Belarus SIG Newsletter

Issue No. 3 - May 1999

A Website on Luninets and Kozhangorodok

Howard Gilman posted a message in the Belarus Discussion Group and announced his interest in any information about the shetls of Luninets (Luniniec) and Kozhangorodok which is in the southern part of Belarus between Minsk and Pinsk. Howard Gilman's Diatlovitski / Dyatlowicki ancestors and many of their descendants lived in those shtetls from the early 1800's until WWII.

Howard Gilman has started a Website on Luninets and Kozhangorodok

The website includes i.a.:

  • Luninets/Kozhangorodok Yizkor Book
  • 1923 Kozhangorodok business directory
  • 1923 Luninets business directory
  • Picture from Luninets
  • Picture of the Kozhangorodok Synagogue

As there were two articles on the Luninets and Kozhangorodok in the last issue of the Belarus SIG Newsletter, we found it appropriate to include a link here (with Howard Gilman's permission) to the website, as someone might have missed it in the discussion group.

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