Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois (JGSI)

"Members helping members since 1981"

The Board of Directors is elected for a two year term.
The current Board is serving from 1 July 2011 through 30 June 2013

JGSI Board of Directors:

President: Mike Karsen
Executive Vice-President: Robin B. Seidenberg
Recording Secretary: Scott Meyer
Corresponding Secretary: Barry Finkel
Treasurer: Michael Tarkoff
Membership Vice-President: Judith R. Frazin
Program Vice-President: Abrienne Schmelling
Publicity Vice-President: Marty Fischer
Special Event Chair: Debbie Kroopkin
Librarian: Belle Holman
Technology: Skip Bieber
President: Harriet Rudnit


Webmaster: Ron Miller
Tribute cards: Myrna Siegel
Morasha Executive Editor: Peggy Morrow
Newsletter Design/Layout: Marcia Hirsch
Co-Editors: Dale Amdur and Mike Karsen
Contributing Editors: Judy Frazin, Scott Meyer, Harriet Rudnit, Abby Schmelling, Celia Wilk (meeting reviews), Jay Bitterman (photography), Robin Seidenberg.
Proofreaders: Dale Amdur, Sandy Imyak, Freya Maslow, Sandy Pakin, Bernice Rappoport.
Editorial Committee: Dale Amdur, Mike Karsen, Peggy Morrow, and Robin Seidenberg
Distribution: Julie Levin

Board Meetings are generally held the second Thursday of the month. Upcoming 2012 meetings are :

Jan 5 
Feb 9
March 8
April (no meeting)
May 10
June 14
July 5
Aug 9
Sept 13
Oct 11
Nov 8
Dec 13


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