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City of Limerick

The city of Limerick (Irish: Luimneach), in southwest of Ireland, lies on the river Shannon.  Although geographically part of County Limerick, the city of Limerick has a separate administration and was officially referred to as a “County Borough” until 2001, when the term was formally replace by “City”.  Although the city officially has a population of about 50,000, there are well approximately 90,000 living in Limerick and its immediate suburbs.

Limerick Jewish Community

Jews began to settle in Limerick in about 1881, and for a period in the 1890's there were two rival congregations. Members of the Jewish Community initially lived in harmony with their neighbours. However, on 11 January 1904, Father Creagh, of the Redemptorist Order, delivered a violent sermon against the Jews, accusing them of ritual murder, of blaspheming Jesus, and of robbing the people of Limerick. The next day there was a riot in which the Jews were attacked by mobs, and this was followed by a general boycott. It would appear that the principal ground for complaint against the Jews related to the "weekly-instalment plan" by which they frequently sold their goods. The boycott caused serious suffering and hardship among the Jews of Limerick.

Congregation Data


Limerick Synagogue


Wolfe Tone Street, Limerick (formerly known as 63 Callooney Street, Limerick until 1920's)

Former Address of Rabbi:

18 Callooney Street, Limerick

Date Founded:

1889 (previously services held in ale house)

Current Status:



Ashkenazi Orthodox

Membership Data:

1895 - 25 seatholders (Jewish Year Book 1896/7)
1897 - 27 seatholders (Jewish Year Book 1898/9)
1919 - 23 seatholders (Jewish Year Book 1920)


Jewish Population Data


73 (23 Families)

(The Jewish Year Book 1906)



(The Jewish Year Book 1916)


5 families

(The Jewish Year Book 1947)

Articles on the Limerick Jewish Community

Jewish Encyclopaedia article on Limerick by Joseph Jacobs and Isidore Harris, c-1906.

Other Limerick Jewish Information


Limerick Cemetery Information

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