

    •          Baranovker-Worner BA

    •          Benjamin Franklin BA

    •          Bershader (now Ind. Young Men’s BA)

    •          Beth Am Israel Cong.

    •          Beth Hamesdrosh Hogodon Cong.

    •          Beth Jacob West Phila. (now Beth Hamesdrosh Hogodon Cong.)

    •          Beth Samuel Cong. (now Adath Shalom Synagogue)

    •          Beth Zion Beth Israel

    •          Bikur Cholim of Strawberry Mansion

    •          Bnai Aaron Cong./aka Suburban Jewish Community

    •          Bnai Chiam Social

    •          Bnai Israel of Poland

    •          Bnai Jacob of Strawberry Mansion Cardoza L #400

    •          Bobroisk

    •          Brith Sholom L #20

    •          Chevra Shoimra Shabus

    •          Chevra Yagdel Torah

    •          Chodorkover BA

    •          Dinivitz Podolier BA

    •          Dorshe Tove Cong

    •          Emerald L #16.

    •          Emile Zola L #391

    •          Farband Labor Zionist Bransh #25

    •          Fishman L #212

    •          Friends of Justice Cong.

    •          S. Frug Branch #107

    •          Gates of Justice Cong.

    •          Heisiner Shitte Jeshuren

    •          Hertzel L #183 (now Bobroisk)

    •          Ind. Vinkovitzer

    •          Ind. Young Men’s BA

    •          Jewish Free Burial Assoc.

    •          Jewish National Workers Alliance BA

    •          K. Marks BA

    •          Kalisher Stavisther BA (now United Jewish Org.)

    •          Kaniver Rez BA

    •          Karem Israel Cong.

    •          Kesher Israel Cong.

    •          Krivoser BA (now United Jewish Org.)

    •          Lechivitzer Progressive

    •          Letitichever BA

    •          Levinthal Minsker L

    •          Liberty United Southwark

    •          Lomzar Mutual BA

    •          Macabee Group

    •          Macabee L #26 (now Phila. Victory L)

    •          Mastbaum L

    •          Mayer Sulzberger Circle

    •          New Century L

    •          Neziner Synagogue (now Beth Zion Beth Israel)

    •          Ochremover Zangwell Pride

    •          Odesser Ind. BA

    •          Odesser Ladies Ind. BA

    •          Odesser Progressive Branch #301

    •          Ostropoler Social club

    •          Otik Mohliver Cong.

    •          Phila. Banner L

    •          Phila. City Baron Hirsh L (now United Palestine)

    •          Phila. L #500 (now Phila. Victory L #42)

    •          Phila. Roumanian American L

    •          Phila. Victory L #42

    •          Polonner Progressive

    •          Progressive Golden Chain of Israel

    •          Progressive Sons of Jacob

    •          Rabbi Novoseller

    •          Rabbi Twersky

    •          Rehem Ahevem

    •          Roosevelt L

    •          Roumanian Oir Chadish (now Society Hill Synagogue)

    •          Roumanian Hebrew (now American Hebrew)

    •          Royal L

    •          Shaare Eli Cong.

    •          Shaare Israel Cong.

    •          Shaare Shomayim Cong.

    •          Shitte Jeshuren BA (now Heisiner Shitte Jeshuren)

    •          Sick Visitors BA

    •          Smiler BA (now United Jewish Org.)

    •          Society Hill Synagogue

    •          Soltzman (Hyman & Sam) Assoc.

    •          Soroker Teleneshter Sick BA

    •          Stashover BA

    •          Steuben Burial Assoc.

    •          Tucudover Progressive BA

    •          Teamsters United Protective Assoc.

    •          Tickvas Israel Cong.

    •          Tiraspolier Verem

    •          Tutchiner BA

    •          United Jewish Org.

