Major JGSLI Projects

JGSLI has several projects that serve our mission to capture Jewish Long Island’s genealogical information, make it available to others, and to develop our members into better genealogists.

Yearbook Project

Cemetery Project

Speakers Forum

DNA Project

Memorial Plaque Project (Yizkor plaques)

We welcome volunteers for all projects. Even if you can help for only an hour a week, there are still lots of things you can do:

  • Help members with research
  • Help with the monthly mailing
  • Write an article for LIneage or JGSLIOnline
  • Help with membership outreach
  • Index old issues of LIneage for the website
  • Help with marketing & publicity
  • Start or contribute to discussions on the Facebook Group
  • Help other members break through brick walls

If you’d like to donate toward any JGSLI project, we accept all forms of Paypal payments (including credit cards).