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Press Reports relating to the Huddersfield Jewish Community
 1872 - 1963

Compiled by Harold Pollins

Jewish Chronicle, 22 November 1872, page 467
Huddersfield has no Jewish place of worship.

Jewish Year Book 1896, page74
‘Jewish Population 50. No synagogue as yet. First minyan formed in 1895. President - Henry Kruger. Minister - Mr. Kahn. Secretary - Mr. M. Jacobs. About 30 seatholders. There is a small Fund to relieve tramps on their way to Leeds or Manchester, supplying them with meals and Railway fares.’

Jewish Chronicle, 17 March 1905, page 19
Jews are living in (inter alia) Huddersfield but no special provision.

Jewish Chronicle, 8 November 1907, page 31
Obituary of Maximilian Zossenheim in Leeds. He came to England in 1852 as exporter and importer of woollen goods. In 1853 opened warehouse in Huddersfield and same later in Leeds and Bradford. About a year after Huddersfield opening he started a mill at Mirfield.
For many years a member of the Belgrave St Congregation at Leeds in whose cemetery in Gelderd Road Leeds he was buried.
[Note: he appears in Huddersfield in the 1871 Census]

Jewish Chronicle, 1 April 1910, page 16
Under the Dispersion committee Jews have been settled in (inter alia) Huddersfield.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 February 1913, page 3
‘SMART young man as traveller for the clothing and drapery trade wanted at once; references and photo. -First letter. Kahn, Northumberland-street, Huddersfield’.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 October 1914, page 5
The Jews of Huddersfield were in immediate danger of having to dispense with the holding of public services during the festivities because of the commandeering of halls by the government for the war. But the Elders of Hebron Hall have offered free accommodation.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 October 1915, page 19
At the invitation of the Jewish residents the Rev M. Abrahams BA of Leeds visited Huddersfield for the purpose of forming a Jewish Literary Circle. The proceedings were held in the Temperance Hall. There was a good attendance including ‘many non-Jewish friends’.
Vote of thanks by M. Kahn and C. Goodman.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 October 1916, page 15
‘News has been received by Mr. M. Freedman, of the Empire Picture House, Huddersfield, that his son, Pte. Myer Freedman was killed in action on the 18th ult. Pte. Freedman was awarded the Military Medal the day before his death. The medal was awarded “for initiative and consistent good work in ….sector between the 16th May and 21st May, during which period he controlled and fired a mortar single-handed under trying circumstances with great skill”. ’

Jewish Chronicle, 20 September 1918, page 12
‘HUDDERSFIELD. At a service held during the High Festivals at the Parochial Hall, Mr. M. Kahn made a collection for the Leeds Talmud Torah’.

Jewish Chronicle, 4 October 1918, page 14
Chatan Torah and Chatan Bereshit: M. Kahn and P. Horwich

Jewish Chronicle, 19 November 1926, page 29
The Jewish War Memorial  - reference to examination of the Hebrew & Religion classes at Doncaster and Huddersfield. Results satisfactory.

Jewish Chronicle Supplement, 20 January 1937
Article on John Wroe, born 1782, founder of the Christian Israelite sect.
In 1820 he travelled to Liverpool. ’He spent the night at Huddersfield. Here he found a Jewish watchmaker‘s shop … There he met two Jews‘..

Jewish Chronicle, 18 July 1941, page 16
Meeting held last week at the YMCA Club. Councillor Dr J.H. Kahn in the chair. The meeting was convened by Herbert Samek. Rev J. Israelstam  of Bradford said the number of Jews had increased in Huddersfield, for various causes, including an influx of refugees and evacuees. Now there were enough ‘to form a live centre’. Mr H. Shaffren, President of the Bradford Hebrew Congregation said he wished to recommend to his council that Bradford Hebrew Congregation afford ministerial and other support.
Mr Halson, President of West Hartlepool Congregation, and other speakers including a number of soldiers  welcomed the project and the chairman submitted resolutions to the effect that a Huddersfield Community Centre be formed and that affiliation with the Bradford Hebrew Congregation be sought.
The following were elected provisionally:
Chairman, Cllr Dr J.H. Kahn; Treasurer. Mrs Halson; Hon Secretary, Mr Herbert Samek, 8 Newtown Flats, 54 Fitzwilliam Street, Huddersfield; and a committee.
It was proposed to hold services and religion classes, arrange hospitality for Jewish soldiers, visit Jewish patients in neighbouring Emergency Hospitals, and contact Jewish mothers and children evacuated to adjoining country districts.