    •          United Palestine

    •          United Tarascha Rakitner BA

    •          Washington L

    •          Wilna BA

    •          Winster L #274

    •          Winkovitzer Zinkover Verein

    •          Wise Willig L (now Phila. Victory L #42)

    •          Wishnivtzer Voliner BA

    •          Woliner Branch #3

    •          Yagdel Torah

    •          Yampoler BA

    •          Zashkover Untershitzing

    •          Zeirri & Zeirreas Israel

    •          Zerah Israel Cong.

    •          Zitomer Cong. Tefereth Israel

    •          Zlaczower BA (now Brith Sholom L #20)

4/11/08 - Steve Schecter

Resource: Mount Sinai Cemetery  (Est. 1853)

Address:   1901 Bridge Street  (Bridge & Cottage Streets)

Philadelphia, PA 19124   

Mailing address:

1077 Rydal Road, Suite 100

Rydal, PA 19046-1712

Phone #:   (215) 886-8430

Key Personnel:   Judith Hahn Kramer, Cemetery Secretary

                         John Gibson, Caretaker  (215) 535-1003


Driving Directions from Center City:  I-676 east to I-95 north.  Exit 27 (Bridge St/Harbison Ave).  Keep right at ramp fork and merge onto Aramingo Ave (becomes Harbison Ave).  Left on Bridge.  Cemetery on right.

Jewish Interest:  2nd oldest Jewish Cemetery in Philadelphia.  Adjoined Cong. Adath Jeshurun and was primarily German-Jewish but non-congragationalist (open to all Jews).

One Century of Peace

On July 1, 1853, a meeting was held in Keim’s Hall, 4th Street below Callowhill, in Philadelphia.  The object was to buy a piece of land for the purpose of a cemetery.  A committee was named to locate a proper piece of land suitable for a cemetery.  A second meeting was held six days later, and the constitution of the Association was read and approved.  A few weeks later a piece of land containing seven acres located on what is now Bridge Street near Cottage, was selected and purchased.  Later, in 1984, and at different times thereafter, additional adjecent land was acquired so that today the area of Mt. Sinai Cemetery is 17.5 acres.  It is bounded by Bridge Street on the south, Cottage Street on the east, and Cheltenham Avenue on the north.  The Association was incorporated by the Philadelphia as The Mount Sinai Cemetery Association of Pennsylvania and its charter was signed and recorded on June 9, 1854.

            The first burial in the cemetery was made in January of 1854 in the Moses Sternberger lot No. 503.  In 1952, 90-year-old Hettie Sternberger, the wife of Solomon Sternberger, a son of the original lotholder, was buried in the same lot.  Many other families have had the use of lots in our cemetery over a similar period.

            Despite Mt. Sinai Cemetery’s century of service the unsold portion of this beautiful resting place contains room for 4,000 additional internments . . .  – from the cemetery’s centennial brochure.

     1853 Original Officers and Directors of the Association

Marcus Goldman                    President

Henry Mayer                          Vice-President

Mayer Sternberger                  Treasurer

Adolf Klopfer                         Secretary

A. Kaufman                           Director

Louis Seidenbach                   Director

Simon Schloss                       Director

S. Heidenberger                     Director

Herrman Weiller                     Director


1953 Officers and Directors

J. Solis-Cohen, Jr.                   President

Jacob Loeb Langsdorf              Vice-President

Richard L. Newburger              Treasurer

Henry Polish                          Secretary

Gordon A. Block                      Director

Henry Ferne, 2nd                     Director

Harry Sylk                              Director

Jerome Bennett                      Director

Samuel K. Blumenthal             Director

Samuel W. Fernberger             Director


1/14/08 – Shelda Sandler

Resource:   Ohev Shalom Cemetery (Est. 1890) (Aka: B’nai Aaron Cemetery / B’nai Israel Cemetery / Brookhaven Cemetery)

Address:   Brookhaven Road

Brookhaven, PA 19015

Phone #:   (610) 874-1465 (Ohev Shalom Synagogue Office)

Key Personnel:    Stanton Myerson, Ohev Shalom Synagogue, Cemetery Chairperson

Web/e-mail:   No website or no e-mail address

Hours:  (Grounds): Open during daylight hours.

