(No. 2/2007 - May 2007)
Editor: Fran Bock

The story of Sarah from Ivatzevichi comes to us from Dr. Leonid Smilovitsky, a frequent contributor and prolific historian of the Holocaust in the former USSR. We thank him for this wonderfully detailed view of life between the wars, under the Nazi occupation, and with the partisans, as experienced by Sarah, the sole survivor of her family.

This article was originally published in FEEFHS Journal (Federation Of East European Family History Societies), Volume XIV, 2006. We thank Editor Thomas K. Edlund and the publishers for permission to reprint the article here.

Leonid Smilovitsky is a research scholar at the Goldstein Goren  Diaspora research Center of Tel Aviv University.

This article is copyrighted by FEEFHS and Leonid Smilovitsky.

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The Story of Sarah from Ivatzevichi

by Leonid Smilovitsky, Ph.D.


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