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JGSI Research Library

Our library contains over 800 volumes from the History of the Jews of Chicago to Where Once We Walked, a guide to finding the Jewish communities lost in the Holocaust. View catalog which will open in a new browser window or tab. We have now added a significant portion of our library holding to an online keyword searchable database. For a Quick Guide and to search by keyword, click here.

For your convenience, on meeting Sundays the library will be open 12:30-1:45 p.m.; the program will begin at 2:00. For more information or to volunteer, call Belle Holman at 847-679-1995 or e-mail her at Library@jgsi.org

JGSI Research Library


JGSI has recently added many wonderful new books and maps to our library. Recent acquisitions include:



Guidebook for Sephardic and Oriental Genealogical Sources in Israel

Tagger, Mathilde; Kerem, Yitzchak

394p. 2006


Avotaynu Guide to Jewish Genealogy

Sack and Mokotoff, editors

608p. 2004


In Their Words: Genealogist'sTranslation Guide,Vol.II, Russian Documents

Shea, Jonathen ; Hoffman, William

486p. 2002


The Jews of Lithuania; 1326-1945

Greenbaum, Marsha

405p. 1995


Genealogical Gazetteer 0f the Kingdom of Hungary

Auslander, Jordan

509p. 2005


Polish Sources at the Central Archives for the History of Jewish People

Volovici; Medykowski; Assouline; Lukin

300p. 2004


The Lurie Legacy: The House of Davidic Royal Descent

Rosensten, Dr. Neil

389p. 2004


Dictionary of Sephardic Surnames

Faiguenboim; Valadares; Campgnano

527p. 2003


Dictionary of Jewish Names from Galicia

Beider, Alexander

600p. 2004


Dictionary of German-Jewish Surnames

Menk, Lars

795p. 2005


German Minority Census of 1939

Edlund, Thomas

55p. 1996


Library Resources for German-Jewish Genealogy

Ellmann-Kruger; Luft, Edward

80p. 1998


The Naturalized Jews of the Grand Duchy of0020Posen in 1834-1835

Luft, Edward David

277p. 2004 Revised Edition

A Field Guide to Visiting a Jewish Cemetery

Segal, Rabbi Joseph

236 p. 2005


German Name Change Gazetteer Vol.1

635p. 1931


German Name Change Gazetteer Vol. 2



2007 Jewish Genealogy Conf. Syllabus

IAJGS, 650 p.





Pale of Settlement Including the Kingdom of Poland: 1794

Avotynu, Inc.



Austro-Hungarian Empire Group:

Jonathan Sheppard Books


1. Austrian Empire circa 1875



2. East Central Provinces: Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia 1814



3. Hungary and part of Siebenburgen 1845



Czechoslovakia Group:


1.Bohemia, Silesia, Moravia, Lusatia 1794



2.East Central Provinces: Bohemia, Moravia. Silesia 1844



Eastern Europe World War I Era:


1. Russian Baltic Provinces 1914



2. Eastern Europe1915



3.Carpathians: Roumania, part of Balkans 1916



Early Germany:


1. Germany circa 1760



2. Germany 1766



3. Germany 1780



4. Germany 1805



Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia:


1. Baltic States 1845



2. Russian Baltic Provinces 1914





1. Poland 1799 & earlier divisions



2. Poland 1817





1. Russia in Europe 1845 (2 maps)



2. Black Sea Settlements Before 1918



3.West Russia 1835



4.. South-West Russia 1860



Visit JGSI’s library during our new expanded research hours, 12:30-1:45 p.m. on meeting Sundays, to sample these new resources.

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