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Congregation Data


Central & North Manchester Synagogue


Leicester Road, Broughton Park, Salford,  M7 4GP

(The congregation is considered part of the "North Manchester" Jewish community.)

Current Status:



Formed in 1978 from the merger of:

Central Synagogue
of Heywood Street (corner Bellott Street),
Cheetham Hill, Manchester, M8

formerly of: Cheetam Hill Road, Manchester, M8 (possibly from 1895 until 1928).

Previously Fernie Street Great Synagogue
Fernie Street, Manchester, M4
(from at least 1892 to 1895, according to Marriage Registers )

North Manchester Synagogue
(known as the "Brodyer Shul")
of Leicester Road, Salford,  M7
(a converted Methodist church)

formerly of: Cheltenham Crescent, Salford, M7
(until 1959)
Bury New Road, Higher Broughton, Salford, M7
(1899 until early/mid 1940's).

Courland Synagogue
or Kourlander Synagogue (in 1904), which was founded by at least 1899 (based upon first entry in Marriage Registers)
Beth Hamedrash Hagadol
(in 1905)
Beth Jacob Synagogue (in about 1969)

Founded by 1892 (although recent Jewish Year Books refer to 1871)

Founded 1899

Congregation developed from:
Volkervishker Chevra also known as Chevra Walkawishk

(founded in 1871 (source)),

which was in or very close to Red Bank, Manchester

Congregation developed from:
Brodyer Synagogue (taking its name from the Galician town of Brody, now in Ukraine, from where several of its founders originated)
of Waterloo Road, Manchester, M8
founded 1891.


Ashkenazi Orthodox


Manchester & District Council of Orthodox Synagogues

Marriage Certification:

Group for Certification:  Board of Deputies
Worship Number: 66767
Registration District: Salford



Membership Data:

Brodyer Synagogue

1896 - 110 seatholders (source)

Central Synagogue

1905 - 250 seatholders (source)

1915 - 250 seatholders (source)

North Manchester Synagogue

1905 - 206 male and 200 female seatholders (source)

1915 - 256 male and 300 female seatholders (source)

Central & North Manchester  Synagogue

1999 - 160 members (source)

Local Authority:

The congregation is in Salford, and predecessor congregations were either in Salford or the Cheetham area of Manchester.

Salford is in the metropolitan borough of the City of Salford, within the metropolitan county of Greater Manchester (which no longer has any administrative powers).

Waterloo Road and Cheetham Hill are now in the metropolitan borough of the City of Manchester, also within the metropolitan county of Greater Manchester.

From 1889 to 1974, both Salford and Manchester were county boroughs (unitary authorities)  of Manchester, geographically (though not administratively) within the County of Lancashire.


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