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Tony Abrahams Lorraine Doig Margaret Hunt Wendy Mann Mrs A Ryan
Nathan Abrams the late Ian Downing the late Dr Elmer Hyam Edward Marks Judith Samson
Michael Abramson Bob Drielsma David Hyman Gina Marks Russ Sanders
George Alexander Dianne Duncanson-Clark Marilyn Hyman David Mason Dr E Schut
Tony Allan Rodney Eisfelder Joe Isaacs Kate McRae Kevin Shales
Michael Anderson Michael Elliman Nigel Isaacs Stanley Melinek Miriam Shifreen
David Ansley Ian Elliott J Israel Louise Messik Angela Shire
Mary H Arnold Helen Evans Aubrey Jacobus Susan Miller Mark Shofron
Dr James Aronson John Patrick Fano Vanessa Jaffe Madeleine E Mitchell Alan Simmonds
Stacey Aslam Albert Farache Etienne Jones Ruth Sebag-Montefiore Raymond M Simpson
John L Baker Kerry Farmer Spike Jones Shula P Moreland Len Smith
Michael Bakker Anita Featherstone Barbara Jones-Delevante Daniel Morgan-Thomas Rebecca Smith
Helen Banks Moshe Felber Anthony Joseph Caroline Morris June Hart Solntseff
Colin Barkwith Andy Finch Chris Joseph Geoff Moss Peter Solomon
Diane Barnett the late Beverley Flider Mrs Judith Joseph Sandra Motteram the late Su Solomon
Tony Bate Jeremy G Frankel Harvey L Kaplan Anne Muir Tony Solomons
Doug Battle the late Murray Freedman Lois Kaufman Joan Myers Victor Stone
Beryl Bauld Elizabeth Fridrich-Lazarus the late Julian Kemper Jonathan E Myers Anthony Stralow
Hamilton Baxter Judith Ghert Gary Kent Maureen Myers the late Dr Bernard Susser
Ann Bennett the late Jacqueline Gill Sylvia Kieling née Jaffé the late Rita Myers Mark Taylor
Dr Alan Benny Peter Glass Norman King Dr Chris Newall Dr John Thompson
Anita Benson Melville Goldbaum Dr Phillip Kirby Terry Newman Linda Trup
Doreen Berger Louise Golding Michele Klein Ian Nicol Jeannette Tsoulos
Michael Berger Howard Goldsmith Howard Kramer Jocelyn Norden Helen Tversky
Henry Best Dr D Gompertz Petra Laidlaw Cecilia Nyleve John Twine
Simone Beyfus Mark Bendon Gooch Dr Nick Lambrechsten Babs O'Connor Alan Tyler
Eileen Bird John Gould Nicholas de Lange Cheryl Oliver Paul Van der Hulks
June Blackhall Judy Grein Mike de Lara Graeme O'Reilly Marcy Van Es Zaslow
Wendy Bloomfield Nigel Grizzard Merle Langley Jenny Osorio Eileen Voorsanger
Don Blue Helen Haase Gaby Laws Kathryn Orchard Mrs Carole Walden
Mary Blundell Carolyn Hahn Ann Lazarsfeld Jensen Denis Park
Claire Wallerstein
Barbara Brown David Harris Martin Lee Richard Pearlman Dr Michael Waugh FRCP
Anne Budlender Julie Harris Lynda Lesser Sarah Phelps Judith Romney Wegner
Dianne Campbell Sally Harris Ann Levein Georgie Phillips Rebecca Weinbren
Ann Causton Vivien Harris David L Levy Harold Pollins the late David Weingott
Brian Cockram William E Harris Dr Joel Levy Beryl Powell Rosemary Wenzerul
Dr Adrian Cohen Ray Hart Justin Levy Laurel Presser Brian J Whipp
Sue Collins Dinah Harvey Sue Levy Jan Puritz David Whisker
Richard Cooper Ms Dani Haski Harold Lewin Tony Reese Bill Williams
Pat Coppel Julie Hempenstall David M Liss Anita Regal Trish Williams
Geoff Court Martin Hill Paula Listzwan Eve Richardson Judith Wimborne
Jenny Cowen Mike Hill Barbara Lockyer Phillip Riese Ginger de Winter
Naomi Cream Reva Hill Keira Quinn Lockyer the late George Rigal Joe Wolfman
Sandie Cundy Rosemary Hoffman Deborah Lynagh Richard J Riley Judy Wolkovitch
Les Curwood Joan Holness Gwen MacDougall Henry Roche Martyn Woolf
Hazel Dakers Judy Hopkins Catherine Maggs Crispin Rogers Sue Woolf
Nick Davis Julie Hopkins Andrew Makoff Roslyn Ross Sheryl Wright nee Flynn
Catherine Delahunty Dr Kenneth G Hughes Celia Male Verna Rouvray Catherine Youngren

A number of contributors, in addition to those named above, have indicated that they wish to remain anonymous

This database is registered with the Genealogy Quality Code. This means that its editor places quality above quantity and commercial or other agendas





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