Jewish Chronicle, 31 October 1941, page 16
‘After a period of 15 years, Holy-day services were once again held in Huddersfield. The Albion Rooms (11. Albion Street), which house the Synagogue and Communal Centre, have recently been redecorated. Children’s classes have been established, and the Social Committee has drawn up a winter programme, which will begin with a film show on Sunday’.

Jewish Chronicle, 28 November 1941, page 16
The Mayor of Huddersfield addressed the Jewish congregation. Cllr Dr J.H. Kahn presided.
The Jewish communities of Bradford, Leeds, and Huddersfield were represented at a dance held recently at the Huddersfield Communal Centre. About 150 guests attended.

Jewish Chronicle, 30 November 1945, page 13
Annual meeting of the Synagogue and Communal Centre.
Elected: President, Cllr Dr J.H. Kahn; Hon Secretary, Edward I. Friend; Treasurer, Miss Clara Schofield. A set of Festival Prayers was presented to Mr P. Horwich in recognition of his services to the community.
Dr J.H. Kahn (Liberal) re-elected to the County Borough Council for the Newsome Ward.

Jewish Chronicle, 6 September 1946, page 11
Mentioned in Dispatches: Major H.W. Davis RAMC (Huddersfield).

Jewish Chronicle, 2 October 1952, page 16
Annual meeting of the Huddersfield congregation. Elected : President Dr L. Ballon; Vice-president Mr Lee; Treasurer Miss C. Schofield; Hon Sec Dr N. V.Sapier.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 October 1956, page 19
Annual meeting of Huddersfield Synagogue. Dr L.Ballon referred to the ‘satisfactory educational facilities for the Hebrew education of the children’. A teacher travels from Leeds. There was a good attendance at the classes held at Dr Ballon’s house. The rota of monthly visits and gifts of parcels to Jewish patients at the Storthes Hospital has been maintained.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 September 1957, page 20
Annual meeting. The teacher is Mr A.P.Morsby of Leeds.Dr Ballon said that coreligionists living in the districts of Marsh, Birkby, Lindley, and Golcar would be welcome if they intended to join the congregation.
Rota of visits etc to Jewish patients has been maintained.

Jewish Chronicle, 13 June 1958, page 19
The synagogue has re-elected Mr Marcus Shloimovitz as its representative at the Board of Deputies.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 August 1963, page 18
The synagogue has re-elected Mr Marcus Shloimovitz as its representative at the Board of Deputies.
‘Huddersfield community’s future in doubt’
Reports dispute between Dr N.V, Sapier, a local resident, and Mr Marcus Shloimovitz. Sapier say that the community no longer exists. ‘For several years our numbers have been very small and recently several members have left the town . It is quite impossible to organise a minyan and it is perhaps a sign of the times that the only Jewish residents are three doctors and a dentist’. The rooms at 11 Albion Street which were formerly occupied now sub-let to Toc H. Services last held in 1961.
Shloimvitz says there are 29 adults and 1 children.
The Radford correspondence of the JC says that the congregation is moribund. Several members of the Huddersfield community have joined the Bradford, Leeds or Manchester congregations. At least 4 members of the Bradford congregation live in Huddersfield.
In the early rears of the century there was a population of 50 with a synagogue in Northumberland Street and Mr M. Kahn as shohet and teacher.
By 1945 had fallen to 10. The synagogue and communal centre was at 11 Albion Street. By 1950 the population had risen to 70.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 August 1963, page 35
Letter from Marcus Shloimovitz (Manchester) reiterates points made in previous week’s article. Says that the synagogue is still at 11 Albion Street, the rent is being paid, and only part is sub-let to Toc H. Premises have been sold to a developer but the tenants have leases until 1970.

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