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Contemporary Road Map Baltic States

(1"=13 mi.) Somewhat greater detail than Eastern Europe map. Some smaller towns are shown. Includes city maps showing the main streets of Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius. Some 1,400 towns are shown.

Contemporary Road Map Belarus

(1"=12mi.) Town names in Roman and Cyrillic alphabets. Identifies some 2,500 towns.

Contemporary Road Map Czech Republic/Slovakia

(1"=9mi.) Good, but not great, detail. Identifies some 2,600 towns.

Contemporary Road Map Germany

(1"=8 mi.) Detail as good as some maps that cost twice the price. Identifies some 14,000 towns. A chart shows distance in kilometers between major German cities

Contemporary Road Map Hungary

(1"=7mi.) Great detail. Identifies 3,700 towns. Also included is a map showing Budapest main streets and environs.

Contemporary Road Map Poland

(1"=12 mi.) Very good detail. Identifies some 9,000 towns. Also included are maps showing main streets of Warszawa, Krakow, Gdansk and Wroclaw.

Contemporary Road Map Romania

(1"=12mi.) The best Romanian map we have seen to date. Some 3,300 towns are identified. Also includes maps showing the main streets of Bucuresti, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara and Constanta.

Contemporary Road Map Ukraine

(1"=12mi.) Town names in Roman and Cyrillic alphabets. Identifies some 6,000 towns.


First: The Kingdom of Bohemia, with Silesia, Moravia and Lasatia in 1794. Shows small principalities, boundaries, towns, villages and post roads. Second: German map of 1844 The East Central Provinces of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia showing German names for towns in area.

Euro-Travel Atlases CIS (more properly Eastern Europe)

(1"=19 miles) 10,000 towns indexed. 46 maps

Euro-Travel Atlases Czech Republic/Slovakia

17,000 towns indexed. 16 pages of European maps; 42 pages of Czech Republic/Slovakia (1"=5 miles); 23 city maps (1"=0.3 miles).

Euro-Travel Atlases Poland

25,000 towns indexed. 16 pages of European maps; 87 pages of Poland (1"=5 miles); 12 city maps (1"=.03 miles).

Euro-Travel Atlases Russia (All of Russia)

(1"=22 miles) 8,400 towns. 39 maps. 7 city maps.

Euro-Travel Atlases Russia (European)

(1"=5 miles) 15,000 towns indexed. 38 maps.

Russia in Europe: 1845

An excellent example of German cartography, this 2-sheet map encompasses all of 19th-century European Russia. Provinces are identified, as well as many towns and villages. First issued by Adolph Steiler, it is one of the most useful 19th-century maps of the area that we have seen.

The Austro-Hungarian Empire

First issued by Blackie & Son about 1875, this reprint of Edward Weller's map shows the many regions of this vast empire including Galicia, Bohemia, Moravia, Transylvania and others. Provinces, major towns and railroad lines are identified.

The Baltic States: 1845

Done by Adolph Steiler, this map focuses on Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, portions of northeastern Poland and northwestern Russia. Provincial boundaries, towns, villages and roads are shown. Ancient regions such as Kurland, Liefland and Esthland are identified.

The German Empire Circa 1875

Engraved at the close of the Franco-Prussian War by Edward Weller, this map identifies the major and minor states and kingdoms that made up the German Empire, as well as the road systems and major towns in each area. Territories controlled by one state or kingdom, but surrounded by another, are identified. The area stretches from the Rhine to Russia. The two 18" x 24" sheets will be a much-used reference tool for those whose research includes 19th-century Germany.