Public Transportation: Market- Frankford Subway Train to 69th Street.  #118 bus runs on Brookhaven Rd. in Brookhaven between Waterville Rd. and Providence Rd. (Rt. 252).  It does not operate on Sundays.

Driving directions from Center City:  I-676 East to I-95 South to I-476 North.  Exit 3 (Baltimore Pike/Rt. 13) towards Media.  First left Turner Road (Turner Rd. becomes Brookhaven Rd).  Pass Waterville Rd. Quick right after bridge to cemetery entrance.

Research Advice:

  •     No office; however, the caretaker lives on the grounds.

  •     For information, Ohev Shalom Synagogue.  Synagogue is NOT adjacent to cemetery.

  •     Some burials computerized; some burials listed in books; more likely to have information if deceased was a member of Ohev Shalom Synagogue; newer burials may have date of death, date of burial, and some other information

  •     Personal help locating a specific grave available by contacting Office at Ohev Shalom

  •     Large map of cemetery in Synagogue Office.  Small maps not available

12/31/07 – Mark Melmed

Resource:  Roosevelt Memorial Park  (Est. 1929)

Address:     2701 Old Lincoln Highway

                 (Route 1 and City Lane)

                 Trevose, PA 19053

Phone #:    (215) 673-7500

                  (215) 638-8115  (fax)

Key Personnel:  David Gordon

Web/e-mail:   no accessible sites

Hours:   Office:  9:00 AM to 5:00 PM – Monday to Friday

                        9:00 AM to 4 PM - Sunday

                        Grounds:       Always Open

Public Transportation: Market-Frankford Train to Bridge Street.  #14 Bus to Old Lincoln and Somerton Roads.  3 minute walk to Cemetery entrance. (#14 bus does not operate on Sunday).

Driving Directions for Center City: I-676 East to I-95 North. Exit Woodhaven Road North (marked Liberty Bell Race Track) to US-1 North (Morrisville exit).  Staty to the Right and look carefully for sign for Old Lincoln Highway (approximately 1.5 miles).  Right then left at Jug Handle to cross US-1. ¾ miles to entrance on right.

Jewish Interest: Represented Lodges (L), Beneficial Associations (BA) & Landsmanshften (from Chronicles: The JGSGP Newsletter):

  •          Aure Hachaim

  •          Bailostock L

  •          Bailsky

  •          Denaburger

  •          Friendly Brothers

  •          Hungarian Hebrew Assoc.

  •          International Workers

  •          Lenas Hezedek

  •          Old Friends Society

  •          Penn Original BA

  •          Prushin Shershow

  •          Tunchiner Goldin Chair

  •          Vitsbsker

  •          Young Hungarians

4/20/08 - Steve Schecter

Resource:  Shalom Memorial Park  (Est. 1964)

Address:    Byberry & Pine Roads

Huntington Valley, PA 19006  

Phone #:    (215) 673-4600

Key Personnel: William Friewald

Web/email: no accessible sites

Hours:     Mon to Fri 9-5; Sat 9-noon; Sun 9:30-4;  Grounds open until 6:30 daily.

Public Transportation: Not advised

Driving Directions from Center City:  I-676 East to I-95 North to Woodhaven Road West.  Exit US-1 South (Roosevelt Blvd.).  Stay in outside local lanes.  Right at Byberry Road (immediately before Nabisco Bakery).  Right at Pine Road.

4/21/08 - Steve Schecter

Resource:  Tiferet Bet Israel (Aka: Norristown Jewish Community Center Cemetery)

Address:     Fairfield Road (Near Ridge Pike)

                         Norristown, PA  19422

Phone #:    (610) 275-8797

Key Personnel: Robby Cohen


Public Transportation:  Not advised

Driving Directions from Center City:  I-676 West to I-76 West (Valley Forge).  I-476 North.  Exit 18B (Norristown/Chemical Road).  Right at end of ramp to Chemical Road.  Right at first light / Ridge Pike.  Right at Fairfield (Gas Station).  Cemetery on Right



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