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Death in Ghetto Borisov
Residents of Zembin

by Israel Pinkholtz
reformatted by Mike Levine

The following list, of deaths in the ghetto of Borisov, was compiled by Alexandr Rosenbloom of Borisov. The list is in alphabetical order according to the Cyrillic alphabet.

Many of the names are nicknames, and the transliterator made no attempt to replace them with standard names - not even in obvious cases such as Yankel=Yakov or Grisha=Grigori. Surnames which appeared in both male and female form, are so indicated by the parenthetic addition of the female form.

Surnames are written according to the Russian pronunciation. Some first names are adjusted to conform to common pronunciation (ie Samuel or Wolf, rather than Samuil or Vulf).

The original data for this page came from

Surname Given name Town
Abezgauz Fala Zembin
Abezgauz Girsh Zembin
Abezgauz Leib Zembin
Abezgauz Nechama Zembin
Abezgauz Sonya Zembin
Abezgauz Tanya Zembin
Axel Basya Zembin
Axel Chaim Zembin
Axel Sonya Zembin
Beinenson Aaron Zembin
Beinenson Beilya-Tsipa Zembin
Beinenson Leib Zembin
Beinenson Liba Zembin
Beinenson Malka Zembin
Beinenson Meir Zembin
Beinenson Rocha Zembin
Beinenson Shaya Zembin
Beinenson Shevl Zembin
Beinenson Sofa Zembin
Beinenson Sosha Zembin
Belkin Basya Zembin
Belkin David Zembin
Belkin Manya Zembin
Charik Doba Zembin
Charik Fanya Zembin
Charik Mendel Zembin
Charik Mota Zembin
Charik Ruba Zembin
Charik Shulya Zembin
Charik Zalman Zembin
Cheifitz Bunya Zembin
Cheifitz Chasya Zembin
Cheifitz David Zembin
Cheifitz Esther Zembin
Cheifitz Mota Zembin
Cheifitz Sonya Zembin
Chodosevitch Chasya Zembin
Elkind Chana Zembin
Elkind Chasya Zembin
Elkind Chava Zembin
Elkind Chaya Zembin
Elkind Zina Zembin
Fein Gershun Zembin
Fein Rachel Zembin
Fein Raya Zembin
Fein Rocha-Leah Zembin
Fein Yevel Zembin
Finkelshtein Nota Zembin
Friedman Chava Zembin
Friedman Faya Zembin
Friedman Manya Zembin
Gershman Manya Zembin
Ginzburg Faina Zembin
Ginzburg Goda Zembin
Gitlitz Abba Zembin
Gitlitz Chana Zembin
Gitlitz Chaya Zembin
Glyaichengauz Sima Zembin
Gordon Mosha Zembin
Gordon Zelda Zembin
Gorner Yana Zembin
Gutmanovitch Chaya Zembin
Gutmanovitch Girsh Zembin
Gutmanovitch Leib Zembin
Gutmanovitch Peisha Zembin
Gutmanovitch Rocha Zembin
Gutmanovitch Sara Zembin
Gutmanovitch Sofa Zembin
Gutmanovitch Yosef Zembin
Gutmanovitch Yuda Zembin
Katz Chaya Zembin
Katz Meir Zembin
Klionski Basya Zembin
Klionski Chana Zembin
Klionski Chasya Zembin
Klionski David Zembin
Klionski Elya Zembin
Klionski Leib Zembin
Klionski Shefl Zembin
Klionski Sima Zembin
Klionski Yuda Zembin
Klionski Zlata Zembin
Leikind Mota Zembin
Levin Itska Zembin
Levin Mota Zembin
Minkov Boruch Zembin
Minkov Leib Zembin
Minkov Moisha Zembin
Nechamkin Aaron Zembin
Neiman Alta Zembin
Neiman Masha Zembin
Neiman Oser Zembin
Neiman Rocha Zembin
Neiman Sara Zembin
Neiman Yankel Zembin
Podnos Alta Zembin
Podnos Brocha Zembin
Podnos Chana Zembin
Podnos Chaya Zembin
Podnos David Zembin
Podnos Dora Zembin
Podnos Gendel Zembin
Podnos Leib Zembin
Podnos Liza Zembin
Podnos Mendel Zembin
Podnos Yakov Zembin
Poliakov Mera Zembin
Rachelson Basya Zembin
Raines Abram Zembin
Raines Fanya Zembin
Raines Mera Zembin
Raines Moisha Zembin
Raines Rocha-Leah Zembin
Raines Roza Zembin
Raines Tanya Zembin
Ratner Girsh Zembin
Ratner Polya Zembin
Ratner Yesel Zembin
Schifrin Chana Zembin
Schifrin Kusel Zembin
Schifrin Rachel Zembin
Schifrin Sima Zembin
Schwartzberg Chana Zembin
Slavin Basya Zembin
Slavin Chaim Zembin
Slavin Chaya Zembin
Sverdlov Elya Zembin
Sverdlov Yesel Zembin
Tavger Basya Zembin
Tavger Mischa Zembin
Tavger Relya Zembin
Tavger Yasha Zembin
Tsimkovski Bela Zembin
Vishnev Eva Zembin
Zagalskaya Clara Zembin
Zak Chava Zembin
Zak Isaac Zembin
Zarchin Chana Zembin
Zarchin Esther Zembin
Zavolner Devora Zembin
Zavolner Girsh Zembin
Zavolner Sima Zembin

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