Belarus SIG Newsletter

Issue No. 3 - May 1999

A New and Exciting Issue of the Newsletter

This is the third issue of the Belarus SIG Online Newsletter. I have really enjoyed my job as editor because of the wonderful articles and photos. It has been difficult to wait to share it with you all, but I had to put it all together, get the photos, corrections, approvals etc.

But here it is, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

In it you will find information and advice on travel to Belarus, a short report from the recent ShtetlSchleppers Trip and a moving account of David Frey's journey to the ancestral home.

There is also information on Lyuban and a link to a new website for Luninets and Kozhangorodok (which can be seen as a sequel to the two articles in Issue No. 2/January 1999), as well as a (preliminary) list of existing Jewish cemeteries in Belarus (which can be seen as a prelude to the ShtetlSchleppers Trip in August and September to Belarus).

Then there is a letter from our energetic and seemingly tireless SIG Coordinator, David M. Fox, without whose great initiative the Belarus SIG would not have been started, and without whose significant and timeconsuming efforts the SIG would not have achieved all that has been achieved in less than a year! Achievements which are of invaluable help to us all in our research.

.... I write "seemingly", because David Fox also has an urgent request for help to coordinate and initiate Belarus SIG projects, so that he can get time for all his other tasks! I hope that all of you will read his request for help - and that someone will take up the challenge.

Printouts of the Newsletter

As a new feature, we will make it possible to download a pdf-file ready to read and print out from Acrobat Reader, so that you can share the contents of the Newsletter with friends and colleagues, who are also interested in research in Belarus, but not so fortunate that they have access to the Internet.

As you may have noticed, I asked for help to make this possible, as I do not myself have the program needed. Many volunteered, and I thank them all warmly.

The first one who volunteered - the "lucky one" who got the job! - is Mario Kampel, to whom I send my warmest thanks.

Another volunteer, Judy Rosten, has taken on the job as proof-reader in stead of making pdf-files, and I am very grateful for Judy's help in connection with this issue.

However, to make good pdf-files, Mario Kampel needs a Word-document, which means that I have to convert the HTML-files (used on this Web) to a Word-file. That will, naturally, take some time, and I will not delay the Newsletter any longer. I have therefore chosen to publish the Newsletter now. Then, when the pdf-files are ready, I will notify you in the discussion group. (If you have signed up for NetMind's update service, you will, of course, also be notified through NetMind).

If you want to make use of the pdf-files (whether to read only, or print out) you will need the Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge. A link to the Acrobat website from where the Acrobat Reader can be downloaded will be put on the Newsletter together with the pdf-files.

Last but not least: Please send material for the next issue of the Newsletter. Or, if you do not have anything yourself, but know of others with interesting stories, photos, etc., then please ask them to send it to me.

As a follow up to the "Preliminary List of Cemeteries" it is of great interest to hear from all, who know of existing cemeteries, and better still to get photos from the cemeteries.

Elsebeth Paikin

May 30, 1999

Copyright © 1999 Belarus SIG, the authors and photographers

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