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Ancestry.com Online

- Access more than 1 billion U.S. names
- Get U.S. Census Images (500 million names)
- Access our UK/Ireland collection
- View Historical Newspapers



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1910 Census Index - New York City, Nassau and Suffolk Avotaynu
Ancestry Reference Library  

All back issues of Avotaynu available on CD-ROM!


Victims of the Holocaust  
FTM Family Archives CD
#237 - Marriage Index, GA 1851-1900
FTM Family Archives CD
#516 - Genealogical Records: Early Georgia Settlers
FTM Family Archives CD
#323 - Census Index - Mid-Atlantic States, 1900
FTM Family Archives CD
#156 - Family History: Mid-Atlantic Genealogies, 1340-1940
FTM Family Archives CD
#500 - Family History: Southern Biographies and Genealogies, 1500s-1940s
FTM Family Archives CD
#2 - Marriage Index: IL, IN, KY, OH, TN 1720-1926
FTM Family Archives CD
#4 - Marriage Index: Maryland, North Carolina & Virginia 1624-1915
FTM Family Archives CD
#226 - Marriage Index, GA 1754-1850
FTM Family Archives CD
#239 - Marriage Index: New York City 1600s-1800s
FTM Family Archives CD
#401 - Marriage Index: Selected Areas of New York, 1639-1916


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How to Trace Your Jewish Roots: A Journey with Arthur Kurzweil
Kurzweil, Arthur
Routes to Roots: Rediscovering Jewish Poland and Ukraine
Weiner, Miriam



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Contemporary Road Map Baltic States Avotaynu
Contemporary Road Map Belarus Avotaynu
Contemporary Road Map Czech Republic/Slovakia Avotaynu
Contemporary Road Map Germany Avotaynu
Contemporary Road Map Hungary Avotaynu
Contemporary Road Map Poland Avotaynu
Contemporary Road Map Romania Avotaynu
Contemporary Road Map Ukraine Avotaynu
Czechoslovakia Avotaynu
Euro-Travel Atlases CIS
(more properly Eastern Europe)
Euro-Travel Atlases Czech Republic/Slovakia Avotaynu
Euro-Travel Atlases Poland Avotaynu
Euro-Travel Atlases Russia
(All of Russia)


Euro-Travel Atlases Russia
Russia in Europe: 1845 Avotaynu
The Austro-Hungarian Empire Avotaynu
The Baltic States: 1845 Avotaynu
The German Empire Circa 1875 Avotaynu

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Birth Index for Buda Jewry 1820-1852, 1868 Avotaynu
Black Book of Localities Whose Jewish Population Was Exterminated by the Nazis Avotaynu
Galician Towns and Administrative Districts Avotaynu
Gazetteer of Central and Eastern Europe Avotaynu
Index to Burials in Two Jewish Cemeteries in Washington, DC Avotaynu
Index to Department of State Records Found in U.S. National Archives Avotaynu
Index to Memorial to the Jews Deported from France Avotaynu
Index to Russian Consular Records Avotaynu
Index to the 1784 Census of the Jews of Alsace Avotaynu
Jewish Cemeteries Throughout the World Avotaynu
Jewish Genealogical Consolidated Surname Index Avotaynu
Jewish Genealogical Family Finder Avotaynu
Jewish Genealogical People Finder Avotaynu
Jewish Residents in Canadian Censuses Avotaynu
Jewish Vital Statistics Records in Slovakian Archives Avotaynu
List of 56,000 Jewish Burials Avotaynu
Noms des Juifs du Maroc Moroccan Jewish Surnames Avotaynu
Obuda (Hungary) Census of 1850 Avotaynu
Palestine Gazette Avotaynu
Publications of the Jewish Genealogical Societies Avotaynu
Romanian Census Records Avotaynu

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Location/Newsletter Name/Description Purchase
The International Review of Jewish Genealogy
AZ: Chronicle: Jewish Historical Society of Southern Arizona  
Brazil JGS: Geracoes  
CA, Orange County JGS: Shorashim  
CA, Sacramento JGS: Nizkor  
CA, San Diego JGS: Discovery  
CA, San Francisco Bay Area JGS: ZichronNote  
Canada, Toronto JGS: Shem Tov  
CO JGS: Chai  
CT JGS: Quest  
DC, Greater Washington JGS: Mishpacha  
FL, Miami JGS: Branches  
FL, Orlando JGS: Etz Chaim  
FL, Palm Beach County JGS: Scattered Seeds  
FL, Southwest JGS: Mishpochology  
Forum: National Federation of Genealogical Societies  
GA JGS: Yichus Y'all  
GA: Archives Tidbits: Friends of the National Archives - SE Region  
Great Britain JGS: Shemot  
IL, Illiana JGS: Illiana  
Israel JGS: Sharsheret Hadorot  
LA, New Orleans JGS: Bayou Branches  
MA, Boston JGS: Mass-pocha  
MI JGS: Generations  
MO, St. Louis JGS: Generations  
NJ, North Jersey JGS: Yichus  
NY, Buffalo JGS: Mekorot  
NY, Long Island JGS: Lineage  
NY, Rochester JGS: JGSRNews  
NY: New York City JGS: Dorot  
OH, Cincinnati JGS: Ancestree  
OH, Cleveland - KOL  
OR JGS: Shalshelet  
PA, Philadelphia JGS: Chronicle  
SIG: Galitzianer
Galicia Special Interest Group
SIG: Kielce Radom SIG Journal
Kielce Ramom, Poland Special Interest Group
SIG: Landsman
Suwalki-Lomza Interest Group
Romania Special Interest Group including
Rumania! Rumania!: Family Finder
Switzerland, Zurich JGS: Maatan Die Quelce  
TX, Houston JGS: Dor To Door  
VA JGS: Au "VA" Em  
WI JGS: Family Finding  
WI, Milwaukee JGS: Family Finding  

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Title/Author Description
15th Annual Summer Seminar, Boston, MA Seminar Handbook
Holocaust Research
Palgon, Gary
September 1997 Presentation to JGSG, Inc.
Jewish Given Names History
Cobb, Roy
November 1997 Presentation to JGSG, Inc.
Jewish Graves in Atlanta, Georgia
Ginburg, J. Kenneth  - The Jewish Genealogical Society of Georgia, Inc.
Burials from all Atlanta, Georgia, Jewish cemeteries
Jewish Graves in Georgia: Bainbridge, Columbus, Dalton, Thomasville, Valdosta
Ginburg, J. Kenneth - The Jewish Genealogical Society of Georgia, Inc.
Jewish burials from Bainbridge, Columbus, Dalton, Thomasville, and Valdosta, Georgia
Little Known and Underutilized Genealogical Sources
Palgon, Gary
February 1997 Presentation to JGSG, Inc.
The Jewish Burials of Macon, Georgia
Kaufman, Marian Waxelbaum and Kaufman, Gus Bernd
Burials from all Macon, Georgia, Jewish cemeteries

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