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Jewish Communities in Ireland
 Bibliography and Other Sources

The bibliography references were compiled and are maintained by David Shulman.
If you have any additions please contact him

References used in the Bibliography

  • BIU =Bar-Ilan University Library, Ramat Gan, Israel

  • BL = British Library

  • BLO = Bodleian Library, Oxford

  • JCL = Jews' College Library, London School of Jewish Studies

  • JGSGB = Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain Library

  • JGSGB Newsletter = Newsletter of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain Library

  • LBL = Leo Baeck Library, Leo Baeck College, Centre for Jewish Education, London

  • LSE = London School of Economic Library, London

  • Shemot = the quarterly magazine of JGSGB.

  • Susser Archives =  Documents, papers and computer disks of the late Rabbi Dr Bernard Susser. Now available on JCR-UK through the kind offices of Frank J. Gent of Exeter Hebrew Congregation.

  • Trans JHSE = Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England. A set of these work is to be found in nearly all the UK Libraries listed here.

  • UCL = University College London Library

General            Belfast           Cork          Dublin 



Bibliographical References

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Bibliographical References

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Belfast Community


Bibliographical References

  • Roth, Cecil - The Rise of Provincial Jewry, p. 57. [1950] (JGSGB, LBL, UCL, Susser Archive - available on-line)

Cork Community


Bibliographical References

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  • Shillman, B. - Jewish Cemetery in Ballybough, Dublin, with postscript by Wolf, L. [Trans JHSE XI 1924/7]

Dublin Community




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