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Shtetls of Belarus

Lenin, Mozyr uyezd, Minsk gubernia

Latitude: 5220' Longitude: 2729'

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The Yizkor Book Database lists where you can find memorial books for Lenin.

Click here for the translated Yizkor book of Lenin.

Links for the uyezd of Mozyr

Click here for the 1907 Mozyr Uyezd Duma List

Links for the gubernia of Minsk

Click here for a February 1860 Minsk Guberniya Fines List
Click here for a July 1853 list from the Minsk Gubernya - by A.L. Bell
Click here for a June 1893 debtors list from the Minsk Gubernya, by A.L. Bell
Click here for a list of over 5500 surnames that have appeared in various 1900-1914 records, by Vitaly Charny.
Click here for a list of vital records microfilmed and cataloged by the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, by Nancy Holden
Click here for an August 1876 Minsk Gubernya Draft Notice, by A.L. Bell
Click here for Guberniya District Maps from the 1899 edition of Vsia Rossiia, by Michael Steinore. Link for Minsk Gubernia is at the bottom of this page.
Click here for June 28, 1880 list of Minsk draft evaders
Click here for Mestechki of Minsk Gubernia which displays all (113) towns with the administrative designation mestechko from an original list of over 14,000 settlements in Minsk Gubernia, by Michael Steinore
Click here for Minsk District Historic/Economic Summaries, provided by the Minsk Historical Genealogical Group
Click here for Minsk gubernia page of the Belarus SIG. Includes a list of all the known shtetls for this gubernia.
Click here for Minsk Religious Personnel 1836-1838, by Vitaly Charny
Click here for Minsk Revision List - 1811, by Vitaly Charny
Click here for Occupations of Minsk Guberniya Jewish Population, by Vitaly Charny
Click here for Poor population among towns in Minsk Guberniya - 1905, by Vitaly Charny
Click here for records for the Grodno and Minsk gubernia that are in the Brest State Archive
Click here for some 1860 Minsk Vedomosti Foreign Travel Notices, by A.L. Bell. Here are some samples of 'Departing for the Border' (foreign travel) notices.
Click here for the 1903 and 1911 Vsia Rossiia - Minsk Gubernia - data compiled by members of the Belarus SIG
Click here for the 1931 Minsk Landsmanshaften organization, by Jerry Seligsohn
Click here for the Department of the National Belarus Library in Minsk
Click here for the 'Hebrew' Korobochniks in the Minsk Gubernya in the Late 1839s - businessmen who had successfully bid for the right to collect the 'Box tax', or taxes on the sale of kosher meat , by A.L. Bell
Click here for the 'Hebrew' Leaseholders in the Minsk Gubernya in the Late 1839s, by A.L. Bell
Click here for the Inventory of certain files (mainly Slutsk and Novogrudok uyezds) in the National Historical Archives of Belarus (NHAB) in Minsk
Click here for the Jewish agricultural colonies in Western Russia, prior to 1904, by Lou Goldman
Click here for the Jewish Population for Towns in Minsk Guberniya - 1897-1898, by Vitaly Charny
Click here for the Minsk Ghetto: An Issue of Jewish Resistance, by Leonid Smilovitsky
Click here for the Minsk gubernia administrative divisions, by Vitaly Charny. Required reading for anyone doing research in this area.
Click here for the Minsk History, From 'Minsk: a Historical Guide' by Guy Picarda
Click here for the Minsk Voter List FAQ, Minsk Gubernia Duma Lists to be translated by the Belarus SIG
Click here for Volosts and most important settlements of the Empire, 1884, provided by Vitaly Charny

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