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Jewish Genealogy Library Collections
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Birth Index for Buda Jewry 1820-1852, 1868

Index to certain Jewish birth records of Budapest. Shows date of birth, child's name, father's name, mother's name including maiden name and, in some cases, date of death.

Black Book of Localities Whose Jewish Population Was Exterminated by the Nazis

Alphabetical list (independent of country) of 32,000 communities in Central and Eastern Europe where Jews lived prior to the Holocaust.

Galician Towns and Administrative Districts

List of 6,000 Galician towns and the administrative districts to which they belong.

Gazetteer of Central and Eastern Europe

Combined listing of Board on Geographic names for 350,000 towns in Austria, Bulgaria, Byelorussia, Czechoslovakia, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldavia, Poland, Romania, Ukraine and Yugoslavia. Three sequences: alphabetic; Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex; Grid sequence shows grid numbers, latitude, longitude and place name.

Index to Burials in Two Jewish Cemeteries in Washington, DC

Cemeteries are Washington Hebrew Congregation Cemetery and Adas Israel Cemetery.

Index to Department of State Records Found in U.S. National Archives

Seven indexes, Jewish surnames only: Applicants for emergency U.S. passports 1915 1924; Registration of U.S. citizens Jerusalem, 1914-1918; Persons in protection of interests of U.S. citizens in Romania, Germany & Poland; Protection of interests of U.S. citizens in Russia; Protection of interests of U.S. citizens in Austria-Hungary. Protection of interests of U.S. Citizens-Part II; Protection of Interests of U.S. Citizens-Part III Palestine.

Index to Memorial to the Jews Deported from France

Alphabetic list of 50,000 surnames that appear in Memorial to Jews Deported From France. Shows surname and convoy number.

Index to Russian Consular Records

List of over 70,000 persons who transacted business with the Russian Czarist consulates in the United States from about 1849-1926.

Index to the 1784 Census of the Jews of Alsace

Documents some 20,000 Jews who were enumerated in this census. In four sequences: by surname; by given name; by town; for married women, by maiden name.

Jewish Cemeteries Throughout the World

Information on more than 7,500 cemeteries in 79 countries.

Jewish Genealogical Consolidated Surname Index

September 1996 version. It lists more than 200,000 unique surnames showing in which of 23 different data bases each appears. Many of the databases appear on this page, including JGFF, JGPF, Russian Consular Records, Palestine Gazette, Jews Deported from France plus others. Indexed using the Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex System.

Jewish Genealogical Family Finder

December 1996 version. Database of ancestral towns and surnames being researched by some 3,200 Jewish genealogists throughout the world. Indexed by town name and surname. 41,000 entries.

Jewish Genealogical People Finder

The latest (1995) version has 300,000 entries! Database of individuals that appear on family trees of Jewish genealogists.

Jewish Residents in Canadian Censuses

Montreal & Quebec City (1871-1901); Toronto (1861 1901); Western Canada (1861-1901); Canadian Maritime Provinces (1901); Greater Quebec Province (1871-1901).

Jewish Vital Statistics Records in Slovakian Archives

Index to Jewish birth, marriage and death records located in archives of Slovakia.

List of 56,000 Jewish Burials

Initial submission to AJGS cemetery project.

Noms des Juifs du Maroc Moroccan Jewish Surnames

Jewish Moroccan Surnames

Obuda (Hungary) Census of 1850

Census of 3,850 inhabitants showing name, age, relationship to head of household, birthplace. A key references back to the original census document.

Palestine Gazette

List of over 28,000 persons, mostly Jews, who legally changed their names while living in Palestine during the British Mandate from 1921 to 1948.

Publications of the Jewish Genealogical Societies

1977-1990. A set of most of the newsletters and publications of Jewish-American genealogy published between 1977 and 1990.

Romanian Census Records

Index to the census of Jews in 1824-25. 1852 census of Jews of Monesti.