No. 1/2000 - January 2000

Fran Bock
The editorial staff:

The Editor's Request for Material

This Newsletter is only as good as you, the readers, make it!

We ask for your help and cooperation:

Please send in any material you think will be of general interest and that you wish to share with others. Your contributions should be related to one of the following categories:

  • Articles on the history and culture of Jewish life in Belarus.
  • Information about existing Jewish communities there.
  • Memoirs and interviews about the life in Belarus etc.
  • Maps, photographs, census information etc.
  • Family anecdotes passed down from Shtetl times.
  • Information about genealogical sources.
  • Results from individual research which may be of general interest.
  • Recent travel experiences in the region.
  • Other relevant material which may be of general interest.

Please e-mail written material in plain text format and photos or other images in gif- or jpg-format files to the editor: Fran Bock for consideration and possible inclusion in future issues of this newsletter.

Where information is derived from existing published sources (e.g. archival or census material) these should be fully referenced.

Fran Bock

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