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The Town of Great Yarmouth

The coastal town and seaside resort of Great Yarmouth, frequently just known as Yarmouth, is situated on the eastern coast of East Anglia and has a population of approximately 60,000.  It forms the main town of the Borough and district of Great Yarmouth in the county of Norfolk.

Great Yarmouth Jewish Community

There was a medieval Jewish community in Great Yarmouth. The modern Jewish community dates from the eighteenth century.

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The records in the database associated with Great Yarmouth include:

1851 Anglo Jewry Database

Individuals in the 1851 Anglo Jewry Database who were living in Great Yarmouth during the 1770s (1 record), 1780s (1 record), 1790s (4 records), 1800s (8 records), 1810s (12 records); 1820s (20 records), 1830s (29 records), 1840s (33 records), 1850s (60 records), 1860s (12 records), 1870s (5 records), 1880s (6 records), 1890s (3 records) and 1900s (2 records).

Congregation Data

Only one Jewish congregation, the Great Yarmouth Jewish Congregation, is known to have existed in Great Yarmouth in modern times.


Great Yarmouth Jewish Congregation


Row 42 Market Place, known as Synagogue Row.
In 1846/7, the new synagogue building was consecrated in place of an earlier one that had become dilapidated. It was closed in 1877, although services continued for some time in private houses. In 1899,  the congregation was reconstituted. The synagogue was taken over again, but was later closed. 

Date Formed:

In eighteenth century

Current Status:



Ashkenazi Orthodox

Articles on the Great Yarmouth Community

Press Reports about the Great Yarmouth Community 1847 - 1970.

The Rise of Provincial Jewry - Great Yarmouth by Cecil Roth, 1950. Available on JCR-UK as part of the Susser Archive

Jewish Encyclopaedia article on Yarmouth by Joseph Jacobs and Victor Rousseau Emanuel, c-1906.

Notes on the Jews of Yarmouth by Rev. Michael Adler, BA,
Jewish Chronicle 13 September 1895 (PDF files) first page, second page


Statistical Accounts of all the Congregations in the British Empire, 1845

YARMOUTH, No. of individuals 48. M. Cohen, Shochet

Are Mitzvot sold?


Is there a Mikvah?


Burial Ground?


Charitable Institutions


EDUCATION AND GENERAL REMARKS. ‘Want of Union, often serious disturbances.’

Jewish Population Data




   10 families (Jewish Chronicle, 22 August)

   10 families (The Jewish Year Book 1900/1)

   50 (The Jewish Year Book 1935)

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