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1963 Membership Directory Slutzker Branch 500

contributed by Gloria Bailey

This is from the Souvenir Journal from the 50th Anniversary Ė Golden Jubilee of the Slutzker Branch 500 of the Workmenís circle.  This journal was among my grandfatherís belongings that my mother found after his death.  My grandfather, Joseph Osherowitz was on the journal committee and was a 50-year founding member of this group.  The information in this journal was printed in Yiddish and in English.  Advertisements were also sold to finance the publication of this Anniversary Journal.  This journal has a gold colored cover with yellow string ties.  It was given at a function that took place on Sunday, December 15, 1963.

The information in this database is a complete listing of that contained in the journal.  I donít know anything else about the people listed, except those in my own family.  In addition to the membership list and the memoriam list, there was also an introduction letter from each of the officers and a cover page.  I have not had time to copy transcribe these also.   In addition to a memorial section to memberís family members, there was also a tribute to President John Kennedy and to the victims of the Holocaust.

(also see Slutzker 500 Branch of the Workman's Circle.  In Memoriam Section of the 1963 Souvenir Journal -- 50th year Celebration)


Slutzker Journal cover

first page of journal

first page of membership directory

Surname First name City State
Abrams R Brooklyn 14 NY
Abraham Yetta Flushing 65 LI NY
Asnoff Morris Brooklyn 1 NY
Astor Jacob & Fannie Bronx 72 NY
Backlar Sam & Fannie Brooklyn 19 NY
Barnett Goldie Brooklyn 24 NY
Baskin Isidore New York 2 NY
Bierfass Lena Brooklyn 24 NY
Berlin Celia Brooklyn 12 NY
Blackman Harry Brooklyn 24 NY
Brody Ida K. New York 3 NY
Bushkin Beckie Bronx 60 NY
Chasin Leon & Dora Bronx 66 NY
Chibnick Benj & Celia Belmar NJ
Chinitz Philip & Mollie Bronx 56 NY
Citrin Irving & Gussie Brooklyn 11 NY
Cohen Isiddore & Jennie Miami Beach FL
Cohen Morris Miami Beach FL
Cohen Rebecca Bronx 66 NY
Cohen Rose Bronx 57 NY
Cohen Sam Brooklyn 35 NY
Dayback Rose Brooklyn 19 NY
Dorros Harry Mt. Freedom NJ
Edelson Clair B New Hyde Park, LI NY
Elkind Dorothy Brooklyn NY
Emanuel Hy Bronx 62 NY
Epstein Isidore New York NY
Feldman Sonia Bronx 67 NY
Fischer Charles New York NY
Friedman Beatrice Brooklyn 3 NY
Gallenson Morris & Lillie Los Angeles 29 CA
Galkin Hy & Jennie Brooklyn 14 NY
Gelfand Benj Bronx 56 NY
Gelfand Morris Bronx 53 NY
Golansky M Brooklyn 32 NY
Gottfried Hy Far Rockaway 91 NY
Greenfield M Bronx 63 NY
Guralnik Lena Bronx 60 NY
Hauslee Sadie Albany 3 NY
Hurowitz Bernard Brooklyn NY
Halfond Bessie Bronx 62 NY
Jaffe Rose Bronx 52 NY
Kalfus Max & Bessie Brooklyn 7 NY
Kanowitz Charles & Ray Jamaica NY
Kanowitz Sam & Eva Arverne LI NY
Kaplan Alex & Estelle Brooklyn 35 NY
Kaplan Bernard Brooklyn 35 NY
Kaplan Borris Brooklyn 12 NY
Kaplan Cecelia Astoria 3 NY
Kaplan Harry Brooklyn 29 NY
Kaplan Meyer Bronx 53 NY
Kaplan Sigmund Brooklyn 35 NY
Karasick Sal & Anna Flushing 65 NY
Kardish Max & Sarah Bronx 67 NY
Karnin Helen Brooklyn 19 NY
Keshilowitz Sam & Eva Bronx 60 NY
Kestecher Marcus & Charlotte New York 2 NY
Kirschbaum I Bronx 67 NY
Knecht PH Newington Conn
Knecht Rob H & Frances Brooklyn 19 NY
Konwiser W & Ida Brooklyn 12 NY
Kosofsky Harry & Etta Rockaway Beach NY
Linwohl Leon & Holly Bronx 52 NY
Levine Sam & Dora Kew Gardens 15 NY
Lifrak Rebecca Union NJ
Lippman Meyer Bronx NY
Mabel Peter Bronx 62 NY
Matlin Alex & Gussie Brooklyn NY
Nagby Rose Brooklyn 12 NY
Nelson Louis Brooklyn 4 NY
Newmark Sadie Bronx 67 NY
Nishowitz Sam Brooklyn 14 NY
Nitzberg Benj New York 2 NY
Nonkin Ida Brooklyn 8 NY
Nozick Fannie Brooklyn 29 NY
Okrent Joseph Brooklyn 19 NY
Olshevitz Morris & Bessie Bronx 59 NY
Olsoff Sal Jackson Heights 72 NY
Osherowitz Aaron & Annie Long Island City 1 NY
Osher Alex & Helen Jamaica 35 NY
Osherowitz Joseph Long Island City 1 NY
Osherowitz Yetta Miami Beach FL
Perkall Nat & Lillian Bronx 56 NY
Prince Anna Bronx 54 NY
Prince Gertrude Bronx 54 NY
Prince Elsie Bronx 54 NY
Rabinowitz Eli Brooklyn 14 NY
Randall Harry & Rose Bronx 60 NY
Reff Rose Forest Hills NY
Reingold Jack Brooklyn NY
Rosenblatt Goldie Bronx 67 NY
Rosenthal Jacob Bronx NY
Rosenfeld Mary Brooklyn NY
Rubenstein Sam Brooklyn 30 NY
Sacks Rose Bronx 53 NY
Schaefer Lena Bronx 60 NY
Schildkraut Samuel Woodmere NY
Schneider Dora Bronx 60 NY
Schneider Rose (Baron) Brooklyn 14 NY
Schulman Sam & Beckie Brooklyn NY
Schwartz IK St. Louis Park Minn
Schwartz Max New York 34 NY
Schwartz Rubin & Lena Brooklyn 18 NY
Siegel Harry & Eva Forest Hills 75 NY
Silver Rachel Jerico LI NY
Slifkin Jake & Anna Bronx 57 NY
Solis ME Las Vagas Nevada
Stare Sarah Forest Hills NY
Sterling Sam & Nettie Flushing 54 NY
Tarshis Dorothy New York 11 NY
Tarshis Freda New York 23 NY
Tarshis HL & Anna Bronx 56 NY
Torchinsky Pauline Glen Oaks NY
Waxman Rena Brooklyn 14 NY
Weiner Eva Brooklyn 14 NY
Wiener Anna Bronx 67 NY
Wendorf Sam Bronx 57 NY
Wilensky Jacob Plainview LI NY
Wilk Sidney & Mollie Brooklyn NY
Witkin Nathan & Ethel Bronx 72 NY
Zapinsky Max Brooklyn 35 NY
Zarrow W Brooklyn NY

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