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Basic 2 - Exploring JewishGen

JewishGen - The Essential Jewish Resource

Want to discover family research methodology and map the hidden resources of JewishGen?

Want to learn how to search one of the leading resources for Jewish genealogy? Want to learn to navigate your way through the maze of Jewish data collections?

This course is a series of exercises that will take you on a guided tour of the paths and byways that make up JewishGen's massive website. You will visit the links that connect the composite databases, projects, SIGs and open up the wonders of JewishGen.

Newbies, dabblers and serious researchers can benefit by using these guided pointers .

Do you have 20 minutes a day five days a week for two weeks?

This course is not how to do your personal family research. For those of who you who want to begin family research, we strongly suggest you explore the course list and view the Getting Started Video at the bottom of the Learning Center page. Start with Beginning Jewish Genealogy, then Intermediate Brick Walls, Independent Study and Advanced JewishGen.

Requirements: a knowledge of computers and an hour a day.

Tuition for Basic 2 is $18; this fee is waived if you qualify for JewishGen's Value Added Services, having made a $100 donation to JewishGen’s General Fund within the past 12 months. You are then welcome to enroll at no additional charge (the system will recognize you and will not ask for a credit card). Registration is open.

For questions please email the instructor by clicking here:
Nancy Holden
, Instruction Manager

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