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Members of Eternal Light Society of Mattenbuden, 5593 (1832 or 1833)
Among the objects from Danzig at the Jewish Museum in New York is a short book of the Eternal Light Society of Mattenbuden (No. D 166), dated 5593 (1832 or 1833). Page three contains a list of names, apparently of members of the Society, which is transcribed from Hebrew here. For further information about this book, including a photograph of page three, see pages 118-119 of Danzig 1939: Treasures of a Destroyed Community.

No surnames are provided in the list, so if you can supply further identifying information about any of these people, please contact us. Our CAHJP indexing project includes material from Mattenbuden from this time, which might help. The titles "Moreh" and "HaBachur," appearing frequently in the list, mean "teacher" and "unmarried male," respectively. You can sort the transcription by clicking the column headings.

Thanks to Roni Pelled and Tamar Amit for transcription.

TitleGiven NameFather's TitleFather's Given NameTribalNotes