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Press Reports regarding the Darlington Jewish Community
1871 - 1909

Compiled by Harold Pollins

Information within square brackets is from the compiler

Jewish Chronicle, 13 October 1871, page 1

Contribution to West Hartlepool Synagogue and School fund. J. Breskie(sic), Esq., Darlington.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 October 1872, page 378

Contribution to new Synagogue and Schools.
J. Breski(sic), Esq., Darlington. 1.1.0

Jewish Chronicle, 7 November 1879, page 12

Miss Kate Gottheil has passed the examination at the Darlington Training College as Assistant School Mistress.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 May 1881, page 2

Contribution to appeal in distressing case of Morris Papp of West Hartlepool.
M. Cohen Esq., Darlington. 10.0

Jewish Chronicle, 29 September 1882, page 6

‘Jewish Divine service was, probably for the first time, held at Darlington both on the New Year and on the Day of Atonement’.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 January 1885, page 6

The first Jewish marriage in Stockton since the formation of the congregation was solemnised there on 1st inst between Miss S. Gordon of that town and Mrs. Joseph Stoner of Darlington. The ceremony was witnessed by a large number of Christians.

Jewish Chronicle, 20 August 1886, page 10

Rev Mark L. Harris, Minster of Hanley Hebrew Congregation, has been elected minister of the Kimberley (South Africa) congregation. He was also connected with the Darlington and West Hartlepool congregations under the Provincial Ministers’ Fund.

Jewish Chronicle, 1 July 1887, page 11

Rev S. Singer left London for a tour of inspection (on behalf of the Chief Rabbi) of Jewish Schools and Religion Classes in various provincial towns, including Darlington.

Jewish Chronicle, 29 June 1888, page 5

Rev Dr H. Adler began a pastoral tour of Northern Provincial Congregations including Darlington.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 August 1888, page 3

Report of the Jewish Provincial Ministers’ Fund for 1886-7. Rev H.P. Levy of Middlesbrough has preached and given school instruction at Darlington and Stockton.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 October 1888, page 14

Rev Moses Reichman, chazan at Darlington, died suddenly on Friday. Aged about 42 and had been in Darlington only a short time Interred at Middlesbrough. Left wife and 6 children.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 January 1891, page 15

Rev M.E. Davis (Middlesbrough) appointed Visiting Minister to Darlington and West Hartlepool.

Jewish Chronicle, 18 March 1892, page 17

At Board of Deputies application received for certificate of Rev Jacob Schott of the Darlington Synagogue as sec for Marriage Registration Purposes. President authorised to certify him to the Registrar-General

Jewish Chronicle, 30 Sept 1892, page 19

Rev S. Gordon assisted by Mr Morris Davis of Sunderland officiated on the New Year
A special service was held on Tuesday [27th] for consecrating new Sepher Torah purchased by the congregation which was completed on Sunday at the home of the president Mr J. Schott. Rev M.E. Davies of Middlesbrough, at the service, gave a sermon

Jewish Chronicle, 7 October 1892, page 14

Day of Atonement services were conducted by Rev S. Gorsten assisted by Mr Morris Davis, chairman of Sunderland Congregation

Chosen Torah Mr Honeyboum
Chosen Bereshith Mr S. Levy

Jewish Chronicle, 23 November 1894, page 10

Board of Deputies. Application of Marriage Register had been cancelled ‘owing to the decay of the congregation’.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 January 1895. page 17

Special service held in Middlesbrough synagogue for receiving 2 scrolls of the law from Darlington. ‘Mr Thlinfko (sic) has presented a new cover for one of the Scrolls’.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 January 1895, page 16

Board of Deputies. ‘A reply from the Registrar-General as to the custody of the Marriage Register Book of the extinct congregation at Darlington was also read’.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 March 1898, page 21

At Cambridge Local Exam last December successful candidate was C.S. Benjamin, Darlington. [CS: Cordelia Sarah, daughter of Samuel and Ann Benjamin. Born 1882.]

Jewish Chronicle, 1 July 1898, page 4

'JEWELLERY TRAVELLER WANTED, By Darlington Tradesman, to travel Darlington and Middlesbrough district on easy terms system; one who has occupied a similar position preferred; must be able to find security. Address E.S., 22. Russell-street, Darlington'.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 January 1899, page 3

Contributor to Institution for the Relief of the Indigent Blind of the Jewish Persuasion. E. Sliufko, Darlington, 'ann' [annual?]

Jewish Chronicle, 3 March 1899, page 1
Marriage on Tuesday 21 February at Leazes Park Road Synagogue, Newcastle, Sara, second daughter of Mr & Mrs S. Alexander of Newcastle to Alexander Sliufko, 12 Barnard Street, Darlington. [see 23 February 1900]

Jewish Chronicle, 28 April 1899, page 1

Death on 20 April at Kilburne Terrace, Durham, Woolfe beloved husband of Minnie Gordoe, son of Rev S. and Mrs Gordon of Manchester and late of Middlesbrough and brother of Mrs S. Stones of Darlington.
[1881 Stockton Census. Woolf Gordon , father Samuel Hebrew Minister. Sister Sarah Gordon born 1883 Poland.
Sarah Gordon married Joseph Stones March 1885 Stockton 10a 123. But no sign of Joseph & Sarah Stones in 1891 or 1901 Censuses.]

