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Copies of presentation handouts provided by speakers.

Program: "New Tools for Finding Old Stuff" Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012

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Expert genealogist Ginger Frere of the Newberry Library and ChicagoAncestors.org will speak on "New Tools for Finding Old Stuff"

HANDOUT: New Tools Links

Program: The “Kvell and Tell” session Sunday, Aug. 26, 2012.

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Victims of the Holocaust research sites:

• Gedenkbuch http://www.bundesarchiv.de/gedenkbuch/directory.html, The Gedenkbuch was originally a 4 volumn list, prepared from Nazi records. of those missing or perished in the Holocaust. The online version is fully searchable by a variety of facts including name, birth day and/or town, residence town, date of transport or date of death.

• Yad Vashem http://db.yadvashem.org/names/search.html, This database includes information from the Gedenkbuch and Joods Momunent as well as Pages of Testimony by family and researchers giving information on missing and perished individuals

• Joods Monument
www.joodsmonument.nl/search?q_mm=&q _search_form=person&q_advanced= I , This database focuses on Netherlands residents who perished or were missing in the Holocaust .

• holocaust.cz www.holocaust.cz/en/main, The database contains names and fates of Jews deported from the Bohemian Lands and of the prisoners of the Terezin ghetto from other European countries.

www.alemannia-judaica.de/ The Association for the Study of the History of the Jews in Southern Germany and Adjoining Areas. This site has substantial information about Jewish coummunities. synagogues and cemeteries.

www.jinh.site50.net This site focuses on the Jewish communities of North Hessen and their families and has a substantial number of family trees assembled from original data sources and a wide variety of other Jewish culture research.

www.Google.com No explanation needed. There are many websites covering the Jewish communities of individual towns, which I found by Googling for individuals who were mentioned in these websites. More often than not, l found new information on others in the community as well.

Program: Marty Fischer will present a genealogical research case study:
"The Most Famous Man in America You Never Heard Of."
Marty discussed his research on a relative whose name regularly appeared in newspapers all over the United States. Today, that person is unknown to the general public,
but through his research hopes to breath life into his relative's memory.

HANDOUT (PDF) Will open in a new browser window or tab: Online newspaper and books for genealogy research

Program: Ask the experts. HANDOUT (PDF) Will open in a new browser window or tab.: Multimedia Resources for Researching and Writing Family History

Each of these multimedia presentations prepared by professional genealogists will help genealogy newcomers learn pointers on how to do successful family history research. Most of these links are for short instructional videos or tutorials. A few of the sites provide handouts or blank forms that can be opened or downloaded and printed out for recording and saving the genealogical information you discover while conducting your research. Depending on connection speeds, some videos may load slowly. Compiled By Martin Fischer

Program: Ancestry.com website. Skip Bieber spoke about the ancestry.com website.

VIEW Presentation (47 pages PDF 4MB) Will open in a new browser or Tab.

Link to wildapricot online membership systems website ( http://www.wildapricot.com/ )

Link to the CAGGNI website. CAGGNI is a geneaolgy group that uses wild apricot. You can see the "public" version of CAGNNI ( http://caggni.shuttlepod.org/ )

"Jewish Research on Footnote.com" and "Automated Search Tools"   presented by national lecturer and author Beau Sharbrough

Beau Sharbrough Presentation

Houston native Beau Sharbrough received a Philosophy BA from Texas A&M in 1977. His programming career began in 1980, and he is presently self-employed. He is the founder of the FGS web site, the GENTECH web site, and the Lexicon Working Group. He is a former president of GENTECH. He has previously worked as a Product Manager for tree products at Ancestry.com, and as Vice President of Content at Footnote.com. Beau writes regularly on technical topics in family history, with an occasional overdose of humor, and maintains the RootsWorks.com website. He is the author of Gene’s Anniversary Scrapbook. Lecture Free to JGSI Members.

Download handouts (PDF format): "Jewish Research on Footnote.com" and "Automated Search Tools"

"DNA: The Newest Tool in Genealogy" -- Details of JGSI's New DNA Project Announced.
Alvin Holtzman the speaker.
View a 28 page DNA Project presentation offers an overview of the use of DNA testing for studying your genealogy. The file in PDF format is approximately 4MB. A high speed internet connection is recommended.

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"Genealogy Gems from Reading Jewish Tombstones" by Irwin Lapping a JGSI member and Director of Waldheim talked about inscriptions, symbols and other engravings to help you learn more about your family. Meeting Handout: (PDF will open in new browser or tab) "Genealogy Gems from Reading Jewish Tombstones" by Irwin Lapping
Jewish Genealogy Resources in Chicago with JGSI President Mike KarsenMeeting Handout: (PDF will open in new browser or tab) Resources for Jewish Genealogy in Chicagoland by Mike Karsen
Program: Mining the National Archives. Speaker: Ginger Frere
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