No. 7/2000 - 2000

Elsebeth Paikin
The editorial staff:
Mario Kampel - Lori Miller


Request for help: Please help identify the persons on these photos!

A picture speaks more than many words!

This photograph of 29 people was taken in about 1927 in New York City. My mother thought it was a group called the "True Friends". The "True Friends" met monthly in peoples homes. They had picnics at Tibbets Brook Park in the Bronx, New York.

Or, it might be a group of members of the Slutzker Branch of the Workman's Circle. My grandfather, Joseph Osherowitz, was from Romanovo and Slutzk and was a member of the Slutzker 500 Branch of the Workman's Circle. From what my mother remembered, the photographer was a member of the group and his last name was "Mandell".

Most people in the picture are unidentified. Known persons include:

  • Yetta and Joseph Osherowitz in the middle of the back row (6th and 5th from the right).
  • Second from the right in the top row is Pauline Osherowitz.
  • Third from the right is Isi Mandell, son of the photographer.
  • Fourth from the right is the wife of the photographer (name unknown).
  • Second row, 4th from the left is Edith Mendell, daughter of the photographer, and 2nd from the left is Rose Mendell.
  • Fourth from the right on the second row is Ida Osherowitz.
  • Third from the right is maybe a girl named "Shirley".
  • Second from the right is Eva Osherowitz.
  • Front row, 2nd male from the left is Jack (Isidore) Osherowitz (nephew of Yetta and Joseph).
  • On his lap is Lenore Osherowitz.
  • Far right is Alex Osherowitz
  • and the little girl 3rd from the right is Martha Osherowitz.

The rest of the people are unknown.

I am sending this for the unidentified pictures part of the Belarus newsletter, hoping that someone might help identify the others on the photo.

If you think that you recognize someone on the photo or have other information pertaining to the "True Friends" or the Slutzker Branch of the Workman's Circle please write to:

Gloria Bailey, e-mail:

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