Jewish Chronicle, 1 December 1899, page 1

FIANCÉS. Annie eldest daughter of Samuel Gilbert and late Rebecca Gilbert of 19 Priest-gate, Darlington, to Lazarus Livingstone, of 18 Hindle-street, Darwen.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 February 1900, page 1

Birth on 17 February at 28 First Avenue, Heaton, Newcastle, a daughter to the wife of Alexander Sliufko (nee Sara Alexander).

Jewish Chronicle, 1 June 1900, page 1

Marriage on 17 May at the Synagogue, Robinson Rd, Hull, Rally, 2nd daughter of Mr & Mrs S. Rubinstein of Lister House, St James-square, to Sam Abrahams of Darlington.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 November 1901, page 1

Marriage solemnised on Wednesday 6 November at the Borough Hotel, Darlington, by Rabbi Block of Sunderland, assisted by Rabbi Sandelson of Newcastle, Rev L. Muscat of Sunderland, and Rev Goldwater of Gateshead, of Sarah, only daughter of Mr & Mrs Isaac Richardson, 16 Priestgate, Darlington, to Solomon, youngest son of Mr & Mrs Joseph Cohen 18a Thrawl St, Spitalfields, London, E.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 January 1902 page 1

MARRIAGES.  On 1 January 1900 at the Gram Street synagogue, Edinburgh, Annie eldest daughter of Mr Samuel and the late Mrs Rebecca Gilbert of Darlington to Aaron Goldstein of Edinburgh.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 July 1902, page 30

Naturalisation in June. Eberhard Schumacher, 124 Westmoreland Street, Darlington.

Jewish Chronicle, 5 September 1902, page 17

Naturalisation in August. Isaac Hirsch Richardson, 16 Priestgate, Darlington.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 October 1903, page 26

At recent High Festivals services were held in the Reading Room of the Central Hall, conducted by Mr Berman of Jerusalem, Mr Levisohn of Durham, and Mr A. Richardson of Darlington. Mr Jacobs officiated as Baal Tokeach and gave an address.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 January 1904, page 1

FIANCÉS. Ray third daughter of the late Mr David Fritz of 5 Victoria Place, Leeds to Hyman, fourth son of Mrs and late Mr Solomon Abrahams of Newcastle, formerly of Darlington.

Jewish Chronicle, 2 September 1904, page 27

'A congregation was recently formed in Darlington'. Elected: President, E. Sliufko; Treasurer, S. Levi; Hon Sec S.Abrahams; Committee Messrs A. Kaufman, A. Richardson, S. Abrahams.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 September 1904, page 23

Services were conducted by Rev Daid Osherowitch and Messrs S. Cohen of Darlington and Mr Scheff of Leeds. Mr E. Sliufko, president, has presented congregation with two mantles for the scrolls.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 September 1904 page 24

Simchat Torah.
Chatha Torah A. Richardson
Chatan Bereshith I. Richardson

Jewish Chronicle, 6 April 1906, page 1

BIRTHS.  On 2 April at 51 Victoria Embankment, Darlington, a son to Mrs A. Freeman (Adelaide de Meza).

Jewish Chronicle, 20 July 1906, page 45

Mr E. Sliufko, President of the congregation, has been unanimously elected to the executive of the Darlington Liberal Club of which he has been a member for 12 months only.

Jewish Chronicle, 7 December 1906, page 16

Jewish Congregational Union, Meeting of the Dispersion Committee
The Secretary, J.E. Blank, read letters from Dewsbury, Darlington and Reading offering employment to workmen.

Jewish Chronicle, 9 August 1907, page 2

'DARLINGTON HEBREW CONGREGATION WANTED, at once, a CHAZAN, Shochet and Teacher. Salary £65 per annum and extras. - Apply to A. Richardson, 4 Russell-street, Darlington'.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 August 1907, page 24

On Sunday, at the Synagogue Chambers, Charlotte Street, South Shields, a silver-mounted umbrella was presented to Mr D. Kossick who is leaving for Darlington. He had been President and Vice-President on several occasions. Mr J Jackson also presented Mr Kossick with antique snuff box which bore a signed painting by Van Dyck. Mr Julius Jacobs, President, occupied the Chair,  and Mr L. Freeman, on behalf of the congregation, made the presentation.

Jewish Chronicle, 25 October 1907, page 32

Mr D. Moss of Manchester elected Chazan, Shochet and Teacher at Darlington.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 November 1908, page 35

Annual meeting. Elected: S. Levi, President; S. Raphael, Treasurer; S. Cohen, Hon Sec; and a Committee

Jewish Chronicle, 17 September, 1909, 'New Year Greetings', page XI.

From Mr & Mrs Bernard Kletz and daughter, 35 Swinbourne-road, Darlington
[also later years]

Jewish Chronicle, 22 October 1909, page 1

Marriage at Portsmouth Synagogue, Isaac, only son of Mr & Mrs Simon Levi of Darlington to Rachael Violet, younger daughter of Mrs Quartermaine East of Portsmouth.

Press Reports regarding the Community 1910 - 1